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Found 1 result

  1. So one thought I had, after checking the various suggestions and seeing that it was not present, is to incorporate an amped up police station into the map. There could be several unique and powerful items in this police station, thus making it a high-value looting location, but I think the devs could balance this out by making it extraordinarily difficult to loot. For example, it could be construed as a failed "safe point" for evacuation. This would make it heavily fortified and difficult to get in and out of, but absolutely infested with large numbers of zeds. Some of these zeds could potentially be armed (ex-police) or a few could be armored (i.e. wearing body armor). This would obviously include one new item, body armor - it could give the player the equivalent of a "tough skin" perk even if they hadn't selected it in character creation. It should, of course, have durability, and probably be irreparable (I don't think it's plausible that you could find new kevlar to patch the vest in the zombie apocalypse). This could also be a (the only? IDK, it is Kentucky) location to find assault rifles, and perhaps something like tear gas. Tear gas could be done in a bunch of different ways; it could completely knock zeds out for a certain time period, it could knock them out for 30 minutes then they could become crawlers for another 30 (stuff messes you up) then could become walkers after that, or any other possible combination. This item could be valuable for incapacitating groups without drawing large-scale attention. As for the station itself, with so many goodies and being an ex-safezone, it should be difficult as crap to get in to. There could be the aforementioned armed zeds, multiple locked doors and everything hooked up to alarms, a high spawn rate around the station (everyone went there to be safe and is now a zed), numerous hidden "bathroom" zeds, a confusing layout, a solitary entrance so that when you set off alarms your retreat path is quickly cut off, and a linear path throughout the station leading through numerous zed-infested rooms in order to get to the armory at the end. Like, you could enter into the general grounds and a lobby full of survior zeds, then have to go through booking/cells full of prisoner zeds, then through offices of ex-police zeds, then a motor pool, locker room, and bunk room full of surprise zeds. At the end of it all, you'd finally get into the armory (the door to which and other various doors you'd have to bash with a heavy ass sledgehammer), but the moment you got into it you'd set off a LOUD-ass alarm that would pull zeds from everywhere. The only way out would be back down the path you came, now infested with zeds - you'd have to use pretty much everything you got in the armory to get out safely (unless you were super creative). I know this suggestion proposes items that have already been suggested (assault rifles, body armor, etc.) but I think that this would be a neat scenario in which to implement all of these items, would give them a legitimate context, and honestly add a bit of plot/imagined backstory to the game. As I also suggested, it would be quest-like; the player could find notes or graffiti that indicated there was some sort of safe house at the police station, only to find it overrun when they discover it. Also, given that it was a failed city-wide safehouse, there could be numerous medications and foodstuffs found on site in tents set up around the police station, as well as sandbag barricades and whatnot that could be deconstructed and then reconstructed at the player's safehouse (for those who want to play it safe and not risk the armory). EDIT - Just wanted to say thank you to the developers for making one of my most favorite games in history, and for being responsive to the community suggestion-wise. You dudes rock! And re-worded it so that it was "amped-up police station" and not just "police station" as I originally said, which was confusing.
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