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Found 1 result

  1. WELL, IT'S BEEN A WHILE FOLKS! UPDATES AND PLANS: Yes! I am back from my... ETERNAL ABSENCE. And now, we have renovated and refurbished our thread. It is no longer a small stand that gives out buildings to the public eye! It is now a MUSEUM that showcases some of the finest buildings made by yours truly! I have gotten used to the Building Program now, still trying to get used with TileZed HOWEVER; we are not here to talk about my struggles with the program itself... We're here to see the buildings showcased in this FINE ESTABLISHMENT! Are you ready for the tour, ladies and gentlemen? LET'S GO! ... what an introduction, amirite? But before we get to the showcase, let's answer some questions to fill in some holes? (no innuendo intended) Q&A(sent by myself since we just started) Q2. Why is your old thread locked? I loved(hated) it! It was locked on my request by Rathlord(Thanks again!) due to the fact it pretty much faded from existence and was really out-of-date due to my long absence. I could have cleared everything out and updated everything in there but it would have been time-consuming and overall, I felt like starting all over would be the best. A fresh start is better than a rotten one that has existed for centuries but didn't go as planned. - DoctahWong Q3. So, what's going to happen to your fabulous(horrendous) buildings from that thread? Will they see a comeback on here They're not coming back, they're gonna be replaced by the buildings posted in this thread; but don't fret! These buildings are much more detailed than the rest since I've gotten more used to the program itself! They're going to be a big improvement from the older entries, so you won't be disappointed by their new design and will appreciate them more than the ones that have been scrapped and thrown in the trash!(I hope.) Q4. Are you still fighting that hopeless petition that The Indie Stone team shall add Chocolate Chip Cookies in the game? Yes I am! But I'm laying low right now as I don't want to get into the wrong side of the law's attitude. ouo'' I also plan to make a petition for more clothing like hoodies of varying colors, more shoes based off of Converse and Vans! Sunglasses like aviators and eyeglasses! And Hats! LOTS AND LOTS OF HATS OF MANY VARIETIES AND COLORS. BASEBALL CAPS, BEANIES, BANDANAS, FACE BANDANAS, TOP HATS, BOWLER HATS, BOONIE HATS, EVERYTHING. It'll probably fade into the forgotten seas of the unknown as well though. BUT I WILL FIGHT NO MATTER WHAT. Now that that's dealt with, let's get on with the buildings and explain as to why has been improved and changed! What's New with THESE buildings! HERE AT WONG ENTERPRISES, WE WANT TO FULFILL YOUR GUARANTEED SATISFACTION! SO WE IMPROVED SOME DESIGNS AND CONCEPTS. Alright, enough exaggeration! So, what has been revamped that sets them apart from the older buildings? The buildings I create take some inspiration from the West Point and Muldraugh buildings like their layout, design cues, and styling of the exterior. Basically replicas but with my own twists added to make them stand out! Although, not all buildings are replicas in a way, some are my own ideas and imaginations while having some inspiration and looking at references for those specific venues on the internet like a hospital(still a work-in-progress) and an industrial factory of sorts(hasn't begun yet; subject to change.)! While the catalog of buildings in the category below may still seem limited, more buildings are on their way! So stay tuned for more buildings coming at later dates! Fine assortment of buildings in categories linked below!(COURTESY OF IMGUR): The Residential Buildings of the Museum The Commercial Buildings of the Museum (empty for now) The Community Buildings of the Museum The Restaurant Buildings of the Restaurant (empty for now) The Misc. Buildings of the Museum (empty for now) The Industrial Buildings of the Museum (empty for now) The Special Buildings of the Museum (empty for now) (These buildings have special items like a generator or propane tanks in them) (Download links are in their respective individual pages!) Phew, this took a while to type in! How long was it? Like almost an hour? Hehe! Took all the effort I had with complex terms and all. But all in a honest day's work! REMEMBER! Stay tuned for more buildings to come! CREDIT AND PERMISSION OF USAGE:
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