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Found 6 results

  1. Just a thought of something that i think it's immersive and fun to play that would be the ability to customize outflit types for npc or even our faction (be it made just by players, just npcs or both) so we could see npcs preferring to use just an outflit style be it caused by their personal traits or life story or the faction leader itself (you, i suppose) So we could have the ability to: - Define faction uniform Examples: Everybody in this faction would be using black leather jackets, pants, pilot glasses, piercings, leather and fingerless gloves, socks and boots; Everybody use a custom and painted strip where the clothing options would be free to choose but everybody in this faction have to use the custom strip to show what faction they belong to; Everybody in this faction or maybe the majority of them is somewhat related to armed personnel jobs (military, police officers, security guards and so on) and then, they dress code would be to make use of those camo clothes, police, bulletproof and armors. - Define the npc's clothing preferences In this item we could change the liking of an npc for a determined clothing type, so the npc will seek to use this type of clothing more than others Example: Set the preference high enough for an npc to like a lot of using shorts, sandals, pants, skinny pants, jackets, hoodies or whatever you want. - NPC's liking may vary depending on the climate of the world, it's seasons and on what they're doing Example: Npcs will seek to use more warm clothing on winter, and more light clothes on summer; Npcs will seek to use rain coats in rains, or shorts and tank tops on hot days; Npcs will seek to use swim suit if they're about to swim on lakes and pools; Npcs will seek to remove their shoes inside houses to make less noises, or to not bring dirty to their homes. - And the basic option to direct order an npc to use or remove certain clothing piece Examples: Do I really need to make an example for that? That's it, i think...
  2. By customizing cars I don't mean adding spikes to the front of them or things like that but rather something like this, say I have a red pickup truck and I find a white one... I would love it if I could take off the hood of the white one and replace the hood of my red one so I would have a red pickup with a white hood.
  3. Uh... hello guys, how are you? I wanted to share my ideas to you guys. Yes, I'm new here and my English isn't good, so... sorry. Anyway, let's go to my ideas. I read that the developers won't intend to put on the game "roleplay things" before the apocalypse starts, so I thought in a situation to give an immersion to the player's character about who happens before this (like a introduction to his life): if, for example, the player's character is unemployed, he starts with a introduction (I don't know, a short-movie or something like that or a storyboard animatic; something simple because it's just a introductio) that shows he at the... uh, grocery buying supplies while a music is playing, then, a scream scares he and the music stops suddenly and screamings can be heard from far. Then, the people are running desperate and scared trying to save their lives. Then, appears a zombie who want the player's meat. Now, comes another idea based on the player's traits and his occupation what affects his actions in this introduction and also where he lives (if he's rich, he has a fancy and expensive house or something like that, and the opposite occurs too). And I thought in something based on his occupation, as a firefighter, in the apocalypse he's helping someone and/or doing things that a firefighter does when suddenly someone tries to bite him and/or his colleague. I also had another idea and this involves dogs and cats. Do you guys intend to add cats to the game? And traits about dogs/cats (if intend to) to the player's character? Like a trait for who loves dogs/cats, increasing happiness and decreasing stress when near one of them; who hate dogs/cats, increasing stress level or something like that and decreasing happiness when near a dog/cat; who fears dogs/cats, increasing panic. And do you guys intend to add settings to this? Like uh... a customization menu to dogs/cats when some trait or occupation have one of them or both. If this happens, will have a cost, I suppose. And will have a benefit and harm to both? Like, a dog barks very loudly when shouldn't do, calling zombies to him and those zombies will attack the player, I suppose the dog will run to the player and next to him (or not if he's wild... I don't know, maybe it can happen), attracting more zombies while the player doesn't do what he wants or doesn't tell him to stop (he can obey or not). And this won't happen if the player trains him, and the training is done with the help of magazines, or traits, or occupation, like a Dog Handler or Veterinary profession. And on the subject "dog obedience", do you intend to add personality customization to the dogs/cats? Like the player's traits. And this can be used with NPC's who's next to the player's character. Family, friends, etc; customized by the own player. [edit] And what about relationships moodles? I mean, there's the player's character and his... husband, and when he's next to him, increase happiness and when he's far away, then the player's character will be apprehensive as well as when he is attacked or the simple fact that zombies are near him and these things and the player's characters moodles will be influenced by the trait as well as affection for the other (and in that can come a kind of panic that forces the player to do what the trait induces). And if he dies, it's possible that the player's character gets depressed. And on the subject "relationships", will have a customization to this? I thought in moodles effects that will be activated when the character's next to someone who's intimate and with who isn't intimate, like a stranger who knocks their house's door asking for shelter and the character will stay apprehensive (and a lot if with him are his brother or husband or anyone else with who he cares about) and maybe even can't sleep, and all of this will may depend on the traits. [edit] I don't know anything about these things and I feel I'm ignorant and rough about it but I don't want to load you guys or offend you. Sorry for anything and thanks for your attention!
  4. I am interested in finding out what customization options most people use. This will be useful for general statistics but also for mod creation.
  5. I didn't know what to title this topic. If the mods have a better title then you can feel free to change it. Anyway, basically make it so that instead of how you choose your beard at the start, your beard grows out as you play. The longer you live the bigger your beard. Now don't take customization away entirely but have styled beards or goatees that eventually grow into scruffy face scruff if you let it go for too long. Also allow for razors to cut your beard (since they're useless right now) same with hair. What do you think? I always wanted a kind of status symbol if I survived for a few months.
  6. Since the game poses the question, "How will you die?" It would enhance the experience if it was you (or your character, at least) since your character is some what of a nameless survivor, why can't it be you?
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