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Found 7 results

  1. I know this was and is already discussed in other threads in sections like bug reporting etc. but here I would like to "officially" request a setting to be able to disable this feature. Aside from being totally broken in its current state it overall doesn't make much sense on my private server. I see the value though on public servers and encourage you to fix it and make it work please, but on my own private-friendsonly-server cheating is not an issue at all. On my server I should be the one who makes the rules and not the game, even if I'd accept cheating that is.
  2. Iv'e been playing PZ for a good 3 years now and one of the things that seriously needs to be nerfed is the DAMN HELICOPTER! Before, it was cool with just the swaying away here and there, but now it seriously looms over you like the freakin eye of sauron. I even did a few tests were I stayed in the building, never went out, and all of a sudden MAGICALLY the helicopter appears over my house and begins its looming killing my character. Seriously unrealistic trick to kill the player. Just like a poorly cheap magician's parlor trick, this really kills the magic of the game. Another good analogy is those pay to win games where you reach a certain point of the game where you need to start paying because the difficulty gets so hard, same with the helicopter. The game realizes your living a bit too long so they BLAST you with a helicopter without no gradual progression. The game literally is saying TIME TO DIE HERE IS A HELICOPTER NOW WEEEEEE! Don't you all agree?
  3. Hello ! Do you plan to put something in place to counter cheaters? On servers, many people make copies of their character ...In this way, if they died, they just have to copy past the saved character...and get their stat back !!! They also can easily double bullets, nails etc...This approach seriously affects the multiplayer game ! Yesterday few guys add changed objects on the server, they have been banned...Anyway hope something will be planned ! Google translation helped me ! Peace
  4. since implemented the project multiplayer Zomboid, eh seen the ease of changing my skills no legal way in order to have an advantage over other players,so it is very likely that developers know the problem of which I speak. for me this post is not a suggestion, this should be a point to try to be implemented in the game as early and quickly as possible, the current public servants are full of cheaters who only increase their skills to the full shooting and reloading only with the intention of killing all the players who play legally.I do not want to go into detail as you can cheat in the game, but my intention is that developers take very seriously the problem is in the multiplayer mode, eh seen mondoid and fascinating advances have to build 32 and later, but eh not seen any news about the now famous cheaters there on servers. and ah I think the people who make use of some way to increase or modify their skills not legally, deverian be automatically ban for a week the server, Nose much programming in java or c ++ in other languages, but I think there are many way to control that problem thanks i speack spanish i use translate google desde que implementaron el modo multijugador en project zomboid, eh visto la gran facilidad de modificar mis habilidades de manera no legal, para así tener una ventaja sobre los demás jugadores, hasta es muy probable que los desarrolladores saben del problema del que hablo. para mi este post no es una sugerencia, esto debería ser un punto a tratar para ser implementado en el juego lo mas temprano o rápido posible, los servidores públicos actuales están llenos de jugadores tramposos que solo aumentan sus habilidades al full de disparo y recarga solo con la intención de matar a todos los jugadores que juegan legalmente. tampoco quiero entrar en detalles como se puede hacer trampa en el juego, pero mi intención es que los desarrolladores tomen muy enserio el problema que hay en el modo multijugador, eh visto los mondoid y lo fascinantes adelantos que tienen para la build 32 y posteriores, pero no eh visto ninguna noticia acerca de los ya famosos tramposos que hay en los servidores. y ah mi parecer las personas que recurran de algún modo de aumentar o modificar sus habilidades de manera no legal, deverian ser baaneados automáticamente durante una semana del server, nose mucho de programación en java o en c++ en otros lenguajes, pero creo que hay muchas manera de poder controlar ese problema
  5. I sometimes like to create a character that is more like me in reality, selecting traits and penalities I would have. Before recently, I just used cheat engine to hack my available points but they seem to be more slippery now, and I can't find them, probably due to multiplayer I guess. But I'm playing single player so no harm no foul. I can't quite pull it off, as I end up with something like -4 points. Be it editing a file or some other way, how can you change the cost of traits and how many trait points you have? I find the current system very restrictive and a bit heavy handed with either bonuses or penalties, there needs to be be more in between traits instead of most of them being one side of an extreme. EDIT: I found the way to adjust available points. For anyone else who finds this, you want to edit "self.pointToSpend = 0" in the file "CharacterCreationProfession" file located within \Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\client\OptionScreens Just change the zero to the number of points you need.
  6. BUILD 27 [sorry about the misleading title, i can't change it] tweaks the maximum carryweight to 9999. note: this doesn't increase the actual inventory capacity beyond '50'. it just allows you to walk around with heavy items and a full inventory. use "delete" key to spawn a void pack. this pack is a bit exploitive, use at your own risk. it allows you to carry an incredible amount of stuff before filling up to the '50' capacity. you can continue to fill the pack beyond the 50 capacity (i've tested it up to 100), but this will freeze your normal inventory. you won't be able to unpack food or other items from the pack into your working inventory for using on the go, but it works great for base moving. also, since it's exploitive (and may be changed in next update to not work), you will see negative numbers in your capacity indicator. maxweight.zip
  7. Is there any way for the host of a server to see if someone is cheating. I know i can view logs to see what they do, but i wanted to know if i could look at what traits they have? Maybe how much weight they are carrying?
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