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Found 1 result

  1. I think it would benefit the game to have a new sneak mode/button implemented instead of just tying it to aiming an attack or being forced to unequip all weapons. It will probably feel more intuitive to new players, but more to show intent in multiplayer games as well as when NPCs are implemented. By that I mean right now when you sneak - you look aggressive. Either pointing a gun or readying a melee swing. What if you just want to be sneaking around, and appear to be doing just that? Even were I playing a typically non-aggressive person in multiplayer, seeing someone moving towards you or popping into the room you're in looking like that might make you want to just shoot them on the spot or assume they have aggressive intent. One of the main problems that similar games (loosely in concept) like Day Z is that MP often degenerates into free for all death match where the zombies are just background noise and a nuisance, while players do nothing but kill each other on sight. I'm not saying a change like this would prevent that, but it couldn't hurt. If I'm trying to just stay safe from zombies I'd rather not look like to other people that I'm plotting to murder them.
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