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  1. FOLLOW-UP: I've confirmed all of these locations were in the real 1993 Louisville - West Point - Valley Station area except the fireworks store. In a separate post I'll have more generic buildings. 1) The National Weather Service office of far southern suburban Louisville. Its Doppler radar was installed in early 1994 between West Point & Fort Knox. Images of the older radar office + the machinery is here: Radar History at Louisville (weather.gov) In 1993 the office was in southern suburban Louisville, Jefferson County, per April 16, 1998 Poster (weather.gov) - it's just off the highway near where you'd see offramp highway gas stations and basic stores, so it feels more like a rural town than suburban Louisville. - this website includes lots of old posters which you can freely use in PZ; just ask them. 2) GE Appliance Park, in southeastern suburban Louisville. General Electric's Appliance Park in Louisville, KY (Google Maps) (virtualglobetrotting.com) Appliance Park Map.pdf (geappliances.com) It's a vast campus. Half a dozen of the buildings are for production, and the largest is a massive warehouse. It began construction in the 50s and was finished by the 50s or 60s. These factory floors are for making washing machines, dryers, fridges, microwaves, and so forth - so it'd be near-useless to a survivor too, except for scrapping the production lines for goods. You could also use the name of the wholesale kitchen seller already existing in the game's downtown Louisville. 3) The Sheraton Hotel, today known as the Seelbach Hotel. Seelbach Hotel - Wikipedia This luxury hotel is mentioned by name in the Great Gatsby, and Al Capone used one of its back rooms for his dealings, as he had a secret escape door installed in that back room. Numerous secret tunnels and escape routes exist in this hotel. The hotel's been in three movies: The Hustler (1961), The Insider (1999) and The Great Gatsby (2013). The Seelbach Hilton Louisville, KY This link has 3D virtual tours of some of the rooms & meeting rooms in the building: 3D Room & Floor Plans - The Seelbach Hilton Note this hotel is VERY distinct from the already-existing hotel downtown, as this one is truly luxurious. 4) Any of these plaques and/or locations, all found here: https://www.hmdb.org/results.asp?HistMark=Y&WarMem=Y&FilterNOT=&FilterTown=&FilterCounty=jefferson&FilterState=ky&FilterZip=&FilterCountry=&FilterCategory=0&SeriesID=249&Search=Series 5) Phantom Fireworks, in a small town east of Valley Station: Phantom of Louisville South | Phantom Fireworks Numerous photos of the interior are on its website and Yelp Photos for Phantom Fireworks of Louisville - South - Yelp . It just sells lots, and lots, of things that go boom. Given that the soft start date of the Event is July 9th, there'd likely be 4th of July clearance sales of red, white, & blue fireworks on the 9th.
  2. Map Coordinates: 8285x10050x1 (level 1 and level 2 actually) • Version - 41.68 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer - Singleplayer (probably MP as well) • Host or dedicated - N/A • Mods - No • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game in Apocalypse mode. 2. use carpentry to build stairs inside the werehouse at level 0. 3. visit the level 1 using the new stairs (only happens if you use the stairs) • Why its important: Because of that, at level 1, the game thinks you are outside (Screenshot 02), temperature and rain goes inside and destroys the idea of using the two floors of that building (probably it happens for all buildings, rooftops isn't much "solid" in PZ).
  3. All of the 40 or so buildings that appear in my Ballincoolin map. Brenhouse is my house (see attached photo for position suggestion)! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=857149458 ballincoolinbuildings.zip
  4. Hey everybody, It's been a while since i've worked on project zomboid. Now during my downtime I realised something, one of which is that I'd rather share the stuff I make with all of you instead of keeping it all to myself on a computer where it may never see the light of day. Therefore I setup a drive where you can download some of my buildings (with more to come) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1soYaJGvCgehE6uBz32LK2wOMjQ144MdF?usp=sharing Please give credit where credit is due and don't put them in other repositories without my permission. Now most of these buildings heavily rely on my custom tiles, which can be found here on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2337452747&searchtext=tile and for a handful of cases I've also used custom tiles from the following packs (which are not made by me): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2599752664&searchtext=tile https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2384329562&searchtext=tile Now these buildings are all free to use so feel free to do so. BUT if you'd like to show your appreciation or simply have too much cash you can support me making stuff for project zomboid here: https://www.patreon.com/DaddyDirkieDirk?fan_landing=true I haven't been as active lately but im determined to make a change to that. Daddy dirkie dirk out.
  5. https://ufile.io/w02uf I added a bunch of my residential and commercial zones aswell.. alot of building variety to be added to a map.. .I hope someone adds them to a map, it be cool to play in those buildings. some buildings might be missing room definitions, dont remember, this pack was abandoned months ago and I believed it was better off if the community had them. ====I strongly advice not to edit the buildings, they are made for the player to struggle to get in, Let the player figure out how to go in, them. some of the buildings blocks are straight puzzels with many dead ends==== ***DONT FORGET TO INSTALL THE CUSTOM WALLS IN YOUR 1X 2X FOLDER!***
  6. Project Chernaurus Buildings and such will be posted here from now on. Hope you all enjoy. Map is complete (minus buildings and such.) There are placeholder tiles for where buildings will be placed. The map size is 6000px x 6000px. It's a huge map.Buildings and whatnot are what's left (basically everything) to make it a real fun map to get immersed in!! Update: 2/11/2014 Chernogorsk I am currently constructing the city of Cherno, with the help of Maklane, I have a couple buildings to get started, while making my own buildings for the world. If I do use other members buildings I will be sure to credit those as well. Hopefully won't take too long and I will post pictures of the progress. Thank y'all for visiting! Update: 2/24/2014 Getting more buildings created, been a bit busy with life, but still building on my off days and whenever I have a chance to work on them. Learned a bit about custom tiles, might have my own tiles made for the castles, from some examples I've seen online. Also will be making cracked, peeled walls, a more run down look for Chernarus. New roof tiles and so on. dead body tiles and other miscellaneous tiles for atmosphere. Update: 5/4/2014 Project Chernaurus will be suspended until further notice. (Due to a busy work schedule). I am very happy with the work I've been putting in to make it the best fun map to play on so hopefully I'll get back to it and get it up and running so all can enjoy in the near future. I've been out a while and haven't really updated anything but before the busy weeks I finished placing buildings in Chernogorsk and most of the map is finished. I had some random close calls with TILEZED almost failing and causing memory issues. I guess the map has so many nooks and crannies to explore which made it bigger and more memory intensive but all that is really left is touch ups and things of that nature. So even though I've finished all the easy work now is where the HARD WORK begins and where I will leave it for the time being until I have more time to myself and my hobby as opposed to WORK, FAMILY and SCHOOL. I'm sorry about the bad news!! I will be out of contact with this forum for a while, but will randomly visit the website whenever I have a chance!! Again so sorry for the news!! Sorry for not posting any screenies, too much work and so many ways I'd like to present it and make it look nice so I guess I will wait until I have more time to. Project Chernaurus BUILDINGS Survivor Graveyard + Camping Grounds Survivor's Home Home Sweet Home 2 Story House Barracks: Two Variations: Grocery Store Apartment Buildings: All Directions(2/24/2014) Links Available!! Country Home Modified Chernarus Bar (Maklane) Russian Style Home...maybe? Cherno Indsutrial Area A few thanks to: The creators of PZ for an awesome game, Mendoca, Maklane, Thuztor, and everyone else who creates and contributes to the communtiy
  7. So how does one normally start of these off? Welp here goes nothing.... I do enjoy Project zomboid from Alpha eight until forty-one but over the course of time. A few things about the game has bothered me a tiny little bit and I do implore the Dev's if they decide to read this to at least consider the ideas going forward. Idea 1#: A Hospital / FEMA Quarantine zone: I believe in every zombie survival game. There should be a Hospital / Quarantine zone and hopefully with a little magic it should be loaded with zombies. either on the outside or inside depending. I think it would be a fun idea to have a very small possibility of having Nurses and or Doctors spawning in said hospital or Quarantine zone. With that being mentioned. There should be a very small chance of finding Hazmat suits along with hazmat zombies that should be much harder to kill with fire. I think it would add more to the Lore of the game and it would add a tiny bit more to the game with some added challenge. Idea 2#: Jobs and Skills and items: One thing that has bothered me is how lack luster the job section is at the start of the game. I think to add some more Zang into the mix. The Job skill that is selected should be able to carry some upgrades as the game goes on that allows the players to unlock exclusive perks. For example: A FEMA Military Solider over the course of time could turn into Veteran with added benefits or another example a Nurse could turn into a Doctor or a Doctor could turn into Surgeon with added medical perks. I believe having a job upgrade system would implore players on MP or Single player to live out for as long as possible and it would add value to keeping your character alive for long as possible. ( Moving forward on this subject ) - Going about Surgeon - I think if someone is shot they have to undergo Surgery depending on location of the bullet in which it hits the player body, which requires someone to either be knocked out via Medicine or if we go back to the old civil war days. Lots and Lots of booze or if you wanted to be awake during this painful event, an extreme amount of painkillers. Idea 2 Part 2: I also think Gunsmithing should be considered along with more types of guns and being able to make bullets for all types of guns along with a workbench to craft add on to bullets like explosives rounds or incendiary rounds. Also I think being able to make scopes for guns would be interesting as well. I think it should be noted that more guns Like Heavy Machine guns or Sub machine guns should be added to the game however, the lack of guns disturbs me a bit coming from a military background and a guy who enjoy's coming up with said ideas for these types of games! Idea 2 Part 3: Lastly, I think if we can grow wheat in high quantities. You should be able to make Bio-fuel and put a stop to what it seems to be unlimited Gas farming at the Gas Stations. It also would add even more importance to the Engineers in the game and would add long term play ability to their kits as well. Last by not least Idea #3 Events: I think the game should try to include extremely rare but very extreme events such as a blizzard, Polar Vortex, Major Forrest Fire or Flooding/ Flash Floods. I think if the game could add extreme environment events. It would add another layer of Strategy per play through of the game and it would make it very difficult for some players to stay in one area for example near the river or in the woods for example. Personally, regarding events. I think when it comes to player decision. there needs to be some sort of Risk element to every decision or otherwise the game loses out on repeatability. What do you guys think ? Also please feel free to add comments and add more ideas . I would love to read about them. JewishCowboy - Over and Out - (Radio goes silent )
  8. It seems reasonable to think that early 1993 KY would have the following businesses/locations in addition to those I have already seen in Vanilla: -Auto Parts Store/section of the hardware store -Plumbing Supply Store/section of the hardware store -Thrift Shop -Pawn Shop -Plant Nursery/Gardening Supply -Cattle Ranch -Liquor Store -Public Library -Towing Service and Tow Trucks Please keep in mind that I haven't explored everything and might be suggesting things that are already included. Also, I'm sure there are others that would also make sense. Happy Surviving!
  9. I was wondering if there is any way to edit interior doors so they can be locked? I am designing a large apartman building and its just odd for all doors to be open.
  10. I was wondering if there is any way to edit interior doors so they can be locked? I am designing a large apartman building and its just odd for all doors to be open.
  11. I've returned to my map project after a long hiatus and need to create terraced and semi detached houses. I'm just wondering whether it's better to just make 1 long building, or 2, 3, 4 buildings etc and place them next to each other in the editor. Do they play nice when they're that close? Creating 1 building would be quicker but I'm guessing when house keys spawn, it would be a 1 key fits all scenario which would make scavenging & base building a lot easier. There aren't any examples in the vanilla map to take inspiration from so any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Sadly, I'm unable to finish some projects. As I do not have the same amount of spare time when I started building. So I share all the _.tbx-files I used (Free for all). And hope it will help other members with there projects. * Downtown Included, are some (adjusted) buildings made by other members: - DoctahWong_Cortman Medical - Doublebrain_ Abandoned Factory - Jinja_ House-1 and House-2 - Veged_Small House - Phex_Garages Thanks, to those members for sharing. Downtown_.tbx-files * Oil-Gas/Container/Grain Terminal Terminal_.tbx-files Have Fun! Kind regards, Z3759xy
  13. Hi everyone, I'm just learning Tilezed Worlded, and need a little push in the right direction here... So I've got my TEST.png, TEST_veg.png, TEST_ZombieSpawnMap.bmp - [Started] TileZed, went into WorldEd... - [Converted] to TMX with no errors - [Loaded] successfully into WorldED - [Clicked] cell 0,0 and everything loaded and looks as it did in TileZed - Added Building, and [Saved] as TEST.pzw - Went back to Tilezed, [Edit] - [Preferences] - [Zomboid], added the WorldEd Project file I just saved... - [Closed] TEST_0_0.tmz.... [RE-OPENED] TEST_0_0.tmz And I am not seeing my buildings in TileZed.... Am I missing something ? ====================== EDIT ========================= So under the [Edit] - [Preferences] - [Zomboid] tab where it states you must close/re-open to see changes... I thought this to mean merely the TMX file.... But it seems to me, that closing and opening via the [FILE] menu doesn't make the changes appear.... Instead, when I close it and restart TileZed completely, the changes (buildings in this case) are visible in TileZed, to allow further editing of the landscape with buildings in place for reference... Hope this saves someone else some aggravation!!!!
  14. Start to post this in small suggestion topic. But Finally post here, because is longer to explain. when aiming a zombie, there is too much damage on structure around. I affraid to fight zombie on my builded stairs, in corridor safehouse, side to crates. because each time I hurt the structure too, even with hand ! Are we as clumsy, even at lvl 10 ? Should be only damages on the zombie when aimed. Tools needed to destruction is not enough diversified (everything with sledgehammer) and not match to the most efficiency tools : wire fence and wall, barbed wire (IRL with rebounce , you can't effeciency destruct a this kind of wall with sledgehammer) could maybe destructed with a saw (as the picture of it is one of metal saw !! ), by blowtorch or adding pliers. Metal walls are at the limit, is it a really strong wall ? so seldgehammer coulb be useless and use instead blowtorch. tissue based objects (carpets, curtains) should be destructed by other tools (may scissor) builded structures damages by weapons aren't selective enough. You can hurt everything with hands, axes,etc.. : assuming that punch a metal wall (what about wooden wall ?) could only result in a fracture for human, and others hardness limit. Wooden base : axe, crowbar, (hands ? really ?), sledgehammer, fire weapons and bunt weapons with malus solid metal base : sledgehammer, fire weapons with big malus wired metal base : axe (with big malus)
  15. ALL BUILDINGS I MADE Since I intend to continue on creating buildings for the community, i took advice from Atoxwarrior and made a single post for all my creations! Feel free to go throgh them and pick the one you liked the most You can use'em freely on whatever project you might be doing, just mention me in the "credits". ====MADE BY TEREC====
  16. Hello fellow players and map editors. I'll be posting my custom buildings here as I make them. I'd like to hear what you guys think so that I could get a good feeling what this community wants. So far, I built a simple, one story office building that could be a car dealership. A parking lot will soon come separately. I might be able to expand the building... Loot will contain tools (Such as wrenches, hammers, etc.) and electronic parts.
  17. Since I dont have time to map , I will release all my buildings to the community , in the pack you might find some stuff from community members (credits to them). 95% of the stuff is mine the rest of the stuff is from the community and former members of the Romero City Team (which is now defunct ) you will see their names in their folders. Anyways hope you guys find use to them, and dont forget to ADD THE CUSTOM TILEZ to tilezed !!!!!!! or you will end up with a bunch of ????????????????????? ... For some buildings you will still get them, because I lost the tilez i used in them, so either erase the ?????? manually or just dont use the building! -=-=-=-=-- As for the tilez, i gathered them from google-=-=-=-=-=- Basically the read me says almost the same thing as i typed here. downloads: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2yguw2mni1wqjg/more buildings.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8f0kneu7jyowukp/BUILDINGS AND CUSTOM TILEZ.zip?dl=0
  18. Atox Worker Hello future generations of builders and veterans in this field, I want to make my contribution to future project Zomboid maps, so I will create this forum to put my buildings and houses, I hope you like my designs. You can also visit my channel if you like to see the videos that I play, by the way are in Spanish. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-goevTACPqNcdEIrc5qeRg If you like my buildings can collaborate downloading buildings with Ouo.io links are just 5 seconds of waiting, I'll add the same link without advertising Ouo.io, thanks for appreciating my work. Some buildings have custom Tiles, so secure some question marks appear they are not many but they only have to remove them and thus be able to use the buildings. example of the download links: Ouo.io: Direct: Houses Public services. Commercial. Industrial. Environment decorations and accessories. Farm. Others Abandoned buildings. Any correction to the constructions of this forum I can be mentioned in the comments, so I'll take care of the buildings to a good finish.
  19. I mean adding new buildings and furnitures without overwrite the original files.
  20. Hey all, With my recent mapping adventures I bring to you: 34 buildings I'm not using. There's yours, yes YOURS I havn't checked these in quite some time and were made with the old tools, so would probably have a few issues regarding the 2x update. Here's a little screenshot with some of the buildings you'll find in the download -TG Unused.zip
  21. For example,what should I do to add a kind of new chair into PZ's building menu?
  22. Hey All, I really need a good description of how the keys work in-game. I am currently developing buildings for a map, but if I was to create a building like a Hotel... how would the keys work? When creating a building like a hotel in BuildingEd, you would create as one building... so would one key open all the doors? I ask because my expectation would be that 1 Key opens one door... Other wise all hotel keys are Master keys and I need to move to Muldraugh hahaha My reference for asking is developing semi-detached or rows of houses, I don't want 1 key to open all the houses in a row, if developed as one building in BuildingEd. And the reason for wanting to develop them as one building is because it's hard to align them correctly in TileZed when using multiple buildings. As the buildings will overlap, overwriting the other buildings tiles. Thanks for any responses -TG
  23. This is something that's been floating in my mind for a while now. Why should we always get Bored when doing stuff inside of a building and not by doing THE SAME THINGS outside? There should be a Trait to change this, and this is where the ''Shut-in'' Trait comes. Name: Shut-In Type: Positive Opposite: Outdoorsman/Claustrophobic Points: -2/-3 Notes: ''Not affected by long periods of indoors inactivity'' (Could use a better description...) Effect: Boredom will not increase when inside of a building or when not doing anything. This way, we'll not have to read a book after a long period of cooking, crafting, sorting stuff around or base or any indoors activity in which you sink plenty of time.
  24. Hello community project Zomboid, this is a call to all the builders of the community to make their tools, it is time to revive the creativity and expand the boundaries of the walls and alleys, for the sake of an urban environment dedicated to zombie apocalypse, mapmakers those who have completed their projects invite you to share their buildings to the unification of this section of the forums, certainly among the most dedicated people we build beautiful homes and buildings have more high-quality maps. I will share some images to be an inspiration to design its buildings, they are one of my favorite games SimCity sure some of you know what. I hope they give the best of their experience and achieve great results, just ask you to please each building must have all the furniture in their rooms, it is somewhat difficult to fill buildings of furniture, so delay in constructing a single building will be worth ( Quality is better than quantity), try to avoid bugs caused by the stairs one above the other, and items of furniture that block the way, among other things, a lot of love to remember what they build. They need more inspiration here you leave this page, so let your imagination fly: http://community.simtropolis.com/gallery/category/4-simcity-4/ Here is a beautiful example of what can be bigger than the buildings if they propose. If you want to share your work, remember to publish the image of the building and link TBX file. Working with all the inspiration.
  25. Now that pre-barricaded houses are a thing (and I love it, 'cuz after clearing them, they make a great place to hide from other hordes), I've started to notice a rather annoying and inaccurate behavior in certain Zeds; those that fall from a second floor. Whenever there's a two floors house that's barricaded and the Zed start pouring out of the 2nd floor's windows (which aren't barricaded), they just fall and keep lunging towards me (even if I set them to ''Weak'' and ''Feeble'') like nothing had happened. I understand that pain and broken bones are alien concepts to a brainless Zed, but still, it feels sorta wrong that they can fall from the same distance that often breaks one of my character's legs and just dash towards me. Could it be possible to change that? I mean, I don't expect them to fall and die (maybe that could go for 3rd floors and higher) but at the very least, I expected them to become ''Ankle Biters''; start crawling on the ground after they fell, because that whole ''Screw Gravity! Imma Zed!'' thing of them sorta feels unrealistic and overpowered.
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