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Found 13 results

  1. So, right now all of the crafting routine is handled by character inventory. All of the materials are there as well as the instrument. But I think would be interesting to bring, in addition to that, some workbench system, that would require a stationary workbench in order to create something, or just simplify the familiar craft tasks. For example, there could be a stationary metal band saw, that can create metal sheets from some other cheap material, or maybe even from furniture, with additional efficiency and higher drop rate, or maybe it can do some other importing operations. But its work require the resources, that can be gain only in that special facility, where it is located. So, as a result, you can get very cheap, possibly unique, craft opportunity at this spot, but you will need to fight all of the zombies in the area, that can be attracted by a band saw noise, secure that place, and turn it back to power, but all of it will worth it at the end It could also be a vehicle parts crafting benches, that obviously required an factory environment, some heavy machinery for precision engineering, lens production for scopes, glasses and binoculars, ammunition production benches, or maybe even just a simple stationary workbench, that you can craft yourself and put it in your base, to make some importing stuff, or make some of the resources requirements lower, and production faster, but you obviously can't take it with you on the journey, and can use it only when you at home
  2. Hi, Indy stone, I noticed the pose when a player stands with a gun and a flashlight, for some reason it seems a little strange to me. So, I think you know about the recent remake of Resident evil 2, when Leon sometimes holds his hands in a cross, can you try to do the same? I think it will look cool. Why did I suggest this idea? I just thought, you guys kind of adding a little bit of animation, maybe listen and try to do? But if you dont want , you can just make a craft (SORRY IF I DOUBLED A MESSAGE I JUST FORGOT ADD SECOND PICTURE ;-;)
  3. Hi, I think it's easiest for beginers (and advanced) if you add a Right click > see recipes on items in inventory. That option open craft window filtered on recipes that using clicked item. Thanks !
  4. http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/wiki/ We now have a page where you can look up all the information on any Item, weapon, craft, recipe on Project Zomboid including anything added from the Hydrocraft Mod! From the list of items or crafts click on any item or recipe name to see all the info on it. The Item page will show all the info, attributes and values of the item. And below that it will show any Recopies that require the item as an ingredient. And any Recopies / Crafts that can create said Item. The Recipe page will show all the info, required ingredients, skills and tools for any recipe. And even what book must be read to learn that recipe if needed. Hydro and The whole Dev Team at Aggressive Gaming's Newdawn helped to build this for you guys! So enjoy! http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/wiki/
  5. Haven't seen it being mentioned here... I think having an option to craft ropes from ripped sheets (~8) instead of sheet/clothing would be convenient.
  6. Get bored of pausing game to see if an item is a component of a recipe on your favorite pz wiki site ? This mod is for you. This mod will help you to learn the recipes of Project Zomboid. SCREENSHOTS HOW TO USE IT: CraftHelper offers two ways to learn recipes: See all recipes where an item is usedSee directly the complete list of recipesAll you have to do is : Open your inventoryRight click on an item. If the item is used in or more recipes, the "craft helper" option will appear in the contextual menuClick on the "craft helper" option to see all the recipes where the item is used.Move the mouse over a recipe to see its composition in tooltip boxOr Click on the new available button (to the left of screen, under character info button) to open a window where all recipes (sorted by name) are displayed. Like above, when your mouse is over a recipe, its composition will appear in a tooltip box.NEW In recipes list, recipes shown in green can be crafted. In tooltip box (recipes composition), you'll see [+], [~] or [-] before items name. [+] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory [~] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory but not enough to craft recipe [-] : means that you don't have this item in you inventory FOR MODDERS Modders, you can hide your recipes from craft helper. You'll need to create a module for your recipes. module My_Mod{ recipe Make Foobar Recipe { foo=10, bar, Result: Foobar, Time:80.0, }} Then, you have to put this line in your code: if craftHelper ~= nil then craftHelper.skipModules['My_Mod'] = true;endHOW TO INSTALL THIS MOD: Just extract the media folder and put it in your Project Zomboid game directoryLINKS Available on : Xeno-mods : http://xeno-mods.com/mod/91/craft-helper-modpz-mods : http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/CraftHelperMod/ CHANGELOG v1.1.1 : compatible with new mods loading system of PZ : Show recipes you can craft with what you actually have in your inventory. For each recipes, show in tooltip box what items or not you have in your inventory. For modders, possibility to hide your recipes in Craft Helper (filter by items module name)v1.0.3 : Craft Helper window's background is now opaque (transparent background can make reading difficult recipes when multiple windows are openv1.0.2 : Now that the new PZ version (v2.9.9.10) is released on Desura, hotfix is included in v1.0.2 archiveHotfix : Makes CraftHelper compatible with PZ v2.9.9 (forum test release)v1.0.1 : Now works on Linuxv1.0 : Initial release
  7. Just a suggestion,maybe instead of planks and ripped sheets or sheets to make a campfire kit. How about a certain amount of stones and sticks/tree branches?
  8. Hello. This is a request for a sandbox option. I would like to gather resources, build a safehouse and test it with a horde. Now I can set a starting zombie population. When I set it to low, it will always be low, so I'll get bored fast. If I set it to insane, I won't have an occasion to build anything. Could you add an option, that I could start a new game with lower population and it would increase over months? I think that would be cool. Cheers.
  9. Nails Mod 1.0: Hello all again. Here I offer another mod that I think will appeal to many people. Basically, with this mod you can melt metal and with this metal make nails. I use this mod for months, so it works perfectly. I never had the intention to upload this mod to the forum, as it was for personal use, but occasionally I see a comment in the forum asking for being able to do nails in the game, or asking that the old mods used to make nails to be updated, and only for this reason I released this mod, for that those who want to be able to do nails, they can do nails. There have been several mods that made exactly the same, but when I began to play Project Zomboid, these mods was outdated. So I decided to make my own mod, which also solved a problem that I do not like to happen: when used a mod that gives you the ability to do nails, the game becomes easier, at least the part of carpentry of the game . However, I always advocate the realism, and if I, who am not someone particularly skilled, can create nails following the footsteps of a youtube video, I think anyone can do it too. For these reasons, I believe that the addition of being able to make nails in the game is a good thing, but you have to get them is much harder than just need a campfire to make nails, for example. It has been attempted solved in the measure of effort this problem by increasing the number of objects that need to be found to make nails, helping this also to achieve greater realism, because a person without much knowledge could do nails pretty sure if he have these items, following the steps of the mod. Anyway, although I like the realism, I always try not sacrifice gameplay at the expense of achieving realism, trying to maintain a balance between these two aspects. Here is it, my own version of a mod that allows to manufacture nails. Hope you like it. - New ítems (13): - How to do nails: There are several different ways of doing nails, which require different items. The difference is basically the type of mold used, as I will explain later. However, all recipes of casting use various items in common. They are: BlowtorchMold (of the desired type)Work GlovesTongsLighter - Molds: - Recipes: - Testing: - Compatibility: - Known Bugs: - Multiplayer: - Download link:http://bit.ly/1tYnyAC Enjoy the mod!
  10. I made sprites, I tried .. Bug: Using the sewing kit with multiple resources will show all available crafting options and some may not be seen on screen. If you have multiple resources (sheet and usable sheet) in your pack, click on the resource to get its crafting menu, and craft your items like that. That way you will only get the recipes available for that item and not overload the screen with options. Update: Added more uses for usable sheets. Sewing kit spawns on zombies. Update: Added option to cut up clothing using scissors or the sewing kit into usable sheets, these usable sheets can be then sewn back into sheets. Added a sewable shopping bag, this shopping bag also spawns in the world. Added stuff for ripped sheets, sheet ropes, dish towels, socks, tissues and pillows. This mod adds a sewing kit into the world. This sewing kit spawns throughout the world and has a limited number of uses. With this sewing kit and some sheets, you can sew vests, shirts, trousers, skirts, blouses and a new item shorts. Shorts provide a little more warmth than skirts (currently using skirt texture). (I had to remove some images due to image limit) NEW SPRITES!!!! DOWNLOAD: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) INSTALL MOD: Copy the "mods" and "media" folders from the mod zip file into your Project Zomboid game directory, don't worry it won't replace anything, it will just add the mod file into your "media/lua", "media/texturepacks" and "/mods/scripts" directories. Wring Out Towel Mod Adds a few crafting recipes so you can wring out that wet towel, getting a dry one. Image coming soon. DOWNLOAD: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  11. SO I thought about making some stuff mods out of vanilla items.. Thought about shovels and trowels. They would be crafted out of existing vanilla items and could be used as weapons for a short time. And just to let you know, the recipes will be easy and not complicated like my other stuff mods . If it gets enough AYE votes, I will make it.
  12. Wud yer consider addin' dis tag so other modders an' meself may use de wet towels in oyt mods an' they gie back a dry towel whaen used. item DishClothWet{Weight = 0.3,Type = Normal,DisplayName = Wet Dish Towel,Icon = Dishtowel,ReplaceOnUse = DishCloth,ReplaceOnDeplete = DishCloth,}item BathTowelWet{Weight = 0.5,Type = Normal,DisplayName = Wet Bath Towel,Icon = Bathtowel,ReplaceOnUse = BathTowel,ReplaceOnDeplete = BathTowel,}
  13. I've been playing Project Zomboid, but noticed that in the videos, there is a crafting menu but in mine there is no such thing. iIs this is glitch or is it disabled for the current version? I play with mouse and keyboard and my download is the alpha version on Desura. I also play 32x.
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