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Found 7 results

  1. Hello lovely Zomboid community, I hope my general question is here in the right category. I have no experience in zomboid modding, but experience in gamedev and programming in general. I wonder if it is possible to implement custom RCON commands via a custom mod. Specifically, I am looking for commands that return information on our server website such as the server time, date, weather and other world related things. So that we can display them on our website in a meaningful way. Also it would be interesting to be able to query the killcount per user. Now my consideration before I plunge further into the modding depths of Zomboid is whether this is possible at all. Maybe there are even resources in this regard? Hope someone of you can give me a hint in the right direction. Best regards Valentin.
  2. As stated above, those console commands do literally nothing apart from the return functions at the end. Admin panel weather stop and weather start options do work. I've tested this on an unmodded server, the console commands just give their return line of "rain started"/"rain stopped" but don't really do anything besides those return functions. This is a pretty big issue for Hydrocraft servers specifically. While it's on the mod dev to fix his mod, a very nice workaround would be a simple program that detects a specific error (rain in hydrocraft can cause errors while loading chunks) and then runs the stoprain command. Without these console commands functioning this isn't an option and it then forces hydrocraft servers to disable rain altogether. Thank you guys for the updates you have pushed, and here's hoping soon that non-tile containers will actually save their inventory data when players remove stuff from them soon as well, but please consider patching this issue real quick as well for the coming update.
  3. As asked in the title I was curious if there's a command for it? or something that an admit can do that I've missed say similar to instant construct Had to restart my personal friendship server due to HDD death and I wanted to get me my Cossette back, Though with a decent 45 mins of Google and the what not can't find nothin'
  4. I suggest baked-in commands below with the description and why they are needed. Most of these are for MP and various other reasons. If any of these ideas are being implemented, ignore said suggestion. Should be admin-level commands. /removecorpses = remove all corpses in the world, this is much needed if you have horde after horde of zombie corpses all throughout the map and city that needs to be cleaned up. /removeblood = remove all blood in the world, this can free up the server resources and will help clean the walls and buildings and roads /muteplayer & /unmuteplayer = It's pretty obvious for this one here. /summonplayers player1, player2, player3, etc. = this would be extremely useful for events. I'm an admin on Zeeks Haven and this would be of great use from events, bringing players near to debug something, bringing all players to the start (for future races?!) etc. it's pretty expansive. It would work as a list and summon 8-10 players per command to not get so crazy. So if you wanted 3 players you separate them with ".". /summonplayers play1, player2, player3 . If you wanted to just summon one, type just one name. /rebootserver = reboot the server. This would clean the map of blood and corpses and spawn zombies. (As they already do now if you manually do it outside of the client for MP) Player commands, unless it'll be displayed on-screen or the such. /worldstatus = would explain the status of the server in terms of years passed, the current year, day, month, and time, the MOTD you get when you log in, and zombies alive and killed on the server. This can be a quick reference for players just jumping in and adds basic lore+gives info of the server itself. It can also tell you if Muld is invaded by an influx of zombies or west point, just the main areas though so for now only WP, Muld, The Mall and Dixie. Different emotes: /cry, /laugh, /sit, /dance, /wavehand I believe different short animations or icons should appear if the player types simple commands such as the ones listed above. Can start out with basic five, this would help RPers and add a bit more immersion and fun into the game I believe. Misc Suggestions but still important The Terminal or console for Mac should open up just like it does for Windows users to. It would be nice for a "Start Server" option to quickly start a server, setting the settings kind of like how Sandbox does with the options. I also think if a player dies in Multiplayer, there should be a list that cross references that character that died so if they attempt reloading on said MP server, it would know that the player died recently and won't allow that save file to load, thus kicking them to the player creation screen. The list would be server-side. Or a much easier fix would make saves server side. The commands for taking someone off the list for bug reasons or just to allow them to reload could be "/removefromdeathlist player name". Tell me what ya think!
  5. After reading through the latest Mondoid, I became very excited about the teased ability to give orders to NPC survivors. Judging by the types of orders the player can give, having a group of the super-smart NPCs will help a single player run a massive base operation that otherwise would be impossible or at least very inefficient if attempted alone. But since NPC are smart and designed to mimic player actions... what stops them from completely ignoring your orders and doing something else they see more important, like taking YOU out and taking power for themselves? Will the NPCs come with a system of trust/obedience? Will you have to earn the NPCs' obedience before you can order them around? Example: An NPC that trusts you more will be more inclined to listen to your commands. Conversely, another NPC that barely trusts you will have a low chance of following your orders and may have a higher chance of committing mutiny and trying to kill you or other NPCs in the group.
  6. - IP addresses connecting to a server get an unique ID: The main idea behind this being to minimize or limit how many accounts an user has in a whitelist server. This is useful to know how many unique users you actually have in your server. And because making multiple accounts is an exploit most players will find sooner or later (depending on server: e.g. a server with a starter kit). - cool-down after dying for re-spawning: for the most part when players die in a server they'll quickly re-spawn to go loot their bodies. I think there should be a server option to have a cool-down before a player could join the server again with the same account (somewhat effective in a whitelist server and/or if we could limit how many accounts an user has). - let admin browse a player's inventory: When making events that only allow certain items or in a roleplay server where someone stole something they were not suppose to. It would be useful if the admin could browse a player's inventory to settle disputes. - permissions: as of now you can set other players as admins. It would be useful if you could enable/disable individual commands for each admin in the server as to not give full control and have admins with different levels of access. That way for example you could have admins. that are more like moderators rather than actual admins. These are just a few things I had in mind. Feel free to critique, expand on, or add your own ideas/requests.
  7. (I apologize if this is covered elsewhere; I searched but didn't see anything. I might not be searching correctly) I read http://www.projectzomboid.com/modtools/ModdingGuide2.rtf but I'm still trying to sort out how the scripting works and was confused by calls like: The zombie.scripting.objects.Script class will actually take that line, chop it up and: - Find the zombie.scripting.commands Class whose name matches "SayIdle" - Create an instance of that command object - Look for an aliased object called "Gaurd1" (whatever object SayIdle(...) is being "called" on) - Bundle all the parameters into an array (in this case just one) - call init(object, [param1, ...]) on the command - return the command So really what you're calling is: ... except you get an instance of the command back as well. Note that the World, Tutorial and Quest commands all take objects called "World", "Tutorial" and "Quest". e.g. See zombie.scripting.commands.CommandFactory for the list of commands you can call. These are the current commands (build 25) (Notice there is a LuaCall command!)
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