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Found 18 results

  1. Right now, the Damage Constructions option in Zombie Lore has two options: Damage Constructions On: Zombies can attack player-built structures (of any kind.) Damage Constructions Off: Zombies cannot attack player-built structures (of any kind, including barricades, doors, etc.) Can there not be some extra options/variations for this setting so players don't have to rely on mod support? (And the fact that, after hours of searching, I've come to the conclusion that no one has made an invincible, normal wooden walls mod - not log walls, wooden walls.) My reasoning behind this is an issue I'm sure most players run into. They want to build a base, or house, or some kind of structure but zombies will always aggro on the walls of the structure, when every other wall in the world (rightfully) is invincible. Even if the player plasters the wall, or makes metal walls, zombies will beat right threw em'. I personally would prefer being able to adjust settings so that zombies can attack doors, furniture, barricades, things that should be targeted by the hordes barreling down on my base, because those aren't foundational type of structures, they're moreso obstacles. This allows the overall, definitive structure of the player's base to be safe, but gives the zombies weak points that you'll need to defend, and with multiple windows, doors, or entry points, you'll still be facing a challenging experience that won't force you to rebuild tedious parts of the base that, honestly, shouldn't be targeted at all if the reason for them being targeted is simply that it was built by the player. Below are a few simple Sandbox Option concepts that I've made to help paint the kind of picture I'm describing. I hope this could be considered as it adds a lot more to the quality of the gameplay experience in regards to the "fortify a location and try to survive" playstyle while letting players worry about actually surviving through realistic objectives rather than "Alright, guess I need to rebuild the walls of my living room and kitchen, should've just used a pre-built map location instead of utilizing the game's expansive building features to build a house from the ground up when it's just going to get torn down." I know I missed a few things, like gates for example. But I'm sure multiple other things can get added to the list and provide players with the perfect amount of control over how vulnerable their bases, hideouts, or bathroom bunkers are, and will go a long way. Thanks for reading!
  2. So I've built a shelter off away in the woods near a lake. Isolation was key - therefore I built onto the lake and isolated part of the base as a sort of island. The base's store room (2nd floor) sits on top of the garage. The garage is completely accessible to normal terrain while you must take a rope to get up to the 2nd level. The store room then leads further onto the lake to the "home" which is divided by some doors. All in all, the construction was quite simple. I ran into very few issues getting walls up other than what might be expected when building on water. I'm making this thread as only half of my constructed base actually registers as an interior and the effects are game-changing. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2548315176 Had to wait for a rainy/snowy day to get this visual to show how drastic the difference is and why I'm setting this one down until I can find a solution (hopefully with your help!). I built about 90% of this base in vanilla and then added some mods on including HC and a stat HUD as well as a QOL mod that shows what skill I've leveled up in above my head. That being said, I'm not convinced any mod contributed to this issue. In this picture it's 53.5F inside, we're going winter which is why I've really kind of had it with this bug for this character. Semi-comfortable, well lit in the morning/afternoon/evening and dry. But upon crossing the threshold of those doors, the game then registers that we're outside. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2548315150 To answer some obvious questions first Yes, there is a roof Yes, floor tiles are on either side of each wall in a desperate attempt to kick this glitch at some point Yes, we're on a lake Funny enough, I've built a pillar on every edge I'm capable of doing so on the main house, but have not done so on the store room. Still, the store room registers interior. You can even see inside the edges from the outside in the pics. So yeah, we're raining and snowing inside where I normally sleep and it sucks. The furnace is next to useless in this space as it's fighting the coming winter cold. If it had not been for a backup I had cuz IWBUMS, I would have lost this character due to some nonsense as there was a massive freeze that came in overnight one night and I hadn't realized yet that the building registered as exterior and my character died unexpectedly. Kinda my bad, but he'd have survived just fine in the store room since it's interior. The sheet rope you see going up is attached to a fence on the roof which actually has walls built around it with a roof on top of that also. That best part is, that tiny room he crawls into after climbing the rope also registers as interior, is super well lit even when my "home" is not, as it's exterior, even though it has no windows! I've made an attempt at deleting the isoregiondata folder - reloading game - destroy wall and rebuilding it to no avail. I've done that a good number of times while trying a few different things to trigger the game to finally think the building is interior but came out empty handed. I was hoping someone could take a look at this. This is actually the first time I've ever gone onto a game's forum to participate in the community. I've got a .rar of my save file prepped, but I'm a bit unfamiliar with trusted file sharing sites so if you wanna take a look at the world, you'll have to recommend me a site to upload Thanks to anyone for reading this or even looking into it!
  3. As someone who once studied for a bachelor in college towards a field based around electrical and mechanical and another time for construction engineering (even though I dropped out on both), I'm kind of surprised at how little the fields of electrical and mechanical seem to be used for crafting and building currently and how construction besides with wood doesn't even currently exist. I genuinely believe that an "engineering overhaul" could seriously greatly benefit the game a LOT. 1- Research and Development The number 1 thing for this suggestion, that can open a HUGE number of possibilities for the future is this. Whenever you have enough skill level at the needed area, any object of the game should be "researchable". When disassembling an object, there should be a % probability of you learning how to make that object that also grows based on your skill level. For example: When disassembling a door, there should be a certain percentage probability for you to learn how to make that door design that grows to 100% when at carpentry level 10. Some door designs would need extra materials &/or tools, like "glass" or "paint" and "paintbrush" in order to build. 2- More than just cars The field of "Mechanics" in the game seems to currently be related exclusively to cars, but in all honesty, mechanics encompasses a lot more than just automotive vehicles, even though they are a HUGE part of it. For example, the "generator" is an entity that belongs equally to the electrical field as it does to the mechanical field. It is a mechanical engine that produces electrical power. I've always wondered, for example, why I can disassemble a digital watch to get "Electrical" xp but I can't disassemble a mechanical watch to get "Mechanics" xp. There are many things you should be able to build using both for your base. As such, instead of "Carpentry", by right-clicking and opening the menu, it should simply be written "Build". Image example: The #1 "R&D" wouldn't be limited to carpentry, but to anything. For example, at Electrical & Mechanical level 10 (because I genuinely believe it takes expertise in both areas) you should have 100% chance to learn how build your own and with as many objects that exist in the world, this would open a lot of possibilities even with interacting with the pre-existing world. For the "Construction" section, new possibilities of materials would be needed and also one new skills... "Construction" skill. This new skill would gain xp by its own VHS or by building walls(with carpentry) or tearing down walls. The "Carpentry" skill would still handle everything it does related to wood, but this new menu organization would open the way to adding metal gates and metal doors that would use the "Metalworking" skill in the same menu besides other things that might use other skills, like adding "flags" to: Build > Construction > Misc > Flags || That would require dyes and tailoring skill. Materials like "Bricks" and "Concrete" would be possible to make thick and strong walls that zombies can't break by simply hitting them. "Brick wall" would require "bricks"[new], "concrete bucket" and a "trowel" while a "Concrete wall" would need "concrete", "metal bars", wires and a Propane torch. There would need to be a new "glass" material, that could be acquired by disassembling windows or made with its own process. Or metal bars, for "metal bar windows"/"cell window". Also, windows would be either in the "Misc" section of the "Construction" menu, be fused with Door for "Doors & Windows" or have a section of its own and put "Doors & Gates" together. Windows would need to be placed on a wall with a "Window Frame", similar to how doors can only be placed on a wall or fence with a "Door Frame". Wall and Fence could also be fused into a single "Walls & Fences" category. This also opens the possibility for remote controlled or motion sensor gates and doors by crafting small motors and remote controllers or motion sensors and installing them on gates and doors that you built, be them of any type or material, as long as powered with electricity. Things like a sofa, armchair or benches and stools with pillows in the "Furniture" category would require "tailoring" skill levels to craft and provide tailoring XP when disassembled. In "Generators", the fuel mechanical generator that currently we can only find would need several engine parts, metal pipes, Electronics Scrap and both Mechanics and Electrical skill levels. But also, there would be the possibility of wind generators and solar panels (which the modern solar panel exists since around 1950, so is within the timeline)l, each with their own required materials and challenges for maintenance and limitations for energy production. In "Distribution" would be things like: "Utility poles": Would work to extend the power radius of any generator that it is range of. Since the current "Fuel-powered Mechanical Generator" has a 20 tiles 5 floor cylinder radius, as long as this would be within that range, it would extend that power distribution 20 more tiles and also 5 floors, 2 above, 2 below. Limited in distance from the source of electrical power. "Fuse box": Exactly the same as the "Utility poles", but small and intended to be built on walls inside a base, can be useful for bases with many floors, sending the power up the floors or to power multiple houses in a base for players and NPCs alike that are farther from the generator. "Power Substation": Same as above, but distributes the power over a wider area (50 tiles and 11 floors, 5 above, 5 below) and resets the "distance from the source" for the utility poles and fuse boxes. "Battery": Stores power for when the power providers stops working, then it takes over as a new power provider until its charge reaches 0. In "Lighting", would be things like the currently existing Flashlight on a pillar, but also a new more definitive "Light post", that would need a propane torch, metal pipes, wire and Electronics Scrap and a wire cutting tool, but also lamps any other light provider that you can find in the game, such as ceiling lights. These could also have the option of adding "Motion sensors" to them so that they only work when there is a player, NPC or zombie nearby. "Light switch", which would need a way to choose which light sources it is connected to. In "Surveilance", there could be "camera" and those "surveilance stations" that you can find with wall screens inside police stations and a few other areas of the game. By pressing E on them, you would change from character view to the view of the camera, allowing you to see outside your base without needing to go out. Each time you press E it would change camera to another camera within the same electrical grid and pressing any WASD key you would cancel and get back to controlling your character. Also, this would open the possibility of seeing through the security stations already existing in the game which we can only disassemble for now and create a new danger of being attacked by a zombie while paying attention to the cameras. In "Communication" would be the radios and telephones that could become useful with the NPCs update, for talking with NPCs from other bases. In "Industrial" would be any sort of production machines, such as a machine to make nails out of metal plates and/or wires, to make "electronics scraps" and other possibilities, like a machine to make ammunition out of "Lead"[new] and "gunpowder" (which could also have its own crafting recipe, tbh). In "Appliances" would be anything related to home appliances, like fridges, TVs, microwaves and so on. most would require only electrical skill levels, but things like washing machine would require also mechanics skill level and provide both electrical and mechanics XP when disassembling. In "Misc" would be anything that doesn't fit any of these categories, such as alarms(can be used for traps if made to be battery powered and added a timer or used against "raider" enemy NPCs, sending a horde on them), sprinklers (very useful for farming), sewing machine (I'll make a suggestion specific about it and its usefulness soon), wall clocks, fliperama machines and anything else that might fit this category. 3- Very useful professions. As both of its fields of work become more useful, the "Engineer" profession should grow in cost, but also provide more skill points. Instead +1 Electrical and +1 Carpentry, I would suggest that the "Engineer" profession should give: +2 Electrical, +1 Construction, +1 Mechanic, +1 Metalworking & +1 Carpentry || Cost 6 "Can make traps, explosives and operate generators." Similarly, the "Construction Worker" would also have to change. Instead of +1 Carpentry & +3 Short Blunt, it would give: +2 Short Blunt, +2 Construction, +1 Electrical, +1 Carpentry, +1 Strength || Cost 4 "Can build brick walls and knows how to assemble some furniture." These would raise the value of the skills "mechanics" and "electrical", create a very valuable "construction" skill, create huge possibilities for base building and also increase the amount of possible interactions with objects that already exist in the game while exploring.
  4. I was hoping properly building a roof could be implemented in the game as opposed to this makeshift building a staircase to access the top of the house to build floors which serve as a roof.
  5. Passive Safe House Defences! Over the years of planning my perfect zombie safe house I have come up with some ideas that I think would be nice to be implemented. Not all of them may be practical mind you but a few would be and the rest would at least spark some other ideas within the community. I do understand that some of these ideas while being true to real life could make the game easier or even too easy for players to survive but that would then at least prompt the developers to devise new ways to make the game interesting such as implementing deterioration through wear and tear on buildings instead of just weapons. 1 The ability to dig a moat! Now having a moat or a deep pit around your home would prevent most zombies from gaining access much like a wall would. Having a big hole outside your home creates other issues however creating the need for such things as draw bridges and the ability to raise and lower it from both sides. This could also allow you to have a safe haven from other survivors in a PvP multiplayer map but then you would have to be able to create a type of control for the drawbridge that you could carry with you preventing others from gaining access to your house. Issues in constructing the pit like constructing stairs to get in and out while you dig it and then destroying them once you are finished, bracing for the sides of the pit so it doesn't collapse in on you, having to maintain it over time due to wear and tear or damage caused by zombies, having hordes of zombies in it over time could cause your player to become scared as they walk over it making them un-easy as they cross affecting controls, The zombie corpse once killed could be made into a stackable item so that other roaming zombies could climb onto their backs so they could climb out of the pit, etc... 2 A Community above ground level! One of my ideas is to have a building which is completely sealed off at ground level where the only access is via a stair case that descends from the next story up accessed by a grabbing hook carried on your character or via a pull cord. This would raise you above the zombie hordes allowing you to sit out on the deck sipping tea while they are unable to reach you. As part of this idea, you could build bridges between buildings, (in more densely built locations), so that you can travel from location to location easily gaining supplies as and when you need them. This gives an added bonus that if one of your building does become overrun you can destroy the bridges,(this would mean that you would be able to destroy constructed floors which currently is not possible I believe, or the bridges could be a different item to be constructed aside from floors so they could then be destroyed), enabling you to segregate the rest of your safe house network from the infected building. This building technique would allow players to stay within the centre of town while having a safe location to stay within. 3 Basements and Bunkers! If the ability to dig pits is implemented that the next logical step would be to allow the players to dig and build basements in existing buildings. Along with the issues of bracing the walls of the pit until you build retaining walls, columns to support the building above, possibly having to think about a pumping system either electrical or manual to pump out the basement if flooded by rain during and after construction etc ... How about the ability to build a bunker in the middle of nowhere. Having UV lights so you could grow plants within the bunker. Having the bunker underground could allow you to have a cool room deep down for storing foods that would normally need to be refrigerated. Multiple levels? You could build your entrance within the forest making it harder for zombies and other players to locate your safe house while in PvP games. 4 Mobile walls and barricades. In a real zombie apocalypse most people would eventually create a safe zone of a few buildings, farm land and so on which are surrounded by high walls. An idea I had a few years ago was to take a derelict car, (due to its wheels, solid metal construction and ability to be dismantled and built in a different configuration with a bit of tinkering), and make it into a wall section on wheels that can be locked into place using the hand break but them moved out slowly into a new position, (along with others alongside it), allowing for the reclamation of land outside of the wall line while not exposing the players to the zombies beyond it. The players would then be able to clear new buildings or build new defensive walls behind this ever moving threshold allowing for the expansion of the safe zone. This idea would seem to work better in a multiplayer game where people could set up tribes, or guilds, or groups of survivors or whatever they wish to call themselves as they would need to work together to keep the wall in a single line so gaps do not appear which would allow the horde to break through. Again the need for maintenance, possibly having to swap out sections at a time so that they can be repaired, etc.. With the addition of NPCs down the line and the possible increased numbers of zombies on the map to balance the scales if a few of these ideas in one form or another are implemented I believe the need for a safe location for the players and the NPCs to be located would be ideal. If the game started to lean towards the number of zombies that you see in Dawn or the Dead for example where they stretch as far as the characters can see in all directions then they won't feel safe running out into the mass of them and would find other ways to get around and survive. I hope these ideas spark people's imaginations and help to develop the game into a true work of art! Additional note. Would you be able to store your fridge/freezer food out in the snow during the winter months? Would it be possible to be snowed in for several weeks causing you to plan ahead and stock up on supplies, food, water, blankets, camp fire materials, etc... Risk of being attacked by wild animals, wolves, bears, etc... Could there be a risk of flooding? Part of the town is on a flood plain causing issue during extreme raining seasons or when the snow melts? Some things to think about. Comments welcome. Edit: Doors. We can already build doors for our safe house but with the screwdriver enabled why cant we unscrew existing doors and relocate them to new locations, for example your starting door that you have the keys for. In the real world people are more likely to reuse existing doors before they would attempt to build a new one hense the current crafting level of 3 to build a new door! Relocating a door could present its own problems, you would have to carry it in much the same way as you currently would carry a corpse or a generator. There could be different ways to carry the door with different animations to support them for example, you could carry the door on your back. This would require both hands, greatly reduce your movement speed, turning speed and field of vision as you would be bent over looking at your feet. This option would have the lowest risk of dammage to the door which could have the same maintanance properties as weapons even after installation. You could have two different was of putting the door down, slowly and carefully which would require time or just dump it instantly for a quick responce to zombies which would result in dammage to the door. The second way to carry the door would be to walk backwards dragging the door along the ground behind you. Again this would require both hands, have a slightly faster movement and turning speed than the last option but the risk of dammage to the door would be increased. Your field of vision would be where you are coming from as you are walking backwards making zombie detection more difficult. Those are the tradeoffs! The third option would be to throw a rope around it in the same way that you can with logs and just carry it behind you. This would provide faster moving and turning speeds along with normal vision but with the high risk of dammaging the door greatly. All of these ideas would require the player to rely on listning out for signs of zombies. These penalties could also apply to log moving to make it a little more realistic. RVPatrick.
  6. Alow for more creative building experiences with new carpentry and metalworking wall shapes, doors, roofing, etc. I would like to be able to construct buildings with triangular roofing like normal houses. The ability to construct garage doors would also be a very welcome quality of life change. Effective base defenses like traps, electric fences, scrap metal or wooden floor/wall/window spikes, etc would also be a fun thing to have. More plumbing/irrigation would be nice as well. Eg, routing water from a rain barrel to a drip system that waters crops over time. Maybe a modder has done this somewhere, Im not sure. But it would be great to have this in vanilla. As I feel the building system is rather limited because of how few options you have.
  7. I'd like to suggest to you: Gabions aka wire mehs walls Ingredients: Make use of and to create the wire mesh with the metalworking skill, , and Using to dig a trench for foundation Creating the foundation with , (?), and Adding the mesh to the foundation with (from ) and the use of Finally filling these with excess stones ( and ) from foraging (good way to get rid of them) Procedure: 1 - Shovel: Dig a small trench for a concrete foundation 2 - Bucket: Create a unit of concrete from sand out of sandbags (optional - finite resource?), cement bags and water 3 - Metalworking: Craft mesh units from wire and metal scrap 4 - Assemble: Pour concrete into trench, wait some hours till cured (optional), screw mesh unit onto concrete, add stones to wire mesh 5 - Profit! These walls could possibly be an alternative to the log walls in mid / late game Please like, share and discuss on these
  8. Cutflood

    Well Built Walls

    A tiny mod I made. Uploaded to steam, but I figured I'd add it here for anyone who would want it. DOES NOT ALTER ANY EXISTING CONSTRUCTION ON AN OLD SAVED GAME. Any new construction, after the mod is activated, will be "Buffed". Steam description: A tiny mod with a huge impact. Makes the carpentry skills' wall health bonus that is applied to player construction a little beefier. Log walls and other constructed items are now harder to destroy. -Doubled the Initial health of multistage player construction. -Includes a buff to Metal construction too. (But Log Walls are still the strongest) -Quadrupled the health of Log Walls from 400 to 1600. -The health bonus from each level of carpentry is now 250, not 100. -The health bonus from the Handy trait is now 1000, not 100. (Makes taking that trait/profession WORTH it) The reason I made this mod is simple. It's realistic. There is an old Revolutionary war fort near my hometown. It is constructed from felled trees, much like the log walls in PZ. I have seen it and played in the fort as a kid my whole life. NEVER had I thought to myself, "These walls could easily be brought down by headbutting them." Possible mod ideas for the future... -Make it so that the zombies RECIEVE bash/thump damage from headbutting the walls as well. (Only a fraction) As cranial/brain damage to zombies has historically been the #1 way of killing them. And if they spend all day bashing their head against a wall, they are gonna die. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can edit the files yourself to change the wall health to what ever you like... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In ISBuildUtil.lua buildUtil.getWoodHealth = function(ISItem) local playerObj = getSpecificPlayer(ISItem.player) local health = (playerObj:getPerkLevel(Perks.Woodwork) * 250); Change the 250 to a number you feel is more to your liking.... if playerObj:HasTrait("Handy") then health = health + 1000; Same for the 1,000... end In ISWoodenWall.lua function ISWoodenWall:getHealth() if self.sprite == "carpentry_02_80" then -- log walls are stronger return 1600 + buildUtil.getWoodHealth(self); Change the 1,600 to a number you feel is more to your liking.... else return 400 + buildUtil.getWoodHealth(self); Same for the 400... end In MultiStageBuild.txt In the file, find the entry: BonusHealth:###, ### being a number designating the walls base health. Change to anything you like. Each construction has it's own health value, WoodenWindowLvl2, WoodenWindowLvl1, MetalWallLvl2 etc. You will have to change each constructed item's bonus health value to alter them. It's good practice to try and keep the number to a "reasonable level". As making the walls have 919,289,479,198,581,291,546,198,576 health can give the game values that are too high to handle. I played for a good amount of time though (150 hours) with walls that had a base health of 99,999, with perks adding 999 each level, and the Handy trait tacking on another 9999 without problems. Final wall health was about 120,000. +++++++++++++++ WellBuiltWalls.rar +++++++++++++++
  9. Hello, I constructed a house and realized, I can't claim it. Now I am sad. Will it be possible in future to claim constructions? Or are the server settings the problem? Greetings
  10. It's the end of the world. You just watched your neighbor's home get smashed through. They simply pounded on the door until there wasn't one. Heaved themselves at the windows until all that was left was broken glass, blood, and gore. You wake up in a cold sweat. Was that wildlife scurrying through the underbrush? Or was that one of them? Have they found you? Your walls. Your walls keep you safe, you remind yourself. You worked hard to get the materials together. Spent day, after backbreaking, awful day building the framework, setting the rebar, pouring the cement, and waiting. Waiting with desperate, fervent hope that it would set before it was too late. The chain hoist, wrapped to the tree. It was a desperate gambit, but piece by piece, you raised those walls, slid them to fit together, reinforced them internally. Inside those walls of stone and metal, you are safe from the gnawing, hungry masses. They would break themselves upon the rock. Now if only you were as safe from the rest of the world. From starvation, sickness. From those who would take what you have. Your walls, your safety. Your life. --- Pardon the dramatic entry. My suggestion is simple; to give us more uses for concrete, and to add rebar as a construction material, and maybe a weapon. Concrete and rebar walls should be something to strive for. Something difficult to achieve. Having the skill and knowledge is only part of the equation. Finding the materials, having the mechanical advantage, waiting for the cement to cure and harden... Give us the ability to create concrete constructions... and make us pay in blood and tears to try and make it happen.
  11. Got the idea reading comments on a post that was slightly deviating from the subject so I won't link the original post. The detour the thread made was about vehicules and their ''fuel''. A valid complaint was how scarce fuel was (although it might be possible to siphon out vehicules for fuel once it is implemented, maybe even use the gas pump at service station). It got me thinking that some people use used vegetable oil as fuel. I won't go over the specifics of «if it should be converted to bio diesel first» or «if it would damage the motor more then regular use». Cooking oil could also be used as lubricant for door and windows to lessen the noise made by them if any (failling having some WD-40). Hot oil could be made into either a manual or self-pivoting cooking pot of oil to spill on zombies and NPC alikes from atop your walls. Edit : Could even be ''burning oil'', but it might require concrete or stone walls first. Anyway, this would probably be low priority, but could be considered at the same time as vehicule are implemented. This would give another great reason to go to Spiffo's.
  12. With the firearms overhaul a while back and the medical overhaul a few patches ago, I would very much love to see a carpentry overhaul worked into an update. Keep in mind, I am suggesting an entire overhaul, not a small change or addition; i'm not asking them to add everything I have suggested in the next update, I understand that some/all of these suggestions will take lots of time and may not even be possible to add to the game. That being said, please read on. What I would like to see included in this overhaul: Completely redo the carpentry system (and the skill books as well). In order to be able to craft certain things you must read a skill book, these books will "teach" you how to create certain objects/structures (meaning they will no longer be grayed out in the crafting window ) allowing you to create more and better structures Perhaps metalworking (unless your character was employed as a metalworker in his past life, he will have to read a few carpentry books to learn how), welding, electricity work (add an "electrician" character, some books on electric work, etc.), and other things like this could be added to the game. Some more recipes like: different sizes of boxes/crates (have a different inventory count and take up different amounts of space), the ability to add wooden/metal security bars to doors, craft-able ladders and hatches, reinforcing doors/walls/windows/ with metal bars (you will have to know how to weld, skill books! ), and concrete/brick walls (again, skill books... or just choose to be a construction worker when you're creating a character). The construction worker should spawn with a few levels of carpentry already unlocked (do this with the other jobs as well, like a police officer, doctor, etc.). New tools like drills, jackhammers (not sure what we'll do with this, would be cool tho ), wrenches, chainsaws, box cutters, tire irons, mallets, hatchets, sheers... those are all that are coming to mind currently :/. Tool boxes: contains several tools, nails/screws, and other items like wire, twine etc.That is really all that I can think of/want to include in my suggestion. If you want to add to this suggestion, ask me to remove an item from this suggestion, or whatevs please post a comment. PS: I know that they wouldn't have made a suggestions thread without wanting people to suggest things, but writing this suggestion made me feel selfish D: ... Thank you devs for creating such a great game and for taking suggestions, love what you all have created for us! PPS: The " :P" face may have been overused... . This was the first thing I posted on here btw, please be nice peeps! ALSO: I'm sure some of these may have already been suggested so sorry for re-suggesting them. These were just my suggestions, not trying to steal somebody else's idea or spam the forums.
  13. Hey guys, some of you may have read this suggestion earlier, however after reading a post about suggestions, I thought I would make it easier to understand. One thing I would like to see implemented into Project Zomboid is the modification/upgrade of constructed features, I.e. (wooden walls, crates, wooden doors, frames ect.) The idea behind this is that as your character levels their construction abilities, they can then upgrade features previously constructed without having to tear them down (whilst losing marerials) and rebuilding them.
  14. I love building, it's my fav thing to do in zomboid, now that multi player is here it's great to build forts and homes for myself and other players. My idea is two fold: 1) have the ability to open a construction menu that you would need a notebook/paper and pen/pencil to use. With it open you can build just like you build in game but all you would be doing is making a plan, you could then gather mats and while holding the plan or by reading the plan you can just tell your guy to start building and he follows the building plan. This would allow you to do a few things, see the materials your going to need to build it, also more than one copy of the plan could be made with a copy plan option or the ability to study and learn the plan. That way two or more people could be on the same page as far as building with less micro managing. 2) a way besides stairs to go up a level because it can be down right silly to build something like a 6x6 wide watch tower 4 levels up, the construction process ends up looking like some thing out of a MC Essier painting. A ladder or something that's not 4 tiles long would be helpful.
  15. So today I was building a second floor and I couldn't really tell where I built floor and where I hadn't built floor. There is a little shading difference between the tiles on the active floor, and the floor below. This is a suggestion to make the tiles on the floor below a little darker so you know where there are/aren't floor tiles. http://i.imgur.com/DJU4GIy.png This picture is a bad example because I have build over all the hard to tell tiles. I feel as though it is good enough to get my point across.
  16. So I took a little time out from my safehouse construction to read the Mondoid and I'm super happy to see the guys are working on fixing the 2nd floor building and stairs bugs, good luck to Chris on dealing with that "really big mess" direct quote from RJ! In the meantime, i'm working on ideas, interiors and getting my carpentry up to lvl4 for those all important rain barrels. This all in aid of my plan for a new fort nicknamed "Skybridge"! The plan is to have the warehouses linked by a bridge, with 2 entrances to each building and effectively making each one an independant safe house with it's own garden/water/food. The emergency exit at the back of the south (left) building has been converted into a staircase, and the shack on the roof will eventually become my main residence, provided I can get up the stairs once the bugs are fixed! What plans do you guys have for forts, engineering works and crazy builds when we can once again reach for the skies?
  17. Basically if you have a hammer you can deconstruct items and walls and get your materials back. It would be dependent on carpentry skill and the higher the skill the more resources you would get back. For example if you had a skill of one and wanted to tear down a wall. You could select the wall choose deconstruct. It would take about as much time as building the wall and after words you would receive all of your nails but only one of the planks.
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