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Found 6 results

  1. Any idea on how to clean up corpses without having to burn down the town? Don't enjoy the idea of having to burn them and the planet all in one go
  2. Project Zomboid is always making us do things we don't want to do: killing our best friends after they've been bitten, eating dead rats, or saving the most annoying player on your server simply because they have the highest carpentry skill. So why not something else no one likes doing?! You guessed it! Dishes. I'd say, like with cloths used for bandages, after a use, dishes become dirty. If you cannot clean them with CLEAN water, then they give a chance for whatever is put into them later to become rotten instantly. This would pressure players water supplies. It would also give reason to find multiple dishes.
  3. I'm sure this must not happen to ppl to often, but have you ever been bothered by those piles of garbage that litter some places of the game? I never had before, until I made my safehouse in that Dinner that's between Muldraugh and West Point (the one next to Dixie Trailer Park). Place's a real cool base; has a fully-covered tall-fenced backyard, two freezers and plenty of places around to store your stuff. While being far enough from both cities that Zeds aren't that common. Problem is, that cool fenced backyard is full of garbage piles. Garbage piles you can't remove with ANYTHING (tried Sledgehammers, shovels, spades, building a wooden floor over them. Nothing works) and that cover the place where I want to make crops. So, just like we can remove bushes and grass, as well as clean Zed blood off the walls, and even remove said walls.... why can't we get rid of that annoying garbage? Maybe you'd need a plastic bag or a garbage bag to remove it; that'd be cool. I just want a way to remove all that stuff from my backyard.
  4. Hey everyone, i find it really annoying that when i finally have got my new base i have all these dead bodies of the zombies i killed inside the house. I think it would be a really good feature that you can drag, drop and even burn dead body's (for example with gasoline and a lighter/matches). and also a way to clean up blood. To some pleople this might sound unnecessary. But i think that would be pretty awesome. Thanks for paying attention and hopefully some people like my idea
  5. Hi, I was wondering if you considered using the bleach to clean blood spots in some houses, or using the spade to remove bodies. I'm picky when I choose a house to fortify, and sometimes can restart a map several times if my favorite spot have bloody spots or dead bodies. Maybe we could be using bleach and a towel to remove the blood and a spade to remove/carry/burry a body. Just a random idea
  6. I don't think I've seen this particular suggestion before, I may be wrong though and if so I apologize. I understand it's planned that we'll be able to dispose of corpses at some point, I think that there needs to be the ability to drag the corpses around and also to clean up bloodstains. In my current game I've cleared out a few streets in West Point (probably around 200 zombies on the streets and in the houses so far!) and want to settle down in the area, however the number of corpses is substantial. When we have the ability to (I'm assuming) burn the corpses, I'd like to be able to drag them all to a big pile and then set that alight. Then I'd like to be able to clean up the blood scattering the roads and interiors of houses, in order to make it 'feel' safe. Also, a way to bury a corpse could be cool too (and make a grave marker), when NPC's and Multiplayer are added, I'd like to bury fallen comrades and burn the zombies. Just think it'd be neat if you could have a graveyard (maybe even bury your previous characters after looting them ) What do you guys think? EDIT: Ah shite, just looked through the 'Commonly Suggested' post and saw it's pretty much confirmed My bad, well, burial is still there!
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