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Found 20 results

  1. Just encountered an unkillable/untargetable zombie after loading my save in riverside. Playing on Builder mode. Character would just swing bat through zombie without making any contact. However, zombie was able to bite/lacerate me.
  2. Not sure if this was addressed earlier. If it was, let me know. With that behind, I suggest icing on roads to form as a result of freezing temperatures after a rain or fog. I'm pretty sure there's a grip mechanic regarding tires so shouldn't be hard to implement (hopefully, I'm not a dev). This would add a bit more realism and challenge to driving a car. Imagine just casually driving and then losing control which ends with a glorious crash. Well technically even water on a road should decrease the grip in some way. Dirt roads could get muddy as well, slowing a car down. What is y
  3. I think the human character and zombies death animation should be corrected. For example, when we shoot and kill a zombie, it lies directly on the ground. but I think it must first gush blood (from where we hit), then slowly fall down (like the twd game), and when the character is killed by the zombie, I think blood from the zombies bite (even if he bites without dying). Finally, I think the corpses should it not pass through the wall. should lean against the wall. yes, it's not as easy as wanting to do these things, these are just suggestions and things that will make the game more beautiful
  4. I was being chased by a horde in the suburbs of Muldraugh, so I jogged through some trees to try and lose them and got a small cut on my neck and nearly bled out within three minutes, the damage that accumulates from minor scratches on your neck is horrifying and feels unbalanced.
  5. Session was being played on Survivor mode, build 41 beta. Had a laceration on my arm and on my leg, was jogging away from a small mob that noticed me, trying to find a safer spot that I could rip my clothing to bandage myself. Decided to move closer to the woods edge, then circle around in between two trees, was jogging with shift. Then suddenly there was a crushing sound, like the one it happens when you get damaged, and boom, my character yelled and death animation happened, then the "dead - high risk of becoming rat food" or something like that showed up as a status. I thi
  6. So I had a thought while reading the previous thread "Another Death From Old Age Thread" and had an idea about negative traits that could add in certain medical conditions. I do know we already have asthma in which should be updated a bit to include wheezing/ hard to catch breath after a run, maybe even the implementation of inhalers or even nebulizers which would help asthma related issues over a longer amount of time than just an emergency inhalers 'quick fix' method (Been thinking of the addition of inhalers for awhile now though and was going to talk to Hydromancerx about adding this into
  7. There're many sources of danger in the weedy and foresty areas which we don't see in this game. I'll try to make it short and type in short point forms. Alright, here are a few suggestions: 1. Wood nettle and poison ivy These plants are pretty common in NA. Nettle and poison ivy causes severe physical irritation including burns, itches and rashes. 5% chance of triggering when walking into a tree in forest areas. 5% chance of triggering when foraging [threats nullified at lvl.5 foraging] Park rangers are immuned to these negative moodles on start. Wood nettle charateristics: - Rashes -
  8. I don't really know if i did not understand it properly, or it simply don't working. Once i set INFECTION MORTALITY to NEVER, out of curiosity. TRANSMISSION was normal, BLOOD+SALIVA. In my opinion this have to work like you can be infected, but not killed by it. But it was the same story like set to 2-3 days. Once bitten, fever, zombified then death by huge health loss. Everyone noticed this too? Is it bug, glitch, or only misunderstood setting?
  9. It's inevitable, one day you loot a house, forget to check a room, run into it and discover one or more zombies, you do manage to fight them off, but you discover that you were bit. Now what do you do in such a situation, when you know that the end is near?
  10. I'm new here but I've played the game for awile and I've read disscussions on the thread. Nobody seems to have thought about this and I'd love to see it in game. Burials/Burnings When NPC's are out, I'd love to see something about how the group(and your charater) will feel. What if... When an NPC survivor dies, and you have the body, you can bury them. In the game, we will be able to burn corpses of zombies so when survivors are added we should be able to do that to their body's too. For a burial, we can dig a hole in the ground (like with farming) and if we have the body in our inventory,
  11. I wanted to point out that it is too obvious to the player when you are infected from a zombie scratch or bite. When you are not infected from a scratch, you notice right away because: 1. You are not gradually losing health 2. Your character does not become anxious My suggestion is that a scratch or bite should be less immediately obvious and should be more of a mysterious outcome until one is sure that they are not infected. Whenever one gets scratched or bitten, they should become anxious regardless if they are infected or not.
  12. I have always thought that the original death animation was a little bland. Just falling forward/backward seems a little unrealistic if your getting eaten alive by zombies. So, I was thinking about different animations when you die, based on a system of which section of your body was last damaged. For example: Taking damage to the throat/head: The character would clutch their throat in agony, then fall limp. (The reason I added head is because I am not sure if your throat can be damaged in game.) Taking damage to any part of the torso: The character would hold their torso, and begin to swa
  13. My suggestion is on how to deal with player death, "reincarnation" and interaction with NPCs. So I have been pondering this, Having died many times in the Sandbox mode and loading up the same map to go find my stuff lying around; the concept of NPCs as part of this seems like it might become an issue. If the player dies and he has a large posse hanging around his base, if he comes back as a new character, the NPCs would have no idea who he is. He would have to develop all new relations probably be kept out of the base "he built" (in another life). My suggestion would be instead of star
  14. To mark where the fallen spent their last moments. I'm thinking an ability to right click>Build>GraveMarker/Cross/Whatever. It would use 2 planks and 2 nails. just a simple wooden cross that could be placed standing out of the ground (think fence post) that you could put where you previously died as a memorial, or just use to make your home/fort/shack look more imposing. A neat thing that might be able to be with this is have them attract Zeds the same way a campfire does. Or maybe attract them if you have more than 3 built in close proximity. Don't know if it could be done (My
  15. So ive got a decent idea for a mod. Im pretty much a novice at proggraming but veeerrrryy extremely interested in learning so if there are any devs that are looking or interested in this let me know because you can have full credit for this i dont care i just wanna see it working. Also Lua doesnt look too difficult so i might pick up of the books on it that i have, but anyways back on topic. I want to make a reaper sprite, with a sythe and most likely infinite health (Maybe not though for the civies you fight) and basically what you do is look for survivors and try to kill them. You can com
  16. Hi, I'm messing around with zeds and haven't succeded at checking if a zed is dead. Here's what i'm doing : -- spawning of a zedlocal zed = getVirtualZombieManager():createRealZombieNow(fromx, fromy, fromz); zed:setFakeDead(false);zed:setForceFakeDead(false);zed:PathTo(tox, toy, toz, true);table.insert(zedTable, zed);And to check if one have been killed : for _,v in pairs(zedTable) do if v:isDead() then print(v:toString() .. " is dead"); -- other stuff endendv:isDead() never returns true (of course I killed the zombie before triggering the function). I tried to check th
  17. It rains so often that once you have 2-3 water barrels your set for the game. For a game that asks how will you die? Water, a necessity for life. I believe is to easy to obtain. While rain itself is a threat to get you sick. I ask what about a drought or other types of dynamic weather? I remember playing before water barrels where implemented. It was so important and stressful to make the trip to the farm (to have well access). The fear of dehydration has been taken away since the rain barrels have been implemented. I'm not suggesting taking the rain barrels out. I just feel like
  18. Hey guys, just wondering what your closest call on Project Zomboid has been, as in the closest you've come to nearly being killed and managing to survive? Mine would be in my current save when I first made it into West Point's town area, however I was being chased by a horde (I say horde, but it was more like 20-30 zombies), and so I ran into one of the buildings in the town, all the zombies starting breaking the windows so I ran to what I thought was a back room (one with a window to get out), but it was a damn closet, and I ran straight in there without thinking and what a surprise, there w
  19. "Humm, di dumm, dumm, looting is my thing, deep-uh-meep-meep, looting like a mindless sheep, not looking where I'm go..." "Oh... Uh, hey. Say, you look familiarz, have I seen you somewhere before?" "Uuuruuuurrrrghghhhhhhhggh!!" "Im not comfortable with hugging..." "GRrrrRRRRrrrr!!" "Look, stay away alright!!" "GrrarrrrghhhhH!" "OK, THATS IT, DIE YOU CLASSY LOOKING GUY!!!" *Splat!* "Uurrrr..." "..." "Oh hey! Look at all this stuff you was carrying! Nice!" ---- Enough strained silliness. My suggestion is this: In sandbox-mode, when you die, your worl
  20. So... yeah, I was casually cooking a steak on a stove (with a pan) and... I burnt it and ate it. Just so I don't repeat the same mistake, I'm guessing I have to take the steak out of the stove AND THEN eat it, right?
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