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Found 8 results

  1. ApCom [sP/MP] Apocalypse Communications code: TurboTuTone, artwork: Nasko Features: HAM Radio and 12 Walkie talkies with different properties.Wear a walkie talkie in secondary slot to use it normally, place it down to lure zombies or spy on people.Small HUD element that displays your walkie talkie's status.12 Frequencies to tune in on.A taperecorder and 5 different styled cassettes.Record speech on cassettes.Broadcast cassettes repeatedly via a HAM Radio.Power usage, devices need a battery to operate and drain power hourly.Interference due to bad weather, or when a device is bordering
  2. Hi, Your work on this game is awesome. i search on other suggestions before, but found nothing, sorry if i talk about a thing an other time. I post electricity and plumbing separated to not to shuffle discuss. Openable mailbox (type container/bag) Implemented(plant on a crossroad with letter to be find by survivors or for "village" communication) Record and play sound (Mic) with tape player or phone. add to transmitter radio to diffuse audio message. infos/menu on other players, already discussed but : "visible items" on mouse over (
  3. So for the old and forgetable people like me, it would be nice, if in futere times a chatlog will be added. But I'm not thinking about a global chatlog how it's in the most current games. If anyone remembering at Ultima Online, there was a chatlog, that only log nearby spoken (or far away screamed) words. This would be perfect for rp-servers.
  4. Currently in PZ you press Q to shout and pull zombies. I feel there certainly could be more use out of a button than just shouting from a few random phrases. Why not a Macro Wheel?! YOU can say what ever you WANT with the press of a button at what ever volume level YOU Want! Hold Q and a wheel pops up of editable macros and respective volume level adjuster! And a default center macro which will be automatically spoken upon just tapping Q. Some macros i would personally use; "Friendly Dont Friggen Shoot Me!", "Where are you (all)!?" and "We were looted again..." Volume level (ie; whi
  5. I'd like to preface this by saying I had too many ideas to make a good concise suggestion thread. I've culled a great deal of chaff and left as much good solid wheat as possible. This list is therefore very much not "all inclusive", and perhaps not as organized as we'd like. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. I've tried to limit my ideas to three distinct categories, and I am seriously wondering if I ought to put the radio section in its own suggestion thread. Would love to see further discussion of these ideas, and applications. I'm a hobbyist, so I know my experience is a na
  6. I had a few ideas while I was playing online last night to improve the chat system. 1. (Hot keys for custom chat commands) First, I think it would be pretty nice to be able to hotkey custom commands for chat. So instead of having to stop and type out something you could simply hit a key and say whatever it is you wanted. 2. (Chat indicator when typing message) I noticed when playing with others we never know when someone is about to say something so there is alot of times where we are all awkwardly standing around wondering if the other player is about to say something or not. There should
  7. While playing a few times I came upon other players – partly trustable, partly not. There were also discussions on the global chat, the local chat and direct messages – and if they'll be possible/useful/etc. or not. What I was thinking about (since nearly everyone today has a smartphone), was: What about instantly having a simple mobile phone (that'd be totally according to the real world) from the very start in the game, with a specific number the user himself only knows, but none of the others. He can communicate with them via global chat, and can share his number there; or he can visit pe
  8. Sheamus


    I've been playing PZ for a while now and I was thinking if NPCs and NPC groups will be added soon there could be a way for these groups to communicate with each other, that thing could be a CB radio. It's not that rare, lots of trucks have them and other public buildings like police departments and fire departments. You couldn't craft it but maybe you'd need to fix it up with spare parts(with the electrician profession/skill/whatever if that gets added) and from time to time you'd need to fix it up again and maintain it to work, while you have electricity it could simply run from that, but aft
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