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  1. After the last update my character and zombie models are invisible. My specs: Processor. Processor. Intel Core i3 5th Gen Memory. RAM. 4GB Graphics. Graphics Processor. NVIDIA Geforce 930M Windows 10 Home 64x
  2. You guys need to add the Customization saving, because you added more clothes. And that would be very comfortable for these players, who likes and spend 15-30 minutes to create their own character.
  3. Have been trying to get into the beta. Game loads up fine, tells me that I have joined in via the pop up. I can select my play style, starting city and traits, but game stops responding once I am in the character builder for choosing name clothing etc. I have verified my game files, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted, and renamed files to get it to work, nothing does. I do not have any mods enabled. As soon as I click anywhere on screen I get a windows popup that Project Zomboid has stopped responding.
  4. Basically just what the title says.. The Character still is slowing down now even worse.. even longer..i don't like playing it when it feels like i'm pulling some invisible heavy object. I would have thought the game developer were reading our comments...especially on Bug reports i mean.. I've already made a post telling about this problem when the new update first drop. And i got people saying they are having the same issue's as me.. so i would like to know and everyone else who is experiencing the same technical issue when is it going to be fix. Thank you.
  5. Very simple request. I'd like to see the ability to save your characters during their creation, much like how you can save Sandbox settings alongside the pre-existing presets (Default, Beginner, 8 Months After Apocalypse). This could lead to some very interesting concepts later down the line when customization of characters becomes more in-depth, as you could have people sharing different character creations with each other with different trait and profession combinations. I find it slightly irritating having to create my preferred builds over and over, though I don't mind. It would just b
  6. i saw something like this suggested in a post made like 2 years ago. so the concept i have for a depressed character trait would be that if you choose it your character suffers from periodic episodes of depression that last for 1-3 of weeks before they pass. they happen randomly maybe once in the span of 2 months. maybe they could be triggered by things that currently cause unhappiness if you let it go on for too long. if you have the trait and have an episode you wouldn't be able to get out of the "feeling a little sad" state regardless of what you do to increase happiness. Antidepressants ca
  7. When you join the game, you firstly create the account. Which is the username. Then whilst creating the character you choose the character name. But then in game, it displays your username above your head & uses your username for the text box. (only using the username for your own view+keys) Looking for a mod which still you use the username too login. But in game it displays and uses the character name.
  8. http://undeniable.info/pz/CharacterPlanner.php I Made this so you can show people what builds you use easily or you could also plan a build with it. Just choose your Profession and Traits and the link in your URL bar will automatically update so you can just copy it once your done, and share the link with someone to show them your build. So as an example, here is my main build: http://undeniable.info/pz/CharacterPlanner.php#veteran,Strong,Organized,Dextrous,ProneToIllness,SlowHealer,HighThirst,NeedsMoreSleep,WeakStomach,SlowReader,Clumsy
  9. http://undeniable.info/pz/CharacterPlanner.php Would be useful if you want an easy way to show people what build you use, or to check or try builds without having to open up PZ and start a new game. Its not finished yet. It does not update the link when changing things yet, and does not show the experience effects yet but otherwise working. And since i have this info in the database I also added traits and professions to the lists pages where it will show you everything a trait or occupation does such as experience boosts, recipes taught and free traits added from occupations
  10. Okay so I posted about this before and I really wasn't sure how to handle it. I wanted to keep it fresh so just in case someone forgot or didn't see it. Wasn't sure if I should bump that one or make a new one. But I decided to do this in any case. So I suggest we change out MP so instead of seeing your username you'll see your players name. It would be amazing for RP and I wont have to keep changing my username every time I die and create a new charri. Very simple change I think. xD Also impacts the RP community loads, everyone will love it. Even people who don't RP because it's just so mu
  11. When you create a character, its always 27 years old, my idea is to be enable to change it: 18 years old - 27 years old - Good conditions, healthy, more nimble, faster runnin, more cowardly, he can faster learn stuff 28 years old-35 years old - not so coward, it is harder to make him panic, normal running, faster, he got already a level in some skills 36 years old - 45 years old - weak heart, can have heart stop by panic, he cant run so well, he has more levels in something, but it takes more time to make him bored, or he is clever enought to realize that being sad is wasting of the time, and
  12. Tired of the same old character build? Want to try something new but don't know what? Have a great build that you want to re-use but will forget? FRET NO MORE! This mod adds a button to your Character Creation screen to create a random build for you! It will select a random profession, add up to 5 positive and up to 5 negative traits, and then wiggle those traits until there are between 0-3 positive skill points left to spend. Obligatory screenshot: It also adds the possibility to save character builds and re-load them later on! Also implements dropUp menus on the side Another obli
  13. Please please please please? It's so annoying that i have to change my username every time in role play servers. It'll be *so* much easier if character names showed up instead of usernames and instead usernames were just log in things that only Admins and moderators could see. Please????
  14. I am interested in finding out what customization options most people use. This will be useful for general statistics but also for mod creation.
  15. Hello coders ! A little mod request here. Actually I think it's a little mod i'm requesting. I would love to see a mod/software that lets you edit your character traits and job. And if it's not too much of a hassle, maybe edit your inventory too! As you may already know, build 31.6 IWBUMS has introduced quite an important trait & job overhaul. However it screwed up my old save by making my awesome character stout instead of strong and overweight even if he wasn't before the update. I assume that some PZ players may experience the same kind of nonsense, and while it may be too much to
  16. So here's my suggestion. I suggest that when you go offline. Your character turns into an NPC with the only motivation being guard the safe house. That way, when you log on your base isn't raided cause no one was there to stop it. And if it is you'll be dead so it doesn't feel like it was raided in your sleep. At the very least this should definitely be at least an option at some point, please?
  17. Hello everyone. I recently came back to zomboid like many others to check out the multiplayer after so long and so far it is great. We do however seem to be having a problem where our characters are seemingly deleted randomly. I keep the server running 24/7 so that the world does not wipe and we have tried restarting it and deleting all the files to be sure that wasn't part of the issue. Whenever someone logs back into the game 2/3 times the character is deleted and they respawn back in the starting location again, losing the hard work put into the skills and gear of the other character. La
  18. Detailed stat building Each Attribute breaks down into multiple skills. Then, each Skill breaks down into multiple Techniques. And then, each Technique reveals the Endurance and Stamina of the body parts it directly uses. But, you should only be allowed to level up Techniques by choice. Beyond that, everything should really be leveled up through your bare actions. Attributes. The attributes should be simple, Intelligence and Physique, that's it. Since inherently, we are just a Brain and a Body. Skills. Intelligence and Physique influences ALL skills. This just makes it easier to
  19. I was playing the other day and had my shotgun with a sling on it and it made me think that the slings should have more use than just giving a weapon a flat weight decrease. My thought was that instead of a sling reducing the weight of a shotgun or rifle, the weapon would maintain it's regular weight while being wielded or stored in a container, but having the sling on would give you the option to carry the weapon on your shoulder or across your back so you can keep it on your person in case of emergency. On top of this, adding the option to tie a sheet or rope to a weapon as a crude sling w
  20. I haven't seen anyone talking about how characters will work with servers. I assume that whenever you join a server or create one you also create a new character for it. Do the devs have any plans to make it so you can port your character to a new server? Just wondering. Plus I have been having this crazy dream of buying 4 dedicated servers and having 4 custom maps and allowing people to travel map to map with the same character.
  21. After reading the fifth thread about professions* I knew, all this forum needs is number six! The idea Replace professions by multiple traits In detail I think about something like personality, profession, free time activities, place of birth/living, physical attributes, private interest, social circumstances and so on. My idea would be to split this profession thing in a few different categories, so a player can have more traits than one. I'd name it more a redesign, than an improvement to the current system. I think there are many things you can mix together, which can tell a little stor
  22. Hey guys, I'm sure this has been posted a lot, but I'm running a server with my friends, consisting of one being at my house (Joining via lan) and two connecting from else ware. After a long game, I needed to amp up the ram in my server, so I did so in the bat file, doing so seemed to have deleted my friends characters, but kept mine, and my mate's who joined via lan. Is there any way to fix this and restore their characters? I heard it's possible to replace a map_p file, but I've still had no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  23. I would like to see the ablility to block doors with yourself to try and prevent zombies (or other survivors) from getting through them, until you or maybe one of your friends finds something more suitable to barricade the door with. So yeah thats it what do you guys think?
  24. This feature was intended in my own zombie game project which was unfortunately not successfull due to lack of funding and the ability assamble a good team We however made a really nicely outlined plan for it (89 pages) and one of the things which would (i think) go well in this game is this. Your character can get "permanent" or "semi permanent" moodlets which only go away if some special treatment/event occurs or will not go away at all for example: "Crazy" - Your character has gone completely insane from the constant exposure to depression and anger. You will now suffer a penalty for i
  25. So my friend has been having some trouble on my server. He has been getting black walls that restrict acess to other parts of the map. I thought it was an issue with my ports, but after checking it I realized there was nothing wrong. He has to quit and rejoin in order to fix this issue. Now, the last time he did this, he was asked to make a new character upon entering my server. All his progress had suddenly...vanish! What happened to it? Is there any way to get his character back? Finally, is it a problem with my server, or is it a problem on his end? This is the second time this h
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