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Found 5 results

  1. I want to make a scenario involving being trapped on the rooftops of Louisville with a horde of random varying zombies ranging from shamblers to sprinters but I don't want it to be a fixed save rather a fresh start each time. I can't find a single video detailing how to make a scenario/challenge so any help would be appreciated.
  2. While I personally feel that a HUD-Map would be detrimental to my PZ-experience, i still think that an external map is a very useful tool. So, I present to you: The Project Zomboid Map Project: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/ New page: http://map.projectzomboid.com/ This is a zoomable and panable map (using the OpenSeadragon javascript library) of Muldraugh. Total size: 136 GB Dimensions: 1075200px * 396800px (426.639.360.000 or roughly 426 Gigapixels) The site is currently not available for offline viewing. A new download version will be available in the near future. Currently there are maps of: - Muldraugh, West Point and The Mall Knox County (Survival mode, Builds 30 and 35) - The Challenge Maps - Bedford Falls - Dreadwood - New Denver - Phoenix - Radcliffe - Drayton (Rebuild) - TWD Prison - Vacation Island To help manage the POIs of the maps, have a look at the POI Manager (see an explanation here). IMPORTANT: I AM NOT A TIS DEVELOPER! If you find bugs in the map, please report them in the Map Bugs Tracker!
  3. Hi all. I was playing pz today, and this idea came to me. Cell phone. As i know, cell phones are now aviable in the game, but thay dont have any use, you can only disassemble it to get some electronic parts. But what im suggesting: give all cell phones a number, so we can use it for communication and other cases. So, how it should look like. Cell phone has it own number, that displays when you place cursor on phone in your inventory. Also it has rechengable battery, if you are not using your phone, battery works for 2-3 days, but if you are making calls, it gets discharged preaty fast. Cell pnone should have ability to mute the sound. Also cell phone should be the thing, that easy to find. Maybie there should be a chance to spawn with it in the begining of the game. Phones and faxes should be placed in homes and offices too, and also has it unique number. About usage. Preaty good for multiplayer, if you cant find walkie-talkie, ( which should be harder to find, ) you can make a phone call to communicate with someone. For singleplayer (can be used in mp too ) you probably can make a trap whis this thing. You just put it on the ground, run away, than take another one, and call the first one, it will ring preaty loud, and zombies sure will be interested about this sound. Also you can call from your cell phone on someone home number, and zombies will rush to that house to figure out what is going on. Hope you will like it.
  4. I have released my first mod! It is still very much a work in progress, but it is working! What would MacGyver do? He would have course make all kinds of crazy weapons out of stuff that are obviously not weapons in the first place. Most people would settle for that baseball bat or a fire axe or a crow bar. But not MacGyver. He would be on a constant search for new and creative ways to kill zombies. This is what this mod is all about: Making new weapons from all kinds of stuff you can find in Project Zomboid. I hope I will never actually finish this mod, and that it will continue to grow and evolve as the game develops. I will upload it to Steam Workshop when it has a bit more content and a consistent style of icons. Here are the two items currently in the mod. Feel free to give constructive feedback.
  5. There is a distinct lack of a dedicated creativity thread on these forums. I'm sure the Zomboid community has a huge plethora of artistic types out there, so here's a nice, snug, warm thread for y'all to flex your creative muscles in. Here are some suggestions for posting: Put it in spoilers! Whether it's art or literature or anything else, stick some spoiler tags around it (like so ) so that we don't get massively clogged up. Be lovely! Constructive criticism is always welcome, but don't risk the mighty banhammer by being a nasty git (Enigma always has an itchy banning finger. Always).Be prepared to share! Commenting on other's work is great, and you are fantastic for doing it, but be sure to share any work, big or small, no matter the genre or style. We Everything is art! It doesn't matter what you do, whether it's painting or animation or videos or blogging or short stories, we want to see it!Quote or put @whoever in the first line of any commentary! That way we know who you are critiquing and it makes it easier for anyone else to respond.So get sharing guys! N.B. If any of our lovely mods think this would be better elsewhere, I apologize for goofing. I didn't know whether to stick this in General Discussion or Community and Creativity (cos that was specifically PZ stuff).
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