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Found 43 results

  1. Hey guys, Is it just me or there's no longer cars in the vehicle beta server? I updated and it no longer works. Literally no cars showing up after the update. Anyone know what's going on and how to fix it? Thanks so much!
  2. nolanri

    Driving Cars Mod

    Official Web Page: http://undeniable.info/pz/DrivingCarsMod.php List of all the Vehicles with their information here: http://undeniable.info/pz/DrivingCarsMod.php#list Please Help Contribute if you can! TO DO LIST: Fix Problems on Multiplayer: GridSqaure:transmitRemoveItemFromSquare(item) seems to occasionally fail or time out when used multiple times per second. This problem is causing cars to duplicate themselves from time to time as you drive along. I have yet to find a solution to this Maybe we can kindly ask the devs if they can provide a method for the IsoWorldInventoryObject class such as setPosition(newX, newY) though I understand this could be more difficult then it sounds as these world inventoy objects are relative to what square they exists on. So if thats too much to ask, I can live with just a setTextureOffset(newX, newY) method so I can just change the offset of the car Until it moves onto a different square. This would reduce my item drop and pickup command spamming by like 80% which should fix the problems experienced in MP. What do you say devs? Make isometric car images for other kinds of cars with all 8 angles We should really make our own art as I just found most of these cars on google images, though I made slight adjustments to them, we really need you artists to whip us up some isometric vehicles from the 8 angles you see. Including one image of the car being broken. Off Topic: Feeling Bored? Try these games The game of Stones The game of Lights
  3. So in this thread I don't want to discuss the inevitability that cars are coming to PZ. We know cars are coming and you can test them right now. This thread isn't for that. This thread is for people to discuss the future use, mechanics and ideas surrounding cars. As the discussion evolves I'll be adding things to this list. Cars and the like have an incredibly high value in this game, especially with customization and fleshing out the fun parts of using vehicles. They should be balanced, but also they shouldn't end up like guns. Remember that cars are meant for transportation, and that if they don't fulfill that purpose because they are too risky to use, then people won't use them. Categories include (subject to change) Types of Vehicles Car Modifications Maintenance of Cars When the Gas Runs Out / Usage of Wrecked Cars Please note that "Mods" in this topic revolve around modifications to the cars, not installed or Workshop mods that change PZ. TYPES OF VEHICLES More than cars and vans, there should be other vehicles that we can choose from as well. Motorcycles Dirtbikes Bicycles ATVs (4x4) Snowmobiles (Winter) Massive trucks (10+ Wheeler) Pickup Trucks Moving Vans RVs / Campers Buses Car type allows for easier sleep depending on the car. Cars provide less sleep quality than RVs Can't sleep in ATVs Sleep in Buses Different performance based on the ground type Cars and motorcycles perform better than other vehicles on pavement "Capacity" vehicles like Moving Vans and Trucks only perform okay on pavement, and terrible offroad. Their strength is massive storage space. Offroad vehicles such as Dirtbikes and ATVs perform well... off road. They are great for country-based bases. They perform well on road too but not as well as cars. Snowmobiles for the winter. They perform extremely well on snow, terrible on everything else. Buses extremely slow CAR MODIFICATIONS Depending on how high your skills are, there should be ways to modify your car. Reinforcing the dash, bumpers etc with steel/iron in order to take more damage Mods influence weight of the vehicle Lowering weight such as removing the back seats of cars and vans increase storage capacity and increase fuel efficiency, but are countered by only allowing one or two people in the vehicle. Increasing the weight by adding grills, reinforcements, loading the vehicle up with supplies, and having multiple people inside should decrease fuel efficiency, making it more costly to bring that tricked out Mad Max vehicle across the map. Cosmetic ways to modify your car with paint would be a nice touch, and could make people recreate their favorite pop-culture cars without Indie Stone getting hit with copyright. MAINTENANCE OF CARS I suggest that the "Metalworking" skill should be changed /renamed to "Mechanic", "Engineer" or something similar. Metalworking is underused at the moment apart from making metal walls and such, or reinforcing windows. Cars in 1993 don't have the vast array of electronics that modern cars do. If someone can do mechanical work on a car, they can figure out how to weld sheet metal. This will make the "Engineering" skill as robust as the carpentry skill, which is well-developed into the "house building" skill that it is. This enhances normal gameplay since we aren't getting a new category, the skill tress will become more complex and will encourage players to decide what they should spend their time on with better rewards. Like the "Farming" skill, those who are well trained can start identifying parts of the car that are damaged or need replacing. Having more information allows for better repairs, and more effective repairs that last longer or replace more condition. Car parts should have condition, and much like Fallout weapons being jammed at a certain condition, car parts should backfire, fail or make more noise depending on the condition of the parts. Modifications are locked behind skills Easier mods such as taking out a seat could be skills for level 1-2 Harder mods such as attaching spiked bumpers (that reduce zombie collision damage) should be regulated to 6-10 Higher skills also allow for better extraction of parts from ruined or spare vehicles. Much like Metalworking and Carpentry allows for more parts to be harvested from objects the higher you skill is. La Cucaracha horn, the most powerful of horns WHEN THE GAS RUNS OUT / USE OF WRECKED CARS Cars should be able to be pushed if they have functioning tires. Pop into neutral and move from driver side. Cars should be able to be stripped for parts Car parts such as tires, engines, brakepads etc can be taken out and installed on other cars of the same category. Cars can be "broken down" and stripped for metal sheets, pipes, and basic electronics (radio). Based on skill. Car batteries can be used for small lights much like the flashlight on a pole, but last much longer. Unlockable levelled skill. Car tires should be able to be taken off. Unless reattached, they cannot be driven of course They become much harder to not only push, but to tip over as well This can provide "walls" in which wrecked cars block zombies Possibly have it so zombies are stopped and have to crawl over the car, or able to stand on top of them Larger cars such as 12 Wheeler Trucks or Ambulances with wheels removed cannot be climbed over or moved due to the weight unless there is a massive horde behind it. This makes Bicycles more useful for after the gas runs out. Junkyards have to be added to the map. Allows for spawning of "car circles" where you can find survivor camps in the fields with broken cars surrounding them. This encourages exploration outside of cities. Possible biofuel with high farming.
  4. nolanri

    Driving Cars Mod!

    I could use someones help with some questions. I want to figure out how to hide the player while driving so its like hes IN the car. And lastly make it so the car crushes zombies it runs into. To kill the zomies i hit I just need help with a way to kill a zombie with his MovingObject class. i can already detect all the moving objects i collide with just dont know how to KILL the moving object i hit if its a zombie. someone help plz
  5. With generators being in game for a while now and cars coming later it surprises me that you cannot put gasoline in spray cans, water bottles and buckets. This seems like something that is pretty common sense. Please let us put gas in anything that can also hold water. And water in gas cans too if that's not in.
  6. Austerbeatle


    When come a vehicle update or a Mod ? I wait for a long time for this but nobody makes a mod like this ? Is Anybody working on this please inform me !!
  7. There should totally be cars!! I realize the noise from the car would probably attract zombies, but it'd be so much easier to go all over the map. I just think there should be cars.
  8. So I've been watching these forums closely for a long time now and never felt like I needed to comment. I was always happy to read what others suggested for the game. But recently with the news of things to come, be it far or near have made me want to make a suggestion. So here is what I was thinking. Wouldn't it be cool if the track had some sort of use. A train that allowed quick but noisy transport up and down the track. With news of the city map expansion in the works, I think it would be something interesting to look into. Considering the map will double in size. Instead of having anyone able to operate the train maybe you could start off with a profession or find a rare instruction manual. I know the devs want to make the game realistic (which I think is awesome, too many arcade shoot em' ups out there) but there would have to be some way for players to acquire the knowledge to operate the train to make the game balanced. I haven't really thought about it too to much but I thought it would be a cool idea to throw out there. Secondly about cars. It's just a suggestion about the placement of cars more so than anything. What I would like to see is the highway densely populated with cars and maybe less, but still many in urban areas. While suburban areas would be less populated with cars. I'd imagine in a zombie apocalypse everyone would be trying to escape in a frantic hurry all at once and highways would become congested while the suburbs would be more or less evacuated or clear of cars. Thirdly and lastly. I couldn't find a word that rhymed with planes for a more clever title for the thread and then I thought, why not add some fancy champagne to the game. No better way to get drunk in a zombie apocalypse than some classy champagne. Add a little more variety to the games alcohol and another role play aspect for the players. Something small but it would be cool to pop a bottle of the stuff with your group after clearing out the town of zeds or whatever the occasion. So I'm not sure. I'd like to hear what you guys think of my suggestions. Like I said, my main suggestion is the addition of a train to the game. I personally think it would be cool. But I'd like to hear what others have to say on the suggestions.
  9. I had this Idea since corpse burning and cars are coming up. There are some gas stations around Muldraugh, West point and some other maps I've seen. So I had this idea your player could go to the gas station with a gas can and use the pumps to get some gasoline to burn corpses or fuel your car. I am not sure if pumps need power to run (I've never driven or used a pump). Anyway it's just an idea I had whether or not it is good is up to you guys. *EDIT* Of course eventually the pumps would run out of fuel.
  10. I have not heard much details on the upcoming addition of vehicles to Project Zomboid, so I just wanted to get some clarification. When "vehicles" make their way into the game, will that just exclusively include cars, or should we expect a variety of different vehicles. From engine-powered vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, etc. To quieter, man-propelled vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards, etc. If so, would we see a large variety of vehicles on Day 1 of vehicle implementation, or will they be released few by few over time.
  11. Disclaimer- This a edited Steam chat conversation that only had my parts... Also, these are all just suggestions... Opinions in comments. For vehicles, don't really think cars should be added but if they do. Bikes and skateboards (Etc) would be better IMO and should be rare for a decent one and would still need lots O' parts to fix. With the car, if you crash: 30% chance of death, 50% chance of extreme and critical injuries and bleeding and 15% minor injuries and bleeding 5% chance to be unscaved. Bike would be: 5% Death, 75% minor injuries maybe bleeding, 5% critical and 20% chance to be unscaved. Bike and other manual vehicles would be slower, but quiet and bike could have perks for some Mountain bike: good overall for getting around and can go on grass with normal speed. Basket Bike: has basket for some storage but not nearly as much as a car, has same perks as mountain bike but is rarer. BMX: nice speed and is good on road sot grass, good handling, lightweight but is easily broken? Racing bike: Great speed, bonus on roads, chance of crashing if going from road to the grass at high speeds, and is rare. Child's bike/Trike: Easy to find, low chance of crashing but the cons, oh the cons. Ahem, -80 happiness, chance to anger (It's a small bike it would be frustrating.) and it's pretty slow. Probably better off running than using a Trike.
  12. I know cars are already confirmed and in progress, I just wanted to add a few ideas, in case the developers want to hear suggestions before finalizing the project. There should only be a limitied amount of cars in the map. Maybe 32-42. Out of that number, only 15-20% should be usable, you should need a set of keys, or something else, to make it difficult to acquire. And the rest of the cars should be useful only to suck gasoline and perhaps scrap parts. I don't know if keys would work, because if they are lost due to glitch deaths and invetory loss, then the car may not ever be recuperable anymore..?
  13. Hey Guys, So this was originally a post in one of my topics in the general PZ discussion board but I decided I'd post it here as it's basically a suggestion. This is my personal view on how vehicles should work when they're implemented with the new 3D engine. I personally believe that vehicles should be a large part of the game when it comes to it, I think that vehicles should be a large focus of development once the current big things are out the door (NPCs mainly). I just wonder about controls, and I'm thinking maybe there could be different control types for vehicles that could be switched in the options? Here's two different control types I've got in mind: Control Type 1: Hold W to accelerate Release W and car will slow and eventually stop Hold S to reverse/brake Release S and car will slow and eventually stop Hold D to turn right (need to be moving obviously) Hold A to turn left (need to be moving) Hold down space for handbrake Hold E to exit the vehicle (if it's not stopped then will take damage depending on speed, like falling damage) Hold Q for horn (if applicable, if riding a horse then just yell like usual) Control Type 2: Hold W to accelerate Release W and car will slow and eventually stop Hold S to reverse/brake Release S and car will slow and eventually stop Hold down space for handbrake Hold E to exit the vehicle (if it's not stopped then will take damage depending on speed, like falling damage) Hold Q for horn (if applicable, if riding a horse then just yell like usual) While holding CTRL or RMB, the car will turn towards the location of the mouse over time (depending on speed, if you suddenly move the mouse behind the vehicle while driving at a high speed then you should probably skid out and crash). I'm not sure which of these two control types I would prefer, but I believe that it should be an option between mouse and keyboard as I know a lot of people who play the game really do prefer mouse controls. I personally would have to try both to make up my mind. There should be a 'Maintenance' skill that you can learn which will allow you to fix up vehicles with new parts or repair old parts, and possibly tie in with some of the other upcoming features (electricity generators and PZ's 'redstone' type system) To go with the new skill, there would be a Mechanic profession which would give the traits: Pit Stop: All maintenance actions are 2x faster Conditioner: Vehicles are less likely to break down All maintenance actions will require that the player has a Wrench in their inventory (will equip it like a hammer). Now, if I'm going to go a bit further with this, we could make vehicles even more of an integral part of the game by having vehicle customization. (Bear with me) Firstly, there would be a new GUI window named "Vehicle". This would be empty if you are not next to a vehicle (similar to containers), however if you are within range of a vehicle then you would see the following: Status Tab: The 'Status' tab in the window would be similar to the player's health window with status indicators for different areas of the body, the vehicle status window would show a top-down outline view of the vehicle with status indicators for various parts. Right clicking on one of these parts would give a dropdown list with: "Add Part.." - hover over to see a list of available parts that can be added. "Remove <PART NAME>" - would remove the part from the vehicle The 'parts' that I refer to would require a welding tool to attach to the vehicle (similar to how carpentry requires a saw). You would be able to find or make parts such as: Bars (Attach to windows to stop zombies from getting in) Plough (Would help to push zombies out of the way without damaging the front of the vehicle, useful only at low speed) Reinforcement (Depending on maintenance skill, adds reinforced plating on the section of the vehicle which will protect it from bullet damage and will give slightly better results when ramming through zombies) Tires (I don't know a lot about tires but I can see that this would be useful) There would be a lot more, being able to replace parts from the base vehicle (salvage extra tires from dead vehicles, remove seats to make storage space, etc) Fuel would be a valuable item in the world, could be siphoned from other cars or from petrol/gas stations, running out of fuel would mean abandoning that vehicle unless you can find fuel. Fuel would appear in the status tab as well. Storage Tab: The 'Storage' tab in the window would be similar to your inventory window, the vehicle would have storage 'containers' depending on what sort of vehicle it is. The boot or trunk of a car would be accessible from the outside but the rest of the storage would only be accessible if in the car. Passengers: The 'Passengers' tab would simply give a list of players and NPC's that are in the vehicle. So with regards to the vehicle's ability to ram zombies, I think that a couple factors would play into how the action would turn out: Vehicle Speed Number of Zombies Slowly pushing a few zombies out of the way would basically be harmless to your vehicle if you just slowly accelerated into them and knocked them down. The faster you're going though, the more damage your car would take, not to mention bits of flesh getting stuck in the vehicle. However, even slowly accelerating will be the end of you if there are too many zombies, think of what happens when you currently run into a horde, you get a little bit into the group and slow right down and then die. This would be very similar for vehicles except that they could get slightly further and get past more zombies, however if it is a large mob then (depending on the vehicle) the weight of all these zombies would be too much for the vehicle to push through, and by now they'd be behind you as well. In this situation they would smash the windows and climb in and devour you, unless you have your windows fortified with bars, in which case you will be stuck to die of hunger. For this particular situation I think there should be a right click option which (if the car has a sunroof) would allow you to exit via the sunroof and assume the 'baldspot on top of car with baseball bat' stance. Either way, you're probably dead unless you have a friend drawing the zeds away from the car. Vehicles would be able to carry as many people as there are seats (so if there is a say 20 seat bus then you could bring 19 passengers along with you), I think that when inside a moving vehicle all characters would be seated while the vehicle is moving (don't know how messy it could get if you were able to walk around inside a moving bus. Perhaps if the vehicle is stopped then you can walk around inside of it. (If it was possible to move around inside a vehicle as a passenger while it's moving, that'd be so awesome) With passengers in a vehicle I think that maybe as a cosmetic thing, the roof of the vehicle would be invisible so that you could see the inside of the bus or car, however that view could be toggled on and off by a hotkey. SO THEN, thanks for reading this massively long post and hopefully it can give the developers some ideas, I've tried to make it 'fit' the PZ theme and at the same time keep realistic (no super upgrades like chainsaw wings and crap), I believe that if this is done properly it would be one of the huge parts of the game (especially as the map gets bigger). Vehicles would deteriorate over time so I think a skilled mechanic would be a very valuable group member to have. As a developer I can say that this is something that would be very exciting to put into a game like this, a huge area of the game with so many different possibilities. Let me know your thoughts on these ideas! -Ben
  14. I just can't see them in PZ. The game is somewhat unique in a way and adding cars seems kinda ridiculous. I mean, just imagine what multiplayer would be like with cars. Players driving all over the place running over zombies and crap. The game would be like some early GTA ripoff with zombies. It would lose it's appeal. Now I can see adding in bikes and motorbikes as transportation but not cars and trucks. Motorcycles are smaller, simpler to work on, and require less gas. Moveable containers such as shopping carts and wheelbarrels sound great and I'm all for it. But cars on the other hand sound sorta ridiculous for this game. If the devs add in cars they might as well add in dragons and change the name of the game to Project Zomboid 2: GTA Boogaloo. YES NO
  15. Mattix


    It seems weird that there is this pretty large map with streets all over the place and yet no vehicles or easy ways to get from Westpoint to Muldraugh or vise-versa. If there were cars, bikes or trucks that could smash down walls if traveling at a certain speed that'd be great too. I believe you could also impliment the ability to take fuel from different vehicles for molotov cocktails or for your personal transport. Using sound for starting the car and car alarms would be impressive. I believe the best way to to use this and so getting cars isnt so easy is that you have to find keys possibly inside a building for a car waiting in a car port. Thankyou for reading if anyone took the time. )
  16. Jose420


    Hi everybody i am thinking why not add Saplings? I know it go to take a long time to grow up but you can plant your trees where you want so if you cut all the trees near your zone you can put saplings an then whit the time you go to recover all your trees and stay near your zone. The another things is to put like Destroyed Cars like decoration and anothers looteables so that can give us like a good atmosfere in the game like put a line of abandoned cars from Muldraugth to West Point and put tolls if they want Tolls
  17. Gunsman


    Hey Guys, I had an idea that someone else has probably requested before but i'm just gonna post it again. My idea is vehicles from cars, bikes, helicopters, etc. since you can get tired very easy from running and run out of energy I thought that you could fix up a car and be able to drive it around...although there would be some obvious consequences like the car makes noise, you have to keep getting gas, have to find parts, battery's, etc. Cars Cars would be something that would be pretty hard to find because everyone has either took them with them when they escaped or they crashed them so finding a car would be a rare thing to get but you could find it in barns, garages, roads (but would most likely be out of gas), and the body of one you can piece together. Fuel for cars would be as rare as finding farming areas since there possible to find but it can take some time. My idea is that while your driving you could have 1 hour real time nonstop driving and at the speed 3x of running. Bikes Bikes would be something pretty common to find but not something you would take over a car, although a bike will never need gas you will still need to use energy to peddle but you won't get tired as quick as running. Bikes will go 2x the amount of speed from running. Helicopters Helicopters are the huge prize you can find in the game they would go 6x the speed of running but they will suck up extreme amounts of fuel and will never be in perfect shape when found they could be crash landed in a field or in a military base where they would be in a little better shape. When you find one your gonna want to remember where it is because if you plan on piecing it back together because your going to be constantly looting for days on end looking for parts. Although helicopters are the perfect vehicle it is not an escape vehicle if anything you would be using it for a fresh start since no where is safe. Thank you for anyone who's reads this i'm not the best at posting but I am very grateful if you give what I posted some thought!
  18. NEWS : _____________________________________________________________________________________ New cool art for the menu of my topic! New ideas : - Environment > Hiding spot - Player > Songs are good for the health! - Gameplay > Energy - Gameplay > Survivor's camps - Player > Survival XP - Environment > Corpse odor UPCOMING : ____________________________________________________________________________________ Going to use BBCode to make awesome stuff.. no idea of what yet. xD Gonna add more details to some of the ideas and add some art on the topic! MOAR IDEAS!!!! Rating system : After each idea your going to find a [0]. If someone leave a bad comment I will subtract 1 from the current idea score and if someone add a good comment I will addition 1 to the current rating of the idea. I'm doing that to help everyone know the general opinion about the ideas. I am not adding my opinion to the rating and theres some special cases. Special cases #1: If no one as rated it yet, I'm going to put a dark color on the font of the idea. Special case #2: If peoples have rated it but the general opinion made that the rating score is still at 0. I'm going to set the text to a blue text font. Ideas coming from others player and posted on this topic : They will be underlined with a * at the end of the sentence and at the end of the ideas there will be another * followed by the name of the player who gave the idea. If you see one of my idea that look like another one in the forum : Point it out and I will check it out. If I judge that my ideas look to much like theirs, I'm whether going to put a link to their topics or remove my idea, depending on how much the ideas are looking like each others. Before saying my ideas are illogical : Offtopic Every idea in this topic is logical, I would not propose something unrealistic for this game. So for people who might think my ideas are illogical let me tell you that : For me, a zombie did not have his molecular structure changed. Hes still a human, made of flesh, but with a nasty disease. A zombie, obviously lost any personality, emotions or memories. The two things that make the zombies so dangerous is that, first, they do not feel any pain and secondly if they bite you your probably infected (the ratio of infection is depending on the movie or game your talking about). To understand what I am talking about, I will show you the brain schema and explain of a zombie. Zombie brain : Definition of the parts : Frontal Lobe- associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving Parietal Lobe- associated with movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimuli Occipital Lobe- associated with visual processing Temporal Lobe- associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech All of those dark patch are meaning that its dead, so half dead, half alive I don't think that anyone would arg on that part. Zombies are not invincible, zombies can't swim, zombies can't survive underwater (You can't yell if you got no air inside you, where ever it might be x_X, and in project zomboid, the zombies yell, so they still breath!). Zombies can still think, with the primal instinct of any animal who would be hungry, bear would do same thing if they would be starving, and bears are no zombies. So to conclude, zombie is just a virus that spread by sharing some saliva with an open wound and their mouth. They stop attacking peoples right after their dead just because their now also infected. Their no invincibles, they don't got any super powers, and their smell is not duplicated, they are human with a dead body so it's rotting, dying but their still some stimulus coming from their brains. lol made that big explanation, also, if someone tell me that something is not true and its not related with zombies (Cause can't arg about something that don't exist), please bring some facts to prove that I'm wrong cause if you don't... well its my opinion versus yours. Between, mud does hide your scent and make you less visible. Tips : - If you put you mouse over the scrolling new or update text, it will stop scrolling. Survival utilities : Mud(Hiding trick) : [-1] Snorkeling : [-2] NPC's Languages : [0] Environment : Cars as bed : [0] Windows : [0] Tree houses : [1] Canoe : [-1] Corpse odor : [0] Hiding spots : [0] Weapons Fire + iron/metal melee weapons : [0] Home made weapons : [0] The player Gym/Training : [0] Story related items : [0] Betty : Friend's hand : Songs are good for the health! : [0] HUD Arcade : [0] Energy : [0] Topic statue : Not working on it. My email : Fwilhelmy@hotmail.com Shartuku
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