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Found 13 results

  1. Join Apollo’s Dawn: Wasteland Warfare Discord Community! Embark on an Epic Journey: Explore a world ravaged by apocalypse, where survival is key and every decision matters. Why Join Our Discord? • Connect with Fellow Survivors: Chat with like-minded players, forge alliances, and strategize your next move. • Exclusive Announcements: Be the first to know about updates, events, and giveaways. • Airdrop Mechanics: Call in airdrops via walkie-talkie, but beware - one loud sound can attract hordes of zombies! • City Securing Challenges: Cleaning up a city isn’t enough; without secure walls, it could cost you your life. • Dynamic Environment: Loot respawns every 7 days in real life, ensuring a constantly evolving world. • PvP and PvE: Engage in intense player versus player combat or team up against the undead menace. • Protected Safehouses: Build and fortify safehouses for protection against both zombies and other players. (Safehouses cannot be raided at the moment) • Endless Exploration: Tons of locations to discover and conquer, with minimal rules and no staff team breathing down your neck. • Personal Attention: As a one-man army, please allow time for any questions or concerns you have upon joining the server. Your patience is appreciated! • Growing Community: We’re still a new server with only 3 active players at the moment, but we hope you’ll join us and become one of the active players! • Mod Warning: Please note that our server includes a lot of mods. If you prefer not to play with a lot of mods, this might not be the right fit for you. • Roleplaying Welcome: Roleplaying is encouraged and welcomed in our server! Join Now: https://discord.gg/dKaTjt7S8D IP Address: [ | 27135] Join the Apollo’s Dawn: Wasteland Warfare Discord community today and become part of the ultimate post-apocalyptic experience!
  2. Welcome to OBLIVION This is a brand new community server! -DEDICATED SERVER- 50 Slots Intel i7-4790k - 4.0Ghz 32GB RAM • Skill Recovery Journal (Save character progress by writing in your journal) • Safehouses can be claimed anywhere! Stores, Warehouses, Military & more (Respawns Enabled) • Hopewell (Community town that is protected by high walls) • Brita's Weapons & Armour with heavy balancing! • Integrated Build Tool (Create houses & more! For a price...) • Improved Crafting • Loot respawns every 24 in-game hours • Endgame Cure Content • Map Expansions • Auto Updates • 10 Minute Autosaves • Events (Last Man Standing, Hunger Games, Tournaments, Hoard Waves & More!) • Short Nights! Full Information, Events, Giveaways & More! [JOIN THE DISCORD] Full list of active mods: [ACTIVE MODS] We are looking for new & experienced players to join the community! Recruiting in-game & Discord staff to help with moderation, events and map design now! [CONNECT] Server Name: OBLIVION | PvE | EU | 24/7 | COMMUNITY | NEW IP: Port: 16294 Location: EU OBLIVION MAP HOPEWELL SAFEZONE
  3. • 41.73 • Multiplayer • Dedicated Ubuntu 20.04 LTS • No. • Still occurs on new save • Reproduction steps: Navigate to SanboxVars and set the following values: PopulationMultiplier = 0.0 PopulationStartMultiplier = 0.0 PopulationPeakMultiplier = 0.0 Start a dedicated server session. Obeserve zeds spawn in houses when approaching them, ignoring the zombie population settings. This behaviour can be observed through server statistics. As I understand all the lots on the map have an unremovable spawn trigger with a chance of spawning zeds when a player approaches one. This at the moment is only avoidable running a bash script loop which deletes zeds in a specified area, but is not reasonable as it lags down the server. while true; do { echo 'removezombies -x X -y Y -z Z -radius R' sleep Ns } done I would be grateful for any info considering this issue and ways to resolve this without loop scripts. UPD: Zeds spawn with a completely black ZombieSpawnMap as well. Currently no ingame way to disable zombies is implemented.
  4. • 41.71 • Multiplayer. • Dedicated (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) • No. • Still occurs on new save. • Reproduction steps: 1. Set any cyrillic symbols in ini file of server in the following fields: ServerWelcomeMessage, PublicName, PublicDescription 2. Launch server. 3. Observe broken symbols encoding: 16-07-22_13-56-41_DebugLog-server.txt Logs.zip
  5. Hi guys im starting my own server and i have a question, is there a form to change the Public ip? i mean what i need to know is how or where the server read the public ip and how can i change it. I'm using a vpn for multinox server, i want to start the server with the general VPN ip
  6. So I am running a dedicated server and while we do have some mods but I do not quite think this could be why but I have noticed that I will scrap some items that can be scrapped but if I log in again the items I just scrapped are back. The save is not reverting because the days are still proceeding. I do not know what to look at or how to troubleshoot it as removing some of the mods in an existing save would just break stuff. Another example of this is that I cooked some eggs in an oven, I can log out and log back in as the server does pause when no one is logged in and the same items I cooked are back in the oven again. I do not understand what's causing it. EDIT: I can even do a admin command /save and the world will save but if I log back in the stuff is back again.
  7. Hi all, We opened up a new dedicated server (Intel Xeon, SSDs, 64gb ram) to support our Project Zomboid setup. Currently one server but more will follow shortly, modded, PVP etc [SG] Survival Gamers | PVE | Dedicated Server EU | Vanilla IP: Vanilla (no mods) 50 slots 2xp Starting Kit Safe house protection Player Factions Fast Read Loot Respawn Server Two: PVE Modded - more details soon Server Three: PVP - more details soon Looking to build up a community around this, come help build the community: https://discord.gg/axBwzy2kp5
  8. Occasionally, my server reports as "fails to respond" in the favourites. It shows up as not responding immediately, I suspect the connection is not even attempted? Refresh doesn't help. This can happen while another player can connect just fine and is playing on the server. Trying to connect regardless of the reported status also fails with "server failed to respond". Oddly enough, trying to connect with "-nosteam" and failing and then going back without "-nosteam" seems to fix it: have witnessed this twice personally, and a friend has had this happen, too. Server logs do not show anything hinting at even an attempt to connect, when it's failing. 41.60 Multiplayer. Dedicated. No. Reproduction steps: Favourited server fails to respond, even though it's running and other people can connect. Restart PZ with "-nosteam", try to connect to server (the same, haven't tried anything else). Fails to connect. Restart PZ without "-nosteam". Server is responding on Favourites list and can be connected to.
  9. Join us at New Hope. Fresh world for a fresh year! Oceania (OCE) 24/7 PvE public server. Cloud VPS hosted in AU. We are building a group of PvE players who want to survive together. Future settings, mods, world wipes will be based on player feedback. https://discord.gg/5zU2QwWSbR Connection Details This is a whitelist server. Use the account username and password automatically provided by our bots after you join our discord. IP : Port : 16261 Important Configuration Details Player cap : 32 Public : Yes (with whitelist) XP : x2 gain Global chat : On (w/Discord integration) Voip : Off (please use Discord) Zombies : x1.2 pop, x1.0 start, x1.25 peak on day 180 Transmission : Bite only Loot Respawn : Monthly, 1440hr initial, 3 items, 100hr unseen PvP systems : All OFF
  10. Hi all, i'm here because i need help with my dedicaced server. Thince the last update (v38), all my old player couldn't join the game and see this message : All new character work, but not the old Anyone know a solution to solve my problem? Thanks a lot Shakaah PS : sorry for my bad english, french guy ^^
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