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Found 3 results

  1. Quick Summary: Louisville, KY is the disco ball capital of the world. Adding a disco ball factory would be a fun addition. Explanation: Over 90% of all disco balls worldwide are manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky. In the 1980s around 25 people, mostly women, made disco balls, manufacturing 25 per day per worker. Its in a smaller factory. The disco balls, formally known as mirror balls, are filled with aluminum, then have the mirrors put on. Their factory floor had a boom box for music - playing the best disco music, of course! This company also had a decently-sized wood products division sharing factory space with the mirror division, and the mirror division also makes traditional mirrors, but it is most known nationally & internationally for the disco balls. The manufacturing process, as described by the woman who has been making them for nearly 50 years (and she still does!), Yolanda "Yo Yo" Baker: On a recent morning, Baker showed how sheets of mirror glued to heavy cloth are scored in various sizes and then broken into squares. Strips of mirrored cloth are then cut into workable lengths. She grabs an aluminum shell, made in Illinois, and carefully applies glue. The middle of the ball is covered first with what Baker calls the "belly band" and then, one strip at a time, she starts the laborious process of turning a dull ball into an explosion of light. Links & Sources: Manufacturer website - https://omegamirrorproducts.com/products/antique-mirrors/antique-mirror-cover-plates/ https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2016/12/26/yolanda-baker-the-last-of-the-disco-ball-makers/94273574/ https://www.lanereport.com/171035/2024/02/louisville-based-rev-a-shelf-acquires-of-omega-national-products/ tl;dr please consider adding a wood products/mirror factory in Louisville, especially one full of disco balls, in honor of this company & these women's hard work. P.S. One company anecdote described how, once upon a time, an unmarked police vehicle drove straight into the factory wall, with its whole front inside the building! Maybe a fun addition to the building? P.S.S. Working disco balls would also be LIT, I wanna see zombies swaying in a mosh pit now, or a survivor using their dance moves on a dance floor under a disco ball
  2. The Company takes you on a brutal trip through the business world, simulating every aspect of a company's rise to world domination. Using more than 50 variables, the game's engine can calculate precise growth figures and takes into account a huge amount of factors, from political tensions in neighboring countries to your employee's happiness with their salaries. The game is currently in alpha stage and we're looking for feedback and ideas! We have no doubt that there is a huge market of potential entrepeneurs who are interested in this genre, so we'd like to know what are your opinions and comments on the game.Available (for free) at: http://gamejolt.com/games/thecompany/243782 http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-companyA few screenshots:Select one of four unique industries, weighing every factor before you decide. Choose how hardcore of an entrepeneur you are by selecting the continent where you will begin. Each continent has four different countries to further increase your choice of difficulty. Each country has different factors that are considered in your company's sales success, such as national investment on research or current economic situation. Use your initial capital and entrepeneurial drive to start building your company from the ground up. Choose from over 80 different upgrades in Logistics, Marketing, Strategy, Motivation and Company Culture to increase your market traction and company's success.Expect to encounter challenges around every corner as you surpass important milestones during the game. Your strategies will be constantly put at check by unexpected events.
  3. so ya, I'm starting a business in the next few weeks, my first.. Also asking permission to post link for it in my profile or something... Members from here would get a discount. For TIS it would be a bigger discount.
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