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Found 5 results

  1. I like to play with the 8-hours-per-day setting, but one thing I have noticed is that Flashlights and such will still go out way too quickly. The large flashlight, for example, will last only about 10 in-game minutes on each battery. This feels unrealistic, I still have an old incandescent light bulb flashlight from the 90s which I used plenty and it will last 2 hours before I have to change the batteries and much longer if used on the low-power setting. In my opinion, the duration of flashlights, lighters, matches, candles and light-bulbs really should scale with the time setting or at least have their own slider on the sandbox settings that players can use to tweak it separately.
  2. Hmmm if it could gives some light inside my barricaded house by placing this candle somewhere away of my burned hand !
  3. Canning should be necessary to get through winter just like in "ye old time" Jar lids are basically waxed metal plates, so it would be make sense to be able to refurbished them with candles. As so candles and jars would become quite valuable and it would be good reason to force player to go scavenge even if they are able to farm. Also, canned trout.
  4. Does anyone else feel that the Lit Candle as a light source is nearly entirely useless indoors? It barely makes a difference when lit, as far as I can see. I've even adjusted my monitor's brightness settings, etc., but that barely made it better (and I'd rather not have to do that every time Iplay). The smaller the room, the better it is (more surfaces) but for larger rooms it's terrible. Candles cast much more light in reality than this currently depicts. It makes having them in-game a bit pointless (for indoor use). Am I the only one with this complaint? I saw nobody else saying as mch in any topic when doing a forum search; or even a web search. Here's a scrennshot of me, zoomed all the way in, with a candle lit indoors; See what I mean... or, more aptly, don't see. It's nearly pitch black. With the candle lit. Almost totally black without (I can barely see the walls). Perhpas this is an issue that will be fixed, or with some kind of in-game gamm/brightness slider?
  5. I did a few searches to see if this was brought up somewhere... they yielded no results unless mentioned somewhere in a thread that got off topic. Thought it would be cool to put an item like a candle holder so that we could place a candle on a table or similar surface. Just looking to bring some light into my boarded up house after the electricity goes without opening a curtain and bringing attention to myself. Love the game
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