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Found 6 results

  1. Suggestions 1. Change Vehicle camera positioning. The center of the screen should be shifted forward in the direction of the vehicle. 2. Allow camera movement with RMB like in a normal person view. Currently it is only possible to "aim" the camera when the front window is open... which is illogical. 3. It would be better to introduce "Vehicle camera offset" option to let players configure how far the camera is moved when they enter a vehicle. Rationale 1. In most cases a player does not really need to observe half of the screen behind the car. At the other hand the player needs to look forward and the further he can see the road - the better. It is not possible to "aim" the camera with RMB in a car when the front window is closed but it is possible to do so when you open that window. As the result I found myself in an illogical situation where I open a window to look further by aiming the camera and positioning it so that the car would be at the border of my screen. Because I don't need to know what is BEHIND my car when I move at 100mph speed. The only exception is a situation where I intentionally aim my camera backwards. 2. It is useful to be able to use "aim" camera. I don't really get why we can't use it with closed windows. It would be better to allow players to use this camera and look through the windows of the car exactly the same as they can do with open windows now. 3. In case someone does not like the offset - they can tune it.
  2. I think It'd be nice to be able to rotate the player view camera 360 degrees in the game as well as view it from different angles. It'd help you see those hidden loot behind objects and maybe make it easier to seem the zombies.
  3. Hi! How often do survivors drive cars? Personally, I can't imagine the early days of the game without a car. This is a means of protection, transportation of your person and other good you need in this or that case. I would like to suggest making trips even more comfortable, correct, in my opinion. I noticed that if you get into the car while aiming, the player will be able to independently control the camera - I found it very convenient! You can see what is in the distance in front/ behind /on the side of the car without speeding up. Or move the camera much farther, which will help at high speeds. And everything is smooth and fast, without some “jitter” in contrast to the automatic mode (with disabled vertical synchronization) It would be great if the player, sitting in the car, could independently control the camera. Just the same as he does it on his own two feet - looking around and gazing into any distance. Perhaps it would be possible to add a separate toggle switch in the control settings for this...? All these screenshots were taken from the car. (Edited) You can assign a button to pan the camera and use it while driving. Go to settings, then key bindings, UI section and set a key to "pan the camera".
  4. I've been pouring over the code and found the IsoDummyCameraCharacter class and the IsoCamera class, but I don't know if that's right or how to put it together. I'd like to make a mod that allows the player to "peek" around a corner if a mirror is equipped. I thought maybe make an IsoDummyCameraCharacter one IsoSquare away and then set IsoCamera to it, but is that right? How? I'm stuck. Thanks, Scruffy Fren
  5. Just some suggestions I've thought of since I started playing again. Ability to hotkey any item in the inventory. Ability to hotkey to primary, secondary, or both hands. Ability to lock camera in certain direction, ex: while running from West Point to Muldraugh it would be cool to set the camera so it hangs to the southwest so I can have a heads-up if someone is coming from the other direction without having to aim. I believe this would balance itself out because you would lose visibility to the rear. Ability to paint doors. It's cool to plaster constructed walls then paint them, but then having the constructed door looks lame. I thought of these while playing multiplayer. It really is a lot more fun than I expected, I usually stick to singleplayer.
  6. Hi guys I only just now found out zoom is back in the game (IKR only just 5 minutes ago...) Would it be possible to make a script to auto zoom in the camera all the way as i enter a building(such as every thing you can walk into from the outdoors).Then zoom out to its default zoom as i exit the buildings. How hard would it exactly be? I would think of this being useful maybe not only to me but others aswell.As the thought of this idea popped into my head i was overwhelmed with excitement
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