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Found 24 results

  1. Every time I look for a guide or try to figure out what may be wrong, its something different for everyone. This isn't the first time my server has done this but it resolved itself overnight. That hasn't happened this time and I'm worried my server may be gone. It wont launch but any new server will, including mods. I'm not sure what could be going wrong if someone could give me advice/ help that would be beautiful. My buddy and I have put about 80 hours into this server in just a couple weeks and I'd hate to see it go like this. coop-console.txt
  2. First off, I will point out the fact that walkie talkies are now broken and do not transmit text chat any more, only yells. I'm sure this has been noted a hundred times over, but due to how important it is to roleplaying and immersion in a multiplayer setting, I will gladly be the hundred-and-first one to point this out. Secondly, I am assuming that it is the devs' intention to also allow voice to be transmitted through the walkie talkies. This is cool, but without extending the range to the actual range of the walkie talkie, instead of the max voice range, it's pointless. I play with max voice distance at 50, because 300 units is an absolutely absurd distance (You can hear other players almost across an entire city). Because of this, the walkie talkies stop transmitting voice at 50 units. What's the point? Third, if you're going to add voice transmission to the walkie talkies, add some kind of static effect instead of whatever weird left ear/ right ear sound filter is going on right now. It doesn't sound like I'm hearing them through a walkie talkie, it sounds like I'm hearing them through an audio glitch. That's all. Thank you for taking the time to read. Have a good day.
  3. Is there a way to change the zombies spawn settings in a game that has already started? or do I have to restart the world? This will not affect anything? I want to change the Zombie spawns in a coop game so idk
  4. Every time when i try to connect in a coop server, my account resets but the save still in the saves folder. but when i try to enter in the same server (print below), still resetting the account, it's being a very annoying experience. When i played Remote Play in a Coop Server, I lost both characters, and have some bugs (Player 1 can't drive, Player 2 can't transfers items, etc)
  5. Hello everyone, A friend and I have been getting some trouble playing on a co-op server I'm hosting. After a few minutes of playing, my friend starts to lag really badly, where zombies are frozen in place, and he dies from injuries that have no real source from his view. Here is the coop-console.txt from the game: If you need me to post anything else please tell me. Also sorry for the lack of information. Thank you for helping.
  6. LF a PvE server to casually play on. One where it isn't reset and people don't build absurd structures and destroy everything.
  7. Hello everyone! In short, two friends and I are playing in the coop mode, I wanted to know if for example the one who created the map or the world can pass it to another so they can continue playing when he is not there. Thanks
  8. Hello , i host a COOP server with some friends , and i am wondering if anybody wants to join ? Here is a link to my profile , add me if you wish to join (i will probably ask you who are you , just say you are from pz forums :3) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Cringey_Lizard_Profile/
  9. So I booted up the game today after months and months of waiting. There is a host option now in the main menu (34.27 Version) Steam. Can I now just host from the game instead of running my own server? I can invite friends from the hosted game? Do my friends need to have anything set in particular on their side (Ports, etc? ) TCO
  10. My wife and I have been playing Project Zomboid together for quite a while, and one serious immersion buster is the fact that there's no sleeping in multiplayer. This makes the passage of time awkward, and detracts seriously from the realism of the experience. I know you can sleep in "co-op" mode, but this isn't practical because playing on a single screen is annoying. I understand that people disagree with multiplayer sleeping because of servers with 10+ people playing, but we're just two, and I'm SURE that there are more couples and small groups of friends that play PZ together, that wouldn't mind having a minecraft style sleep system. Is there some major technical hangup that makes multiplayer sleeping a bear to implement? I haven't played seriously in about a year because I've been waiting for multiplayer sleeping, because it's such a deal-breaker for the experience.
  11. Hello! I'm working with a small group of seven students and we are proud to present you our game POLYCRUSHER. Our game was developed during two semesters and now our progress is so far that we want to present our game in public and get some feedback. The Game POLYCRUSHER is a local multiplayer twin stick shooter for ultimate couch gaming. We are proud to present you this gourmet piece of a game which is mostly about chaos and explosions in a wave based gameplay. Gotta crush 'em all! Fight with up to four friends against unlimited hordes of enemies. In order to survive epic boss battles you will need to unleash your characters unique special ability. Prove your team spirit to trigger your ultimate destruction weapon. Try to climb up the online highscore with your friends, but remember POLYCRUSHER will stress your friendship to the bitter end! Features 6 fancy Characters7 deadly Levels9 bizarre Enemies haunting your dreamsA very angry cyclop chicken squeezed in an airplaneKITTEN-Mode for experts!Online HighscoreOriginal arcade SoundtrackUltimate Destruction!Explosions everywhere!Your favourite laser weapons!Play with your controller or your SmartphoneGreenlight We are also on Greenlight, so if you like what we are happy about every Upvote Here is the Greenlight link: Polycrusher on Greenlight! Contact us! If you have any questions or you want the latest news about POLYCRUSHER, you can always visit or Website or our Facebook page. Trailer Screenshots Please visit our Greenlight-Page for screenshots
  12. Hi, I post this new topic because i don't find any server of this kind. Pvp is fun, but usually make the game without coop, because most of the players play it like a GTA so it's a little like a solo with a difficulty in more. I understand that in a real apocalypse, some people will kill everything on sight, but there will be some community too, because a group is stronger than several separate people and most of the people alone will die or become mad on the long term (just my opinion) . And the public server in pve are almost all the time so easy that coop is not required to survive and even if I enjoy to play in coop on this kind of server, it's rather a sims than a survival game if you played in solo since a long time. So, i search a server really hard and realistic, example, rare loot for food and weapon is logical, but why for the rest of the stuff ? In an apocalypse zombie, most of the people will travel with the needed stuff, not all the junk in their houses... The server can be in RP or not, i'm open to both. I really prefer without mods too, because I like the game as it is for now, but why not Hydocraft, if I don't have to remove the mod to play to my solo save. But above all else, I just search a PVE/Hard server anglophone (or french, but anglophone is better), but If it doesn't exist, I'm really hot to begin a new server, I just can't be the host. That's all, sorry for the mistakes, bye .
  13. I find it really bullshit when you get scratched or bit by a crawler who you cannot even hit unless right on top of... But that in general doesn't make me angry what does is how they can hit you almost instantly not even giving you a chance to attack Personally I feel that they need to be change to make it more possible to kill them without being wounded
  14. Hey there! We just launched a public Project Zomboid Server and are looking for people to play with. Sadly I can not offer you to play with us directly, because we only speak german in our squad, but feel free to join the server and play on. If you got any questions post them here or contact me on steam. Server is hosted by chernarus.de , which hosts an ARMA2 DayZ Overpoch, an ARMA2 DayZ Epoch and a 7 Days To Die Server aswell. Feel free to join there too. Server settings are listed further below in detail, if you wanna know exactly I guess you can figure them out. But I will list important stuff for you: - PvP is off, if you want to interact in PvP combat you have to turn your Safety off. - Loot- and zombie respawn is active, but keep in mind that none has to be around the area for some time to respawn the loot. - Food will only decay slowly. Lengh of day is 2 h realtime. If none is online server-time will stop to prevent spoilage. - the server will be reset every 4-5 weeks, depending on the damage on the environment. Next reset will be around early March. Please mind our server rules, otherwhise you might receive a ban. 1. No insults, no reasonless accusations and no racism. 2. Do not use any hacks, mods or bugs. 3. You are allowed to loot and ransack all buildings which are substantial on the map. Be aware that if you barricade a house it is allowed to be looted by any other player. 4. All buildings build on your own (like a shack in the woods) in the wilds are not allowed to be looted or burned down. 5. Setting fire on purpose to burn down houses or zombie hordes is forbidden. Rules may change or be extended if necessary. Server IP: We are lookin forward to play with you! The Burning Giraffe - German Part - Hey Wir haben die Tage einen öffentlichen Project Zomboid Server gestartet. Dieser ist derzeit noch nicht wirklich ausgelastet und wir würden uns freuen wenn ihr mal vorbeischaut. Der Server soll 50 Slots haben, aber bisher konnten wir das noch nicht voll austesten. Gehostet wird der Server von der chernarus.de Multigaming Community, welche auch einen DayZ Overpoch- und einen DayZ Epoch-Server und einen 7 Days To Die Server hostet. Wenn ihr Lust habt schaut auch da mal rein. Der Server wird ca. alle 4-5 Wochen resettet. Sprich der Strom ist wieder da, Wasser läuft, zerstörte Gebäude stehen wieder usw. Ihr könnt also aus eurem letzten Leben lernen und dann ein neues Projekt starten. Ggfs. bleiben mit dem Reset die Charaktere, ihre Fähigkeiten und was sie bei sich tragen erhalten. Der nächste Reset kommt Anfang März. Loot wird nachspawnen, kann allerdings nur dann passieren wenn ihr nicht in der Nähe seid. Haltet ihr euch also dauerhaft in der Nähe von Lootspots auf, wird dort nichts nachkommen. Falls ihr Leute zum Spielen sucht könnt ihr euch gerne bei mir via Steam melden, wir sind eine Gruppe von 8 Leuten von denen 3-4 aktiv Zomboid spielen, die anderen werden demnächst wieder zu uns stoßen, sobald ihre "Neuer-Minecraft-Server"-Phase vorbei ist. Hauptsächlich spielen wir Abends, 19-23 Uhr. Bitte beachtet die Serverregeln, sind auch nicht lang; 1. Keine Beleidigungen, Anschuldigungen oder rassistische Äußerungen. 2. Keine Nutzung von Hacks, Mods oder Spielfehlern. 3. Alle Mapseitigen Gebäude sind freiwild, d.h. es darf eingebrochen und geräubert werden - egal wer dort wohnt. 4. Alle selbst gebauten Behausungen sind tabu, d.h. es darf dort nicht eingebrochen, rumgezündelt oder geklaut werden. 5. Das Abfackeln von Häusern ist verboten. Wer meint er müsse eine Stadt in Brand setzen muss mit einem Ban rechnen. Regeln können sich bei Bedarf verändern und erweitert werden. Der Server läuft derzeit 24/7, aber die Zeit bleibt stehen, falls niemand mehr online ist. Das Essen vergammelt relativ langsam und es spawnt immer wieder neues Zeug nach, damit auch neue Spieler eine Chance haben. Settings sind derzeit so eingestellt, können sich aber noch ändern; Allgemeine Einstellungen: PVP: eingeschaltet Global Chat: eingeschaltet Bevölkerungseinstellungen: Zombies: Ausgewogen Zombieverteilung: Mehr in Städten Zeiteinstellungen: Tageslänge: 2 Stunden Welt Einstellungen: Wasserausfall: 0-2 Monate Stromausfall: 0-2 Monate Hausalarm: Manchmal Verriegelte Häuser: Häufig Lebensmittelverderblichkeit: Sehr langsam Kühlwirkung: Sehr hoch Beute/Loot Wiederkehr: Jeden Tag Zombie Wiederkehr: Jede Woche Vergangene Monate seit Beginn der Apokalypse: 0 Natur/Umwelt Einstellungen: Temperatur: Normal Regen: Normal Erosionsgeschwindigkeit: Normal Landwirtschaftswachstumsgeschwindigkeit: Langsam Pflanzen Belastbarkeit: Normal Landwirtschaftliche Ausbeute: Normal Natur Ausbeute: Normal Beute/Loot: Nahrungsmittel: Normal Waffen: Normal Andere: Normal Charakter: EP-Multiplikator: 2.0 Status Rückgang: Normal Ausdauer-Regeneration: Normal Zombie Eigenschaften: Geschwindigkeit: schnelle Schlurfer Stärke: Normal Härte: Normal Infektionsübertragung: Blut+Speichel Infektionssterblichkeit: 1-2 Wochen Reanimierungszeit: 0-1 Minute Kenntnisse: Navigieren Gedächtnis: Normal Zerfall: Verlangsamen + Schwächen Sicht: Normal Hören: Normal Geruch: Normal Server IP: Bei Fragen wendet euch einfach hier im Thread an mich, via Steam bei mir oder über das chernarus.de Forum an Lolly. Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch! The Burning Giraffe
  15. The Treehouse You can apply here: http://sillyandstrange.com/forums/ We want to create a unique and fun experience for everyone who decides to join. We are very set on our rules, and will do interview for this WHITELISTED server on TeamSpeak for anyone that wants to join. You can apply via the forums. Rules The rules can be found on the forums along with all of the other information you need. Here you can find the Doc containing the various rules (Think Altis Life for ArmA, except integrated into Zomboid) on how to play. You will also find the mods that are currently on the server, and some instructions on how to install each one. Mods We are using New Denver, TWD Prison, and the Hydrocraft mods currently. Hours The server is up 24/7! Manual restarts occasionally so that we don't see lag spikes. --- Basically we're looking to start some really cool activities. We want groups to form naturally. We've set up RP standards on the server so that KOS/Raiding isn't problematic and only forms naturally. We're open for suggestions for different things: Rule changes, events that will form via admin (DM), etc. We're also planning different types of events. Certain things where we set off Choppers (Trollocopters) and announce to everyone that a "drop" has been made somewhere on the map. Certain things like these would be first come, first serve and create some healthy competition. The zombies are set to Insane, loot spawn is set to rare, and respawn of loot is set to none. Forum regular Syfy is one of the admins, and myself the other. So we can do quick interviews with people to get them in game. We've also set up team rooms for people who want to group up. Other streamers are welcome also. And we can always add more team rooms depending on the amount of teams we end up having! If there are any questions, let me know!
  16. Salve, metto a disposizione un server italiano di Zomboid. Il nuovo server si trova in Italia (e non più in francia come quello precedente). Sito di riferimento: www.gravplanetitalia.net Nel browser interno del gioco lo trovate come [iT] GravPlanetItalia.net Indirizzo IP: Porta: 16261 Banner Stato Server Vi consiglio prima di unirvi al server di specificare anche una password. Se l'username non esiste, verrà creato automaticamente insieme alla password che avete scelto. Questo vi permette di non farvi fregare il nickname, qual'ora qualcuno tenti di entrare nel server con il vostro username. Il server è stato configurato come Sandbox. In questo modo è possibile personalizzare una serie di opzioni. Ecco la configurazione attuale: Opzioni generali PVP: AttivatoServer in pausa quando è vuoto: NoOggetti iniziali: Mattarello, Giornale e 3 MeleSandbox - Opzioni del Mondo Quantità Zombie: AltaDistribuzione Zombie: Centro urbanoTubature d'acqua: Fino a 60 giorniElettricità: Fino a 50 giorniFrequenza degli allarmi nelle case: Molto SpessoFrequenza delle case bloccate (Porta): Molto spessoDeterioramento degli alimenti: NormaleRespawn degli oggetti: Ogni settimanaRespawn degli zombie: Ogni settimanaMesi passati dall'apocalisse: 0Sandbox - Natura Temperatura: NormalePioggia: NormaleVelocità di erosione: Normale (100 giorni)Velocità di coltivazione: NormaleAbbondanza della natura: NormaleSandbox - Rarità degli oggetti Cibo: RaroArmi: RaroAltri oggetti: RaroSandbox - Personaggio Esperienza: 1.2xIncremento stats: NormaleSandbox - Opzioni del tempo Durata di un giorno: 2 ore (reali)Mese di inizio: LuglioOra di inizio: 7 di mattinaSandbox - Zombie Velocità: Shamblers (normali penso)Forza: DeboliResistenza: NormaleTipo di trasmissione: Sangue + SalivaMortalità dell'infezione: 1-2 settimaneTempo di rianimazione: 2-3 giorniCognizione: Navigazione di baseMemoria: CortaRaggio di visione: NormaleUdito: NormaleOdore: NormaleNB: i tempi si riferiscono a quelli del gioco.
  17. This server has been renamed and moved to: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13581-pvp247us-deadpixel-pz-deadpixelcom/
  18. The Plot They said it was the cheapest place to learn and play golf; and good for hiking, too. But nobody could've imagined that this is what they meant by "playing golf", and "hiking". One of the maps shows a farm with a water well due north west of town; it was supposed to be a tourist attraction for being one of the rare farms in the country that still rely on primitive technology. There is only one thing on my mind: Survive. Only one vision on the horizon: Rebuild. And that farm will soon be our only hope. Details No rolepaying fanaticism or strict rules at all; just casual RP to enhance our immersion in the game, its surprises and mechanics. More focus on cooperation, coordination, survivability, but with a bit of RP when meaningful and not corny.Water runs out in 3 months; electricity in 2 months.Zombies show up again (respawn) in areas where they were killed after one week, rather than daily.Food is left rare, as by default, but weapons and other stuff have "normal" rarity rather than rare; basically, more common than default by one level. Food can go bad, but it's not like this specific place has so many survivors that scavenge or the zombies use any weapons or other stuff.Night (darkness) shortened to 10% of its normal length.PvP turned off.Server pauses if empty.Realistic and reasonable starting items based on the simple plot above: golf club, hiking bag, sweater, water, and snacks.Spawn point for everyone is the Mini Hotel. A challenging start, but fits the plot.Maximum players: 4.Not 24/7. Mainly evenings in EU time zones.Not looking for the server to be popular or widely liked; just a couple of players or so who actually find the plot intriguing and the server settings interesting.Interested? If not interested, then I hope you find something more compatible and very fun. If interested, then please reply to this post or message me, and I'll message you with the server IP. I look forwards to having friendly adventures and trying to really survive and fulfill the vision of the plot!
  19. So here is what I want to do. I want to be able to locally have my sandbox game with my wife on split screen but we want to make multiple characters to switch between to play as. But the first character can't be switched out eg. I make Bob she makes Jill we quit reload make other characters, Bill and Jane, but now the screen is split into four and Bob is now sitting where I left him last. So I want to be able to start the game and and make Bill be on the left and Jane on the right and have the screen only split in two. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hello dear Project Zomboid Community, Our [TRC] (sponsering the server) and [saD] (playing on the Server ) Clan-Server is now online. The difficulty settings could be called "ultra hardcore": Superhuman - Zombies extremely rare loot PVP - Shoot on Sight (but of course you can try to coop, but can you trust people in a Zomboicalypse?) Announced Soft-Resets! Language: German/English It is a german server, but everyone here is willing to speak english as well. But don't get mad, if people speak german. IP: Port: 16261 administrative contact: Deadpool (irage at stupid-and-dangerous.de)
  21. This server has been renamed and moved to: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13581-pvp247us-deadpixel-pz-deadpixelcom/
  22. I just want to remember what they promised to make a game Project Zomboid Coop. If you do not want because they are still developing it. Could make two versions of the game, singleplayer and multiplayer version. I think it would be nice the idea of the two versions. Sorry my english i am using traductor. ESPAÑOL: Escribo esto para recordar la promesa de añadir el coperativo. Si no quieren añadir coperativo aún porque es una alpha no importa solo doy una idea de multijugador. Una idea es hacer dos versiones del juego: El ejecutador Un jugador y el multijugador Yo pienso que no esta mal esto de las versiones.
  23. Hey Guys, i recently started playing Project Zomboid and i love the game. Right now i have an established Safe House with a small Farm and water barrels to survive. It wasnt easy to come that far into the game but it was a lot of learning by doing, which made it a unique experience. But right now i´m getting a little bored cause there isnt not much left to do now. So i started to try out every way to start a splitscreen game . (Dont worry that wont be another when do you release Coop Thread). I really just dont like the way the screen gets split. And this is where i came up with 2 ideas for the upcoming feature: Partially Splitscreen: I wanted to know if its possible to add, a splitscreen based on how far the players are from each other. Like player 2 moves out of screen so he gets a splitscreen (like in most sidescreen jumpn runs). I think that would be the best situation because usually you will try to stay together anyway. Full Splitscreen (Dual Monitor) - As i have 2 Screen for my computer i came up with the idea to make the splitscreen able to use both screen (each for 1 player). I made the thread with a poll cause i wanna know your feedback for my suggestions and i would love to see a dev posting here. best regards Michael PS: If there was already someone else posting this idea am sry, but i did a lot of background checks to get splitscreen running.
  24. Hello everyone On Steam now for free: No More Room in Hell. It's a free mod built with the source engine featuring (slow) zombies and coop. It's free so I tried it yesterday. Apparently it has been in development for 7 years and in beta for two and just got released for real on the 31st of October 2013. http://store.steampowered.com/app/224260 The first thing I noticed was that there is no HUD and no ammo counter, that's something new. To check your ammo you have to hold the reload button to count your ammo. The zombies (the slow kind, like PZ shamblers) look okay. I played for about half an hour and noticed some very annoying things like the unresponsiveness of the controls. Between left clicking and the character swinging his axe (only male characters so far, seriously?) there was a delay of about 0.5-0.75 seconds. Another problem is the unintuitive inventory management where it's difficult to see how much items you can pick up and how much inventory space an item takes. The graphics were fine though, but the unresponsiveness was a game-breaker for me. What's your opinion? (sorry for my poor English)
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