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Found 25 results

  1. There are entirely to LITTLE hats in the game, I Want a Nurse Hat, or a Pope Hat! Give me a kippa! Ushankas! pickelhaube! please.. I need to be fashionable when I die.
  2. Hey there folks! Im new to the Community and the Game, i really love the game but you guys & girls have to help me out here: I made a simple Hat mod. i made the Model in Blender and exported it as an .fbx, imported the texture to the mod-folder, wrote the script and .xml up to this point everything worked great BUT now comes the Problem: if the Hat gets Dirty or Damaged the texture will get mixed up and wont return to normal until its cleaned. i really cant figure it out.. Anyone of you got some ideas? Im thankful for any advice! Greetings from Germany -Mooreiche
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Veronica and I am big fan of Project Zomboid, I think it’s an amazing and unique game. English is my second language, so forgive my grammar But sometimes i think that it’s not enough content for female characters to fully express the way you want your character to look like. As far as I know Project Zomboid takes place in early 90-s, so I personally think that developers can add some more clothes for female characters, that would fit in and add to the vibe. I will pin some pictures of things I’m talking about and, maybe, it will will appear in game. I’m talking about 1) Button Cardigans. Very 90-s thing, looks elegant, yet not to much and would give such a nice vibe for the character. 2) Jeans skirt. We already have jeans shorts, but why no skirts? I think it’s very sustainable for the game and looks stylish. 3) Night gown. Its comfortable to sleep in. Also it’s more realistic to have those in game, because they were pretty popular in early 90s in general. 4) Fur Coat. I’m game we have only one option for winter time and it’s Warm Coat, and in my personal opinion it would add add opportunity to make your character look unique and still be able not to freeze. 5) Another type of a dress, except one we already have in game. Just a regular dress, but without sleeves. Again, juts to be able to make your character look more unique. That’s pretty much all I wanted to say, if you have some ideas about my topic I would love to hear them or any kind of reply/feedback. I’ve been thinking about those clothes in game a lot and would love to see it in future. And also, big thanks for the opportunity to speak up about my suggestions ❤️
  4. I'd like to attach a small container to a clothing item. Is it possible?
  5. this happens, but the resulting items do not appear in inventory. logs into attachments console.txt logs.zip
  6. I'ts almost impossible to survive during winter with no insulation from any clothes.
  7. Simple mod that gives the zombies a chance to spawn without clothes! LINK
  8. Heya Everyone, so let's get right to it. Seeing the new video with the "potential" clothing I noticed that the way they had big gowns/dresses animated (As is most common to see, people usually just bind the dresses to the legs and therefore get these big pants which are supposedly dresses, even though they act completely like pants, bound to the bone structure and therefore easier to fit into animations (So you don't need to animate new animations for the dresses)) Now while I understand why they would do this, I would like to suggest another option. Have restrictive dresses. Now before you go crazy, there are some restrictive and some not-restrictive dresses, the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th are probably the most restrictive and I would suggest making it so you can only walk in them (or crouch, but no running) which makes it so we won't see clipping, but holding the bottom of the dress to the ground (as shown on the bottom "animation", that way it seems much more like dresses instead of big pants which only really look good if you're standing still. I would suggest animating the dresses (or part of them, to just drag along the ground, thinking along something like the Villager (woman) from Warcraft 3 if anyone can remember, it seems much more like a dress and doesn't break the aesthetics of the game. So wearing a beautiful dress would let you look stunning, but would restrict you to walking/crouching, and maybe climbing through a window, but never down/up ropes or any of the other crazier animations. And if things become grim you can always just rip it and suddenly you can do all the normal things you could do before. Just please, let's not go the route of big trumpet pants, then I rather you just keep to dresses like the dark blue which is just a polygon in between the legs. (also please add heels )
  9. As pants and other clothes that can be dirty, if add broken clothes (this not give a temperature boost, this can add some difficulty on winter). Maybe can add also a recipe using needle and thread to fix some clothes.
  10. The Last of Us 1.5 DUE TO A SERVER BUG, TO PLAY IT ON YOUR SERVER YOU HAVE TO DISABLE DoCheckSum under INI! 1.5 Features! Wiki: here is my shitty wiki http://project-zomboid-mod-the-last-of-us.wikia.com/?wiki-welcome=1 Screenshots in Workshop page!!! Workshop Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=869169809 New Clothes New Backpacks New Items/Weapons New Food New High-Quality icons! 3D Models! Clicker rests system that allows you to inspect them for loot! (with proper tools!) A Silent Bow, with 3D Models! New Gear-Crafting-System similar to TLOU One (and Tools LVL 1-2-3) Planned Features: NEW IN GAME TEXTURES! Music More 3D Models Full Necroforge Support (soon) New Zombie Behaviour (i need help for this) A lot of new items every week! Translations Fireflies stuff Please subscribe (on Steam Workshop), favourite and RATE UP! =D Workshop ID: 869169809 Mod ID: TLOU
  11. Hi, all) my English is bad, i am sorry for mistakes in advance. I want to see in the game more slots for clothes on a character. For gloves, head, shoes, belt and so on. And when equipped, we see the visual effect! ( color, style, type) ! Location bandages and tires. And the most important thing - VISIBLE BACKPACKS!!! please!))) You can make the new window with the cells for wearing clothes. You develop coop, it will enable create unique character for gamers. Vests with pockets, boots with knife. ( inspiration from dayz)))
  12. I have managed to edit the long skirt into a more shorter one, I personally find this too short, but I had to make it shorter to show off the differences between each clothing item. This is still a WIP.
  13. What do you think about letting "rot" clothes ? We have to wash them soon or later ? And reparing clothes that have be reduce to rugs day by day To washup [ water bottles [2] keep empty bottle [2] or the same quantity form other recipient ] [ soap [1/4] use ] [ bleach [1/4] use] on [ any cloth ] or [ elettricity on ] [ click on washing machine ] [ soap [1/4] use ] [ bleach [1/4 use ] wash a [ not using ] cloth To repair (like repairing weapon) [ scissor [1] Keep ] [ needle [1] Keep ] [ twine [1/4] use ] [ rip sheets [1] use ] on [ any cloth ] To modify (like to modity any weapon) [ scissor [1] keep ] [ needle [1] keep ] [ twine [1/2] use ] [ rip sheets [2] keep ] convert Blouse to Shirt to Vest to rip sheets Pants to Skirt to rip sheets I woud like dev set Tayloring Skill to make some new clothes like Business Clothes ( same temperture protection as regular clothes +25% ) Summer Clothes ( same temperture protection as regular clothes -50% ) Winter Clothes ( same temperture protection as regular clothes +50% ) Boots ( same temperture protection as regular shoes +25% ) Sandals ( same temperture protection as regular shoes -50% ) Raining Vest ( protect from raining day and from cold like Shirt +33% ) Raining Boot ( protect from raining day and from cold like Shoes +33% ) I thinik alot at confort wearing clothes ... and get unhappy for not wearing clothes or wearing dirty clothes ( negative moodlet )
  14. Hi, i that you are working on optimalisation and balancing but i think it is about time to make something for better atmosphere in game. First thing is more various clothes with simple logos and letters, maybe camo colour, few outfits and hoodies that u can unzip. Few hats like baseball hat, fullcap and something similar to rick's hat from The Walking dead. Few camuflages and the most important thing, bags. This will help with expression of self and add a lot of atmosphere to game. Secound thing is animations, just simple animations like lying, sitting on a ground and chairs, maybe hands up and cheer. Just imagina that you and your friends are sitting next to fireplace and cooking stuff
  15. Hi, it would be great if we could wear more clothes like gloves, hats(for winter), socks... -They could get dirty with the time and/or lose efficiency. -When it rains they would get wet and we would have to dry them (in front of a fire?) or we could get very cold. -With the rain, puddles could appear on the ground and if we walk or run into them, our shoes and socks (pants too?) gets wet. -Again with the rain, the grass would become muddy, and running or walking in it would wet our shoes & socks and we would run slower. -Running in the grass/forest we could fall (or if it's impossible, at least being slowed) due to a branch on the ground or a root ? Especially if we're tired or panicked... -Also there could be termites eating the wood sometimes ? For example we should check our log wall from time to time to see if it's not infected with termite and if we don't do anything the log wall could break or at least become very weak ?
  16. I like your recent medical editions in build 30. I have more dangers to watch out for and finally a reason to loot bathrooms and medical places (which before was largely a waste of time). I did still notice a glaring omission though. Although bandages get dirty and need to be changed I can still use any zombie's clothes to make bandages. It stands to reason a zombie's clothing would be among the worse things you can make bandages out of. I suggest adding a dirty state to clothing and flagging all zombies as automatically having dirty clothes. Dirty clothing would produce dirty rags and like rags you could clean clothes with water. Some clothing you find could be randomly dirty too, perhaps the stuff in garbage cans or washing machines? If you wanted to get complex you could make your clothes get dirty over time or dirty from fights but I think it's unnecessary, not worth the work and possibly a bit too "The Sims". A binary flag would be sufficient rather than a timer on how long you can use clothes. Getting worn out would probably be better use for a timer than dirty anyway as there is little reason to look for clothes now. Anyway It's just really weird to make safe bandages from disease ridden zombie clothes. Adding any more depth would be a bonus but it's not important.
  17. Now, I'm not sure if this falls under "Sprites" in the list of "Things not to make posts about", but if it does, please forgive me. Anyway, I noticed that putting on different clothes doesn't actually change the clothes on the character, just the color. I feel like the clothes should appear different then each other. If I want to be a grown man wearing a skirt, I should be able to do just that. I mean, come on. Is there any more awesome way to kill zombies?
  18. I thought now that new clothing is finally getting added, here are some suggestions of what would be cool to have: Down Jackets: They let you stay out in the rain and they dont get wet. Normal Jacket: Raincoat: Same as down jacket, and I think it would be cool if it could be overlayed other clothing. Hoodies Cargo Pants Sneakers / Running shoes: They will make you tire slower when running. What do you think?
  19. food: should be able to make sandwiches depending on items ham, bread, bacon, lettuce, meat patty, tomato, etc. and should be able to make jello with sugar, bowl of water, one type of fruit and smores should be craft-able with a stick and fireplace if you have crackers chocolate and marshmallows weapons: bows should be craft-able with a piece of string and planks of wood if yr strength is over 12 inventory wise.... and arrows should be craft-able from knifes tent poles planks and duck tape or twine it would give use to twine as well and destructive arrows should also be craft-able where you combine gas with arrows and match or lighter or use alcohol instead of gas or batterys and bottle of water and wire to make electricity arrows also make it to wear you can make pipe bombs if you find the book to read for it items to make a pipe bomb draino and pop cans or aluminum foil would put emty soda can in trash cans or full soda cans in homes and vending machines wouldnt quench yr thirst as much as a soda bottle would.... ps if someone could make a modd to where you can kick crawlers in the face by clicking and commanding to stun them for 10 secs would be amazing it makes sense right y cant i curb stomp a zombie when he is down should work with any zombie on the ground also where are the machetes and lawn mower blades at? lol clothing and armor: i know everyone else wants it but y havnt anyone made these things yet should be able to combine duck tape or twine with newspapers and magazines to prevent scratches on the arms and legs and should be destroyed after being scratched on the arms or legs ten times helmets and running shoes to sprint faster or boots to do more damage with curb stomping would also be amazing ps we should be able to hog tie zombies with belts or rope just for the fun of it expesaly if your one of those ppls that want to feed your wife who turned on you or if you just want a friend for the next couple of days yr both still alive also the hog tieing feature would be amazing with pvp or random survivors
  20. And this suggestion came up a long time ago. How about one type of clothing would protect more against zombie bites or scratches. It's pretty obvious that a leather bomber jacket is gonna protect a scratch, maybe even a bite, but a polo shirt isn't. And what if you clothes get so much drenched with zombie blood, it would make your character sad or even drepressed (I can't believe if anyone would like to wear blood coated jeans or t-shirts).
  21. hi there^^ . my idea for the suggestion post was, profession related clothes . for an example: a construction worker will have - an helmet + tshirt + jeans. and a ranger - will have, raincoat or other outdoor clothes with boots. what do your think? not necessary but it would be cool to have srry for my bad english...
  22. Some armor in game would be nice, its just not realistic to not find any sort of armor like a helmet or even far as a bulletproof vest. it doesnt need too be much, lets say 1, or 2 piece on whole map on a more specific location like a police station or an army base (i know there are no in the game >>) so it protects some body parts with its own durability ofcourse. its neither realistic nor fun runing around almost naked in a damn zombie apocalypse!
  23. Anyone working on some new player clothes? I love my sweater and everything, but I think it'd be neat if someone added new variations on clothes, and maybe some special items i.e. a trenchcoat for rain and protection, boots that give you additional rain protection(and maybe even a stomp ability ), a vest/jacket with a bunch of pockets to increase personal storage space, etc. Function is priority, but it would also be nice to have a little more customization. I would do this myself, but I know zip about modding...
  24. Hello guys, I am quite new here and I do not want to be rude or anything, but I think it would be good if even male characters could wear skirts in the game as well. As it is now it feels a bit too gender normative and old fashioned. Many men today wear skirts, and it's just fun to be able to play the game as the character you wish to play as. Also, imagine the scenario (as a guy) where you have been bitten by a bunch of zombies, survived and tore your pants in to bandages. You later find a skirt in a house, but are not able to put it on? Wierd right? A skirt is better than nothing for the cold, and after all it is the zombie appocalypse. Thanks for a great game though, I love it, I really do and am becoming quite addicted to it (in a good way) - this was just really a quick thought! [and sorry for any language flaws, english isn't my first language and it is really late! ]
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