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Found 7 results

  1. While coding my mod I faced with another problem. I'm trying to make a character say a phrase when dressing a certain item. I tried to implement this with Events.OnClothingUpdated.Add(). When this event was called, it was checked whether this item (CI141.KRNDHazmat) was dressed. I did this through a method getBodyLocation() ~= "". But every time it gave an error. I suspect that the problem is that item CI141.KRNDHazmat belongs to a different class, but getBodyLocation() method belongs to the class Clothes. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't determine the class of the object CI141.KRNDHazmat. I need help from someone who understands. I paste code below. Script [media/scripts/CI141_items.txt] item KRNDHazmat { DisplayCategory = Clothing, Type = Clothing, DisplayName = KRND Hazmat Suit, ClothingItem = CI141_KRNDHazmat, BodyLocation = FullSuitHead, Icon = KRNDHazmat, BloodLocation = Trousers;Jumper, Icon = Hazmatsuit, RunSpeedModifier = 0.75, ScratchDefense = 25, BiteDefense = 25, Insulation = 0.65, WindResistance = 0.9, WorldStaticModel = Hazmat_Ground, } the .xml file works fine, so I don't see the point in attaching it here LUA [media/lua/client/CI141_maincore.lua] function HazmatvoiceFc(player) local hazmat = "CI141.KRNDHazmat" if player:getInventory():contains(hazmat) then if hazmat:getBodyLocation() ~= nil then <- Error comes from this line player:Say("TESTPHRASE") end end end Events.OnClothingUpdated.Add(HazmatvoiceFc)
  2. So I've heard that the NPCs are mainly being scripted in numerous timelines from various backgrounds, traits, and other conditions that are essentially being hand-made. Which I can absolutely respect as that would allow more "human" responses in comparison to AI. I understand the idea of event chains that act like a logic system in a way, but I can't fathom anything short of a small army of writers to make it possible. Atleast without years of development. So I propose the following; why not let us, the community and gamers help write scripts or events? I'm sure we've all been through a number of situations and reacted to them differently depending on our own character builds or goals. If they allow the player base to contribute to this end, it would allow the devs to focus on the mechanics end to aid in speeding up the final release of NPCs. Not only that but it would allow some great diversity in the PZ world as of course, not every writer is the same. This could be accomplished by giving the community some form of template and maybe bracket it into categories of responses, reactions, or goals. Or a similar tool to properly and effectively integrate it seamlessly into the game. Essentially give us the guidelines and a relatively basic tool to help create the NPCs you, the devs, envisioned. Because trust me, we the players would love deep, lore rich NPCs. One way I could think of implementing this is breaking it down by traits or prebuilt classes. This way we could formulate different NPC reactions and goals that could potentially mesh together with other traits depending on their capabilities or limitations. Maybe even adding in reliance on other NPCs (such as potential family members) for negative traits such as deaf, weak ect or vice versa for bonus traits. Maybe have npc cops, firefighters, soldiers ect try to do their jobs at first and maintain the crumbling civilization. The possibilities are endless. A way to allow us access to this could be a form of massive logic chains. Where inputs from the beginning of the game could be handmade by thousands of players. Such as family members, goals, occupation, and some background information such as preferences, relationships ect. Perhaps even slap on a labeling system such as traits, personality ect to easily organize and piece together multiple chains. Finally a team of moderators to accept or decline certain inputs/outputs or entire chains for rating purposes or feasibility. It could be something as simple as a blog similar to this one, or more complex as a plug-in or game extension. Or even a bit of basic coding. Anything that would allow us to effectively help the core game.
  3. So basically I wanted to make barricades sturdier and found IsoBarricade.class file, decompiled it, changed health value but can't recompile it back. I just use command prompt and simply call javac *filename* but get errors during compilation. I guess it's because I miss packages/libraries being imported in the .class file? Haven't managed to find answers by googling, so here I am. How to overcome this problem? Thanx.
  4. So with the new Pick up/Place options I think Burglars should get a buff! Skill added to Burglar class: Sticky Fingers - Pick up/Place items faster(stacks with dexterous) Get it All and Go - Items grabbed with "Pick up" weigh 1 less
  5. After reading the fifth thread about professions* I knew, all this forum needs is number six! The idea Replace professions by multiple traits In detail I think about something like personality, profession, free time activities, place of birth/living, physical attributes, private interest, social circumstances and so on. My idea would be to split this profession thing in a few different categories, so a player can have more traits than one. I'd name it more a redesign, than an improvement to the current system. I think there are many things you can mix together, which can tell a little story about this person. Not everything needs to have an effect. Might be cool if they get random generated(I'd like that). Why I think its cool My point is, I don't like classing. It makes me feel like something special and tries to define/influence me someway. Not too much people walk around telling everyone they are a construction worker**, and rarely people will ask a fire fighter about how his fire fighting goes in his fire fighting spare time. Electricians usually don't throw light bulbs around wherever they go*** My point is: People are mot than just a class, they are the sum of their life. Some examples: (personality/profession/ interest / background) optimistic security guard who plays baseball who was married twiceangry unemployed who loves hiking**** and sometimes helped outintrigating secretary with a passion on huntingdreamy fire fighter with children from Englandpatient cook with a passion on comics, speaks Japanese and German* yes I was counting them ** I am a construction worker, I am a construction worker, look at me construction worker, here come the construction worker... *** There might be exceptions **** angry hiking is cool. You can rage at every brush you see, punch trees and.. ouch that hurt.. but nobody cares.
  6. Cuchulainn

    Creating Class

    So I was just wondering if anyone would be so kind as to give me some advice as to how to create a class. I have seen some mods that inolve custom classes and would love to make one or two of my own! Very new at this but got the drive for it so any help would be greatly appreciated!! Slainte!
  7. I found a Class Radio in the javadocs. Is this still alive? If i wanted to create an item out of it, what entry do i need for 'Type = ...' in the txt.file? Or even better: How would i use setClass()/setCat() via lua correctly?
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