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Found 3 results

  1. Horizon Clock Mod version 0.6 for Build 41 Concept, Textures, Code & Overhaul: Thuztor oldCode: TurboTuTone Translations: English & German: Thuztor Russian: Nebula Surprise! I'm back and not dead yet! Not yet! I hope I can revive even more in the future. Update to Version 0.6 for Build 41 and probably lower: - complete overhaul ( see Features ) Features of this version: - You don't have found a watch, yet? ! Orient yourself at the level of the sun or the position of the stars! - You have a watch, but you can't see the clock? ! Hold Right CTRL, if you move or whatever with the keyboard! ! Otherwise just press Right CTRL! - You can't see the sun or the stars, if you are inside a building or it rains? ! That's correct. It has to be like this! - You want a digital watch, but without the luxery temperature display? ! You can find black cheap digital watches on corpses and at some other places! - Language Support: english, german, russian (Nebula) Planned for the next version: - texture overlay, if you are sitting in cars - The correct beginning and end of sunrise and sunset depending on the season. - the strength of rain, clouds, fog, snow and wind is visible in the horizon clock - extra ui for the wind direction Future plans: - an analog watch - button cell battery for watches (keep a very long time, but eventually the clock will stop working) - windup watches that needs no battery, but needs to be wind up again and again. (Bad luck if one forgets it sometimes. Then you have to just guess what time it is) Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498643301 Dropbox-Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1cbrgt4kdj55tju/HorizonClockv0.6.zip?dl=0 See you soon!
  2. With the change of time not automatically being displayed unless you own a watch, it would be nice if the rooms that have wall clocks have the time be displayed when you enter the room.
  3. I live in America and I can't read a 24 hour clock if my life depended on it. Do you think it would be a good idea to add in option in the settings where you could switch from 12 hour clock to the 24 hour clock? I won't be able to respond until around christmas as my laptop refuses to charge. Tell me what you guys think.
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