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Found 3 results

  1. Okay, so my suggestion is actually two suggestions in one that kind of compliment each other. 1st, burning barrels which could lower chance significantly of your base getting set on fire while inside your base (to be clear, inside your base doesn't mean inside the house) but if you have walls then like behind those walls. 2nd, certain flooring could stop fire spread entirely when combined with burning barrel. So I'm thinking one cement or gravel slab placed down under the burning barrel should prevent fires from being caused in your base other than in the intended burning barrel obviously. This would not work in a building made of wood but could still be plausible in a stone, brick or cement room without any furniture. This came to me cause in my city we have to have a designated burning container to have fires ever since the city took over. Prior bon-fires were possible but they claim that burning containers can prevent forest fires or just out of control fires in general. So I figured we could do the same with PZ. Thoughts?
  2. Just a quick suggestion for the burning of corpses as shown off in the build 28 video. I would like to see a pyre that you could build. It would take a large pile of wood and then from there you can use the "grab corpse" from the ground and then walk to the pile you've built and drag it into it's inventory. Using the world filler the corpses could show up on the pile as you stacked them on. Once the player has piled the zombies on top he could then light the pyre and it would burn, taking the corpses with it. The main reason I thought this could be a good idea is so that the burning of bodies as shown in the videos seems a bit dangerous, the fire could spread or the player could accidentally burn himself. Also this would be a good idea for a mod I suppose but I don't know how!
  3. Hey everyone, i find it really annoying that when i finally have got my new base i have all these dead bodies of the zombies i killed inside the house. I think it would be a really good feature that you can drag, drop and even burn dead body's (for example with gasoline and a lighter/matches). and also a way to clean up blood. To some pleople this might sound unnecessary. But i think that would be pretty awesome. Thanks for paying attention and hopefully some people like my idea
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