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Found 6 results

  1. NB: This issue is not game breaking and does not seem to affect the stability of the game. NB2: This post contains a bugfix. (Scroll to the bottom for bugfix if tl;dr) Version: 41.78.16 Affects all game modes. (single/multiplayer) Reproduction steps: 1. save any game. Issue description: WorldDictionaryReadable.lua is currently not syntactically correct lua code and will error any code that attempts to load it: > -- in lua repl > worldDict = require("WorldDictionaryReadable") error loading module 'WorldDictionaryReadable' from file './WorldDictionaryReadable.lua': ./WorldDictionaryReadable.lua:20356: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 20355) near '=' stack traceback: [C]: in ? [C]: in function 'require' stdin:1: in main chunk [C]: in ? > dofile("WorldDictionaryReadable.lua") WorldDictionaryReadable.lua:20356: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 20355) near '=' stack traceback: [C]: in function 'dofile' stdin:1: in main chunk [C]: in ? This is due to the following generated section (e.g. from a save file of mine, note file continues before and after this section): --[[ ---- OBJECTS ---- --]] objects = { 0 = "American Holly", 1 = "Canadian Hemlock", 2 = "Virginia Pine", 3 = "Riverbirch", 4 = "Cockspur Hawthorn", 5 = "Dogwood", 6 = "Carolina Silverbell", 7 = "Yellowwood", 8 = "Eastern Redbud", 9 = "Redmaple", 10 = "American Linden", 11 = "Spicebush", 12 = "Ninebark", 13 = "Blueberry", 14 = "Blackberry", 15 = "Piedmont azalea", 16 = "Arrowwood viburnum", 17 = "Red chokeberry", 18 = "Beautyberry", 19 = "New jersey tea", 20 = "Wild hydrangea", 21 = "Shrubby St. John's wort", 22 = "Butterfly Weed", 23 = "Swamp Sunflower", 24 = "Purple Coneflower", 25 = "Joe-Pye Weed", 26 = "Blazing Star", 27 = "Wild Bergamot", 28 = "White Beard-tongue", 29 = "Ironweed", 30 = "White Baneberry", 31 = "Wild Columbine", 32 = "Jack-in-the-pulpit", 33 = "Wild Ginger", 34 = "Wild Geranium", 35 = "Alumroot", 36 = "Wild Blue Phlox", 37 = "Polemonium Reptans", 38 = "Foamflower", 39 = "Grass", 40 = "Generic", 41 = "Fern", 42 = "CrackGrass", 43 = "WallVines", 44 = "WallCracks", 45 = "Flowerbed", } Two things are wrong with this generated dump. The first, and minor issue which does not result in syntax errors, is that the generated table is 0-indexed and not 1-indexed which lua operates on. The second, and major issue, is that Number = Value syntax directly is not possible in lua. This is what's causing the loading errors. -- lua requires this syntax for numerical indexes, so the section should look like this: objects = { [1] = "American Holly", -- [...] [45] = "Flowerbed", } this file is generated by zombie.world.DictionaryData's saveAsText method. Debugging the related string information (https://docs.oracle.com/javase/specs/jvms/se22/html/jvms-4.html#jvms-4.4.3) from the compiled class, one finds that the string being interpolated in this section of saveAsText's execution is: "\t\u0001 = \"\u0001\",\u0001" Which, when interpolated with a key of 0, a value of "American Holly" (without quotes), and a local system's newline (here we use "\n" for simplicity) would give an example of: "\t0 = \"American Holly\",\n" Which matches the currently syntactically erroneous lua file. It should be: "\t[\u0001] = \"\u0001\",\u0001" which with the above example interpolation would give "\t[0] = \"American Holly\",\n" Which, along with some further knowledge of Java's instruction set allows us to arrive at our solution: Fix (for the syntax errors): The following relevant code inferred from DictionaryData's saveAsText method: // zombie.world.DictionaryData // nb: variable names are ad hoc based on my notes and may not represent those in actual The Indie Store codebases public class DictionaryData { // [...] protected void saveAsText(String readableSaveFileName) throws IOException, WorldDictionaryException { // [...] // the foor loop is extrapolated based on my notes, // in decompiled code this would show as a while(hasNext) called on an iterator. // actual code may vary. for(object in objectIdToNameMap) { readableSaveWriter.write("\t" + object.getKey() + " = \"" + object.getValue() + "\"," + System.lineSeperator()); } // [...] } /* N.B. The instantiation of the readableSaveWriter variable (a java.io.FileWriter instance) * on a java.io.File (opened on the readableSaveFileName argument) is omitted for brevity, as are any related * try blocks or error handling, as that is beyond the scope of this report, and is all working perfectly well. */ Should be: // zombie.world.DictionaryData // nb: above comments in previous code-section apply, but are omitted for brevity public class DictionaryData { // [...] protected void saveAsText(String readableSaveFileName) throws IOException, WorldDictionaryException { // [...] for(object in objectIdToNameMap) { readableSaveWriter.write("\t[" + object.getKey() + "] = \"" + object.getValue() + "\"," + System.lineSeperator()); } // [...] }
  2. On the Church on Zunday blog on steam a new concept for a sheriffs uniform is shown to have a brown shirt and beige pants. In Kentucky, our sheriffs uniforms have for of the Rick Grimes look, it is only really our major cities that feature similarities to the concept. Just wanted to speak my mind. I'm sure there is better things to work on for B42 but it would be cool. Keep up the good work. P.S. add the Glock 17 as it is the most commonly utilized police weapon. name it the G17 or something like the 1911.
  3. It would be neat if, when using the "add sheet" to windows, it would be possible to put on curtains "more tidily", so that you get the default curtains instead of the baggy bedsheets. Useful if you want your base to look good and classy
  4. So I realized this is probably not a very big priority for inclusion in the main game since it's fairly trivial, so I figured it'd be better suited for a mod. Basically, it's what the title says. Different models for player characters based on body type-based traits, like Athletic, Stout, Underweight, Overweight, etc, but of course since I'm not really sure how this works, this could either just be a few changes with new models, or it could require entirely new animations for all actions, so this could either be a small idea or a massive and unreasonable job. It's just a bit of detail I'd love to see sometime.
  5. hi, and sorry for my english Guys, at the new patch, we how never, nedded a view from a window. Actualy it's explain a blocking view, and than you drop from window - you drop at the arms of zombie, create a function to look under windows, and for seen this to the players on the site of the sight. It's unreal stupid to be in the arms of zombies now, then we had no choise, then we have micro bash from animation on the drop of window. And some interesting stuff i think: - More treats and functiones for the medicine in multiplayer, like a medical death or anesthesia for surgery. - Most of peoples ( who playing long part) complain, becouse them don't have more cosmetic for the house, like a wallpapers, more posters... it's little thing... - We must do something for the loosing weight, this like unreal... or we must have a some dieta stuff, like a food, or we must have a training stuff, for helps a loosing weight. Or diarrea tablets x) - Do tattos into body >:D (by the one for each killed zombie of course x) ) - I think for the gamers who love radio, be a good present a Radio-tower and re-transponder, who dublicated a signal. And i think useful do a repeater, who can take a cassette and be recorded and played to the broadcasting. - Actualy most of peoples interesting at the bulding a roof on their buldings, for creating a more good visible. All live at the boxes, you know, how long it's be)
  6. Hi, so recently there has been a topic regarding permanent scars on your health panel, which was quite interesting to watch and read, lot of people liked the idea, myself included and it got me thinking a little, why not take it a little bit further, now there is way more ways about doing this, but here is the core idea. So, as a long time survivalist and an absolute idiot at times I tend to break my face over a lot of objects (jumping out of windows on a second floor and shattering my legs into million pieces is my absolute favourite or setting my rear end on fire while cooking that one's good too) and honestly, if you were to break your leg in a zombie apocalypse, thats a pretty heavy injury to sustain and without a doctor around, even splinted there is real possibility you would suffer some sort of permanent damage or psychological impact of some sort. So, the idea is to have a character after such a heavy injury gain some sort of a "stat penalty" or affection to them say you break your leg and there would be a chance your character would not recover to 100% movement speed after that, rather maybe 80% max, not so much to make it a pain moving about, but still enough for you to notice and to not consider these kind of injuries just like any other scratch. But physical injuries also often incur some psychological impact as well, someone who has had pretty heavy burn happen to them probably isnt going to be all that comfortable around a fire, or someone who slit their arm open and bled all over the floor when crawling through a broken window would be more conscious about it the next time. As far as the cosmetic side of things the most obvious things would be the scars or slightly "missaligned" limbs from having a bone grow back a bit crooked, maybe a limp and stuff like that, it would add a little bit of flavour and more realism, it would also encourage the player to again be more wary about heavy injuries. Another thing was that not only bad things would come from this say, which is another thing I want to mention, over-time perks. We all know there are traits at the start when you create your character, but when you begin you are still just your regular Joe who just found out there are a lot of deaders roaming outside, the only thing to you is just your natural talents. These perks I had in mind would be more alongside the experience through surviving. Say you use the fire axe to chop of zombie bits all over the place, after a few hundred kills(or levels in blade profficiency) you would learn where and how to cut them better and with a little bit less effort, making you tire slightly less when swinging your weapon of choice. Or say you like to keep your distance and shoot them suckers from a far, after some time you would have enough guns gone through your hands you would learn to understand them a bit better, increasing the maximum and decreasing the minimum range or maybe learning how to stuff a few extra bullets into a mag for maximum efficiency. Now you could argue that these improvements is what the levels are there for, however I mean them as lets call them milestones in your progression, since experience right now is a steady line, it would be nice to have a little bonus for reaching the higher levels, by making them a little bit more impactful that way. All in all I would imagine some people would find permanent penalties for such things annoying so probably have this be an option/feature that could be checked in a sandbox or the options menu (similar to reloading) would probably be required. Anyway I'm sure this was suggested before in bits and pieces, so I just had thrown it all together in my brain and if not an official feature, it would make a cool mod at least.
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