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Found 4 results

  1. Project South Zagoria - Chernarus Hello everyone and welcome to my first mapping project on Project Zomboid. I will be attempting to replicate the current Chernarus+ map into Project Zomboid for you to enjoy. Now, I am currently working with the basic tiles and items without anything custom added, and it may be a while this way since I don't have much knowledge into creating custom tiles, furniture, etc. So, I will try to get as close as I can to the actual DayZ/ArmA map. Keep in mind that there will be differences and issues and bugs and so forth, but that is why I hope I can mak
  2. Project Chernaurus Buildings and such will be posted here from now on. Hope you all enjoy. Map is complete (minus buildings and such.) There are placeholder tiles for where buildings will be placed. The map size is 6000px x 6000px. It's a huge map.Buildings and whatnot are what's left (basically everything) to make it a real fun map to get immersed in!! Update: 2/11/2014 Chernogorsk I am currently constructing the city of Cherno, with the help of Maklane, I have a couple buildings to get started, while making my own buildings for the world. If I do use other members buildings I w
  3. So I've been seeing some of the recent maps being made and it motivated me to make this huge map. Still don't really know the dimensions or if it will even turn out right in the map editor when done. It's the map based on the game Arma II or DAYZ standalone. Still, since you can't really use your own maps in game I guess it's pointless until that day comes. Also just waiting until we get the ability to make curved roads and that sort of thing but during this time I'd thought I'd show what the potential may be. Hopefully if things do go in that direction I'd probably start from scratch. LOL. An
  4. So, DayZ seems to be picking up pace. Lots of changes to the server version... lots of testing. It seems like its really close to the relese. Any of you into DayZ? I havent played the mod in ages but I played it a lot back in the golden dayz...
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