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Found 5 results

  1. Extended Building Options Welcome to the Extended Building Options mod forum thread. This mod came into being because I am the type of person who loves to have more things to build in any sandbox game I play. When I looked for existing mods that would allow this, the ones I found were not working because update 30 had changed how world objects are built, breaking those mods. I sat down to learn about Project Zomboid modding and to try and get one of those mods working for my own play. In doing so, I discovered that it would in many ways be more interesting to simply create a building mod from scratch. As I both put a lot of work into this mod and figured that other players would enjoy having more building options, I decided to share this mod with the Project Zomboid community. This mod is inspired by the "Building Mod Reloaded" mod by Gaunti12, which was in turn based on the "Building Mod" mod by Badtrix. I have added additional buildable objects to what those mods provided; not all of their objects were included. Some of my inspiration and education also came from the "Handmade Wooden Dowels" mod by Onkeen. The metal and metal scraps concepts are taken from "Building Mod Reloaded". Their implementation here is my own. The components for the two mods are not compatible with each other. The "Building Mod" had digging for clay. My clay and brick are not compatible with whatever was produced by that mod. (I never looked closely, so I am unsure whether that mod produced bricks or how.) This mod would have been impossible without the tile splitting ability of the UnPacker utility from the Project Zomboid forum. Current Download April 9, 2015: Extended Building Options mod version 1.4 for Project Zomboid version 31.10. Update History: What You Can Build This mod includes walls, floors, containers, tables, chairs, beds, light posts, and a variety of decorative elements. The current full menu listing is in the spoiler block below. The list is pretty extensive because I went a little crazy in adding lots of buildable items into the game. When it came to floors, I probably went too far, but I was trying to see just how many different floor types could be added. I used the base Project Zomboid files for anything that was built, so they will interact with the world just like any normal object. They can also be deconstructed just like any of the default items you can build. Screenshots Can Be Found Here Getting Started In Game Depending on what you want to build, you will need some kind of a tool. Wood requires a hammer or stone hammer, metal a screwdriver, and brick a masonry trowel. I primarily based the materials required on the objects you can already build in Project Zomboid. For most things, you need planks and nails. For metal objects, you will need metal plates and screws. For stone objects, brick and clay. Wall hangings are generally a piece of paper and a nail. Just use a right-click like you would for normal building. The menu will be called "Extended Building Options". New Items Added Small Piece of Metal: Created by hammering various metal items.Sheet of Metal: Found in the world or crafted from metal pieces.Empty Can: When you empty a can of food or soda can. Fill it with water or hammer it into metal pieces.Masonry Trowel: Found in the world or crafted from a gardening trowel.Lump of Clay: Dug up from sand or gravel. Shovel required.Raw Brick: Shaped from Clay.Brick: Bake a raw brick.New Recipes Added Many in-game items can be hammered into metal pieces. Put twenty metal pieces in a baking pan or roasting pan, cook it, and you end up with a metal sheet. You can hammer a standard trowel out flat into a masonry trowel. With a shovel, you can dig in sand or gravel to find clay. Shape the clay into a brick. Cook the raw brick to get a brick you can use to build. As long as the brick is still "raw", it can be shaped back into clay. In case you want a lot of flower beds, you can now cut tree branches into twigs with a saw. Things To Keep In Mind Some objects can be rotated to change their appearance. This should be noted at the bottom of that object's tooltip.You can mix and match wall styles however you want.Same with fences.Fences can be jumped over and will not stop zombies; they work just like the fences you can build in the default game.Any door frame section can hold any door.All of the floors work identically. Even if it is called "carpet", it will support your weight or keep the rain out. You do not need to build a wooden floor and then lay carpet over it.The flower beds are also floors. Yes, you can build an upper story out of them and walk around on your flower garden.Everything in the "containers" menu holds the normal inventory size of fifty.I figured out how to give the containers icons other than the default crate, so that should make mass storage a bit more interesting.The "Mini Fridge" is buildable for humor value. It functions as a container, but do not expect it to keep your food cold even if I did give it the refrigerator icon.You can sleep in the beds, couches, and chairs as normal.The "Wall Hangings" must be placed against a wall.The "Light Posts" work just like the current lamp on a pillar you can build; mine just look nicer. You will need a flashlight to build them.Object Stength Game objects start with a base health, then add 50 health per point of Carpentry. The Handy trait adds 100 health. This allows for a maximum health amount of [base] + ((Carpentry * 50) + Handy. Stone walls (300 base) are stronger than a plank wall (100 base), but not as strong as a log wall (400 base).Metal walls are just as strong as a log wall.Fences and posts are technically walls in Project Zomboid. There are no metal "walls" in the mod, but there are metal "fences".Metal stairs are the same strength as the wooden ones.Stone Containers (200 base) are stronger than wooden ones (100 base).Metal containers, including the lockers, are much stronger (400 base).Wall decorations have very little health (40 base, no bonus for Carpentry).Some Side Notes I have tried to comment the code enough so that others can learn from my mod as I have from previous mods. I have also done this in case at some point another programmer has to update this mod for a later version of Project Zomboid. Hopefully I did not go so far in my explanations that the code becomes unreadable. If you want to run testing on this mod, uncomment the "ISBuildMenu.cheat = true;" line in "EBOBuildMenu.lua". This will allow you to build any item in the mod without tools or materials. It will also allow you to build the base Project Zomboid buildable objects without tools or materials as well. Artwork The item sprites I am using were provided by Svarog and Onkeen, some of which are based off of sprites already in Project Zomboid. These look much better than what I was originally using. Thank you! Future Plans Currently, my workload is a bit high, so I am not going to make any promises on additions to the mod for a bit. I will monitor this thread so I can fix any bugs that crop up. I do still have a list of things I want to do, just not the time allocation currently. I can say that things like generators or solar panels for refrigerators and lights are not going to happen because they are outside the scope of this mod. Working stoves have also been requested, but I know another modder stated they were working on those, so I do not have any plans to dig into that code and will leave it to other minds than mine. Feedback I would appreciate feedback on the mod, how it plays, whether you think the material and Carpentry requirements are reasonable, and how it works in your game. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Also please let me know if any tooltips need to be changed; by now they all kind of blur together for me. Credit Credit Where Credit Is Due
  2. With the new(ish) movable furniture, and a growing number of pile of empty first aid kit I think it would be a good idea to be able to place them, akin to radios. It may require some nails, screws or other fixing mecanism (like brackets)... or it could have it's own built in kit to attach to the wall. There could even be two versions : the one we have now or "small kit" = detachable from the wall and portable a new one or "cabinet kit" = big metal cabinet with a lock that can be found in rare locations such as industries, the mall security office, etc
  3. Adds craftable paints of every color using food coloring with hand done (aka not good) art for food coloring and the makeshift paint bucket. easy recipe using glue and water with color for paint buckets. now make that base pretty and post it. make and paint 1.0 http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/mkapnt/ future versions will be added as i learn more about item distribution
  4. Hello community, Today I bring you these new decorations for their construction projects. Requested by 956Texas, I have created a collection of graffiti with Great Style and Great fun meme XD including Notices (Hazard and Biohazard) to give more mystery to their Building Hope you like my contributions was a tough job, but worth it in community contribution Zomboid . This is the image of the sample All graffiti. consider this scenario: escaping from the Zombies will shoot the horde, are in a dead end the only way out is the shotgun, the horde approaches again are ready to shoot and luck ran out of ammunition seeing behind wall XD it looks ... and. trollface graffiti a death so ironically funny when my imagined. well here are the pictures for safekeeping in a folder on your ZomboidMapTools Tiles and enjoy this varied decoration. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hi6h9em0uh69g0c/00ATOX-Graffiti.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7dst55zsid93py/01ATOX-Graffiti.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9e1025nhtgn84n/02ATOX-Graffiti.png This is the list of phrases and words used to create the graffiti (just can not read the graffiti): For the love of it This is street art Dance Dance Dance Great Harry Harry sent here Funny beer festival I love to party Whats up one should enjoy life American Force gunn failed Cool Smoke honor my brother fight street Flying Dragon zend peace Chinatown love Hip Hop skateb fungus fly XD Nuclear Navy Do not give that jazz! Issue meme collection lol !!! bright star fuck Venezela Danger BIOHAZARD Crank It Up It is not surprising Become at home I love you Sophia The Police A cold shower Give me a clink! 5784 0094 Note if I have bad spelling or not very well written, My language is Spanish, so I'm not very good with English'm sorry if you see something misspelled anyway there are many painted lol typos XD makes it more realistic
  5. Soo this occured to me. I believe a nice addition to the game would be that you can remove blood stains inside a house using rags. The simple reason behind this is - now that you can move corpses (and with the new release burn them unless you want to become unhealthy and depressed) all those nasty stains still stay there which are just as demoralizing as the corpses themselves. Recepie for this could be - tear any type of clothing similar to bandages to create 2-4 rags, which will be called "Rag" use this on the surface you want cleaned by right clicking - then it becomes a "Dirty Rag" or "Stained Rag" - then you can burn these as well as the bodies (either in a campfire to provide 0.01 fuel?). I would LOVE this as to be honest it pisses me off when a nicely painted safehouse gets blood stains because someones left the front door open and a zombie wanders in. This would be a FULLY cosmetic update feature, which could be thrown into one of those small releases before we get our dream NPC's ^^ Please say I am not the only one who was thinking this? P.s. blood stains on my lovely farm could also be washed away by rain maybe? Or disappear after a while (4-7 days). That also makes my OCD on edge sometimes ^^
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