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Found 70 results

  1. With the firearms overhaul a while back and the medical overhaul a few patches ago, I would very much love to see a carpentry overhaul worked into an update. Keep in mind, I am suggesting an entire overhaul, not a small change or addition; i'm not asking them to add everything I have suggested in the next update, I understand that some/all of these suggestions will take lots of time and may not even be possible to add to the game. That being said, please read on. What I would like to see included in this overhaul: Completely redo the carpentry system (and the skill books as well). In order to be able to craft certain things you must read a skill book, these books will "teach" you how to create certain objects/structures (meaning they will no longer be grayed out in the crafting window ) allowing you to create more and better structures Perhaps metalworking (unless your character was employed as a metalworker in his past life, he will have to read a few carpentry books to learn how), welding, electricity work (add an "electrician" character, some books on electric work, etc.), and other things like this could be added to the game. Some more recipes like: different sizes of boxes/crates (have a different inventory count and take up different amounts of space), the ability to add wooden/metal security bars to doors, craft-able ladders and hatches, reinforcing doors/walls/windows/ with metal bars (you will have to know how to weld, skill books! ), and concrete/brick walls (again, skill books... or just choose to be a construction worker when you're creating a character). The construction worker should spawn with a few levels of carpentry already unlocked (do this with the other jobs as well, like a police officer, doctor, etc.). New tools like drills, jackhammers (not sure what we'll do with this, would be cool tho ), wrenches, chainsaws, box cutters, tire irons, mallets, hatchets, sheers... those are all that are coming to mind currently :/. Tool boxes: contains several tools, nails/screws, and other items like wire, twine etc.That is really all that I can think of/want to include in my suggestion. If you want to add to this suggestion, ask me to remove an item from this suggestion, or whatevs please post a comment. PS: I know that they wouldn't have made a suggestions thread without wanting people to suggest things, but writing this suggestion made me feel selfish D: ... Thank you devs for creating such a great game and for taking suggestions, love what you all have created for us! PPS: The " :P" face may have been overused... . This was the first thing I posted on here btw, please be nice peeps! ALSO: I'm sure some of these may have already been suggested so sorry for re-suggesting them. These were just my suggestions, not trying to steal somebody else's idea or spam the forums.
  2. Im going insane about this issue I have. I have just started with building stuff with the editors in project zomboid. This is the situation I face After I have installed the ZomboidMapTools1_1 and overwritten the tools withthe update files (TileZed-Jan-18-2014-64bit) I have done very litle else than locate the folder for the tiles. Did I mention the snow inside my building? very anoying... These are the steps I take.. 1. I construct a building with the Building editor inside the Tilezed, I save this building which has rooms, walls and roof plus different objects such as doors and containers. I save this file as "alternative.tbx. 2. I open WorldEd -> open muldraugh.pzw , then locate cell 10,12 -> double click on the cell. 3. I place "alternative.btx" and a default building from the tools "lot_house_medium_18_farmhouse.tbx" next to each other. I add the second as a control to avoid wasting time chasing construction ghosts. I save Cell 10,12 (35,37)this , then I click on "The world" save this as well. I can see both buildings place in the cell "The World" 4 I go to File->Generate Lots->Selected Cells Only-> Input the following: "E:\Modding\PZ\tools\MyMaps\Lotpacks" for the lot files "E:\Modding\PZ\tools\rawmap\ZombieSpawnMap.bmp" for the zombie spawn map World Origin offset is x25 y25 I click Apply 5. I go back then click Ok in the same window. 6. I see : Generating .lot files (10,12) -> generated lot files ...Finished ! Buildings: 4 Rooms: 24 Room rects: 33 Room Objects:23 7. I Export the two files to the server inside the propper folder, start the server. 8. I enter the server as admin then run to the location and to my insane issue... There is snow inside the buildings on level 0 (I can build plank floors ontop of that snow) Both buildings have their floors covered in snow. Please, help me
  3. Hi. I am currently working on the building mod and after I looked at the new log walls I want to implement something like it is done there with rope, strings and ripped sheets. In essence I want to have a building option that works with different items as a requisite, but needs only one of them. This is a test if I get it working. The option in particular is not that important. I tried different approaches, none of them worked. I am currently at this: The option in the submenu is working, it looks if one of the gastanks is in the inventory, and if one is, the option gets "white". But when I click it, nothing happens. In the console it says: function: onSmallPropaneTank -- file: BuildingMod.lua line # 2341 function: onMouseUp -- file: ISContextMenu.lua line # 78 attempted index: getInventory of non-table: null----------------------------------------- STACK TRACE The line 2341 is in the onSmallPropaneTank function. It's the line with the first "if not" I'd tried a positive condition ("if" instead of "if not") before, but that didn't work and the "getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("xxx")" allways uses an "if not", so I went for that. It looks better if I use only "if", like this: But with that I get the same error message. Atm I think the problem is not if I use a positive or negative condition, but something else, and I am at a loss what this could be. Any help would be much appreciated. I am beginning to understand the lua code and my try and error method in this particular case hasn't got me very far.
  4. Hey guys, some of you may have read this suggestion earlier, however after reading a post about suggestions, I thought I would make it easier to understand. One thing I would like to see implemented into Project Zomboid is the modification/upgrade of constructed features, I.e. (wooden walls, crates, wooden doors, frames ect.) The idea behind this is that as your character levels their construction abilities, they can then upgrade features previously constructed without having to tear them down (whilst losing marerials) and rebuilding them.
  5. Viceroy's Lots and Cells. *** Hello there strangers and regulars alike! Here I shall post my lots and cells as I make them or find time to release them. I reserve the right to remove lots after uploading should I deem them improper due to user feedback or as the map of PZ changes and I need to relocate them. But hopefully I'll be able to do that without too much trouble in the future so hooray for the future! Also, all my works are made with Erosion in mind, they are thus unaged and undamaged by default. If you want to break a window feel free to do so! *** Cells *** These are packaged cells that overwrite a base game cell. You install them just like you would a mod. Hopefull all works well and as intended. If not, PM me or post down below! Cooper's Peanut Packaging Plant Coordinates. This is a peanut packaging plant that is added to Dixie, it is positioned on the railroad located proximally to the South. Not a major feat of engineering, but hey, adds another creepy place near to Dixies. Viceroy's Asylum Coordinates. This is my asylum, same one that is featured in RingoD123's map. Although this is a stand-alone and with the yard done by me, with the particular feel I had imagined for it. Fence might bee too OP, let me know. TO INSTALL: 1. Click title of the cell you want. 2. Download *.zip. 3. place exctacted folder into your mods folder. 4. Activate mod in modloader. 5. Start a new world. Feel free to chew on my ears, comment and change the world! *** Lots *** [reserved]
  6. Viceroy

    Large Asylum Complex

    Viceroy's Asylum for the Insane! Done: Floorplan. Furnishing. Lighting. Not Yet Done: Decals. Asylum Grounds. (Partially Done) Signpost & Reception Signpost. <<< Looking for a spriter on this The Asylum features among other things the following rooms: Cramped cells for the insane! Kitchens! Canteens! Bathrooms! Showers! Laundry Rooms! Medical Area! Checkpoints! Lounges! Libraries! Stuff I forgot! Now on to pictures for the less read-y types: From Afar: Ground Floor: First Floor: Reception: Medical: Download Link Up: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ca6efyj43a76v7o/challengemaps.zip Asylum: https://www.dropbox....hemp asylum.tbx Greenhouse: https://www.dropbox...._greenhouse.tbx Groundskeeper: https://www.dropbox....oundskeeper.tbx Boiler Room / Ventilation Room: https://www.dropbox....ylum_boiler.tbx Instructions: Extract the zip folder and place the contents into your ProjectZomboid\media\maps\challengemaps folder; should overwrite Challenge1 and Challenge2, I have included backups of the original maps in case you want to go back again. The *.tbx files can be placed in any map so feel free to do so, just let me know (so I can check it out) and credit me, all is well. Message me if you have issues or thoughts. Thanks goes out to the internet for allowing me to google stuff and to civilization for building asylums.
  7. The Embassy. hello Zomboid community. Today I bring you a new building, as I have time without much activity on the forums I want to share a new building for all. An embassy of Venezuela that I have created, I will include them also custom tiles having this building. Here the link fails TBX file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3auf0pj6d6w1uzm/Embajada.tbx?dl=0 Custom tiles here fails to utilize this building. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9ssju8odb9ff7p/00ATOX-Embajada.png?dl=0 Special thanks to Doublebrain. for their contribution in making computers that I included in my building hopefully also serve to you. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7280-where-do-i-post-sprites-maybe-here/ well this is it, I hope they like my contribution I will continue working for future publications, enjoy ....
  8. I really enjoy exploring the large "special" buildings like the schools, mall, and warehouses so I was wondering about having a University nearby. When I searched on Google it looked like there was some colleges fairly close to Muldraugh so I think it could be doable. Just think about having a survivor clan staying there. Now that would be an impressive base!
  9. This server has been renamed and moved to: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13581-pvp247us-deadpixel-pz-deadpixelcom/
  10. Hello fellow survivors! My name is VenomDG. I had an idea while surviving with my friend. We found it hard to fully keep zombies away from our base of operations with our own force using axes and guns, which just attract more. I suggested it would be really cool to be able to set traps around our base that zombies would run into and we would be able have to clean off and reset in case of allot of zombies were to wander on over. I would like to see something like the forest. How they use the traps. Maybe have like 2 posts in the ground [logs] and use wire between them that will tangle zombies causing damage when they try to move if they go in it. Ill make a list here if ideas for traps i have: • [ Wire fence ] Crafted using 5 wire and 2 logs, Causes damage and slows zombies who walk against the fence. Wires have a duration on them and will snap if to many zombies are against them at one time or have been used enough. You can repair them with a screwdriver and wire. • [ Wacker ] Crafted using 3 Nailed baseball bats, 2 logs, 2 rope, 10 nails, and 1 wire. Would kill a zombie when triggered by swinging the bats up at the zombie. < Needs to be reset after use > • [ Lobber ] Crafted using 1 shotgun / pistol, 3 planks, 1 wire, 2 sticks, 20 nails, and 1 rope. Would essentially be a gun on a stand and when a zombie crosses the wire it would shoot the gun killing the zombie. You would have to reload the gun by opening the inventory and inserting the proper ammunition. Should be used in door ways. < Very inaccurate > • [ Mauler ] Crated using 1 sledge hammer, 2 rope, 1 wire, 2 sticks, 10 nails, and 3 logs. The zombie pulls the wire ripping the sticks from the ground letting the rope lose and would send a sledge hammer flying down killing any zombie it its way and pushing back others. < Needs to be reset after use > • [ Hangers ] Not a trap for killing, But slowing down zombies. Thus allowing you to get more control of crowds / hordes. Crafted using 5 sand/gravel/dirt bags, 3 logs, and 5 rope. Would make a wall of hanging bags for zombies to walk through, slowing down the zombies as they come through. • [ Holman ] The trap from the game "The Forest" Also known as the 'Happy birthday trap' Would be crafted using 4 planks, 2 rope, 2 logs, 20 nails, and 20 sticks. Would trigger a wall to rise up (Much like the wacker) killing any zombies in the way of the trap. • [ Nailpolt ] Much like a catapult, but with nails. Crafted using 5 planks, 2 rope, 1 wire, 2 sticks, 2 cooking pots, 2 boxes of nails. Would send nails flying at any incoming zombies with an 80% chance of killing them. Good for crowds. :: I have allot more ideas. Let me know what you think so far. I cannot mod this game at all i have no clue how to, but hopefully someone will be interested in adding this and use my idea :: Crappy sketches of the traps: [ Wire Fence ] [ Wacker ] [ Lobber ] [ Mauler ] [ Hangers ] [ Holman ] Could be so much better designed than this. [ Nailpolt ]
  11. So first off I just to say I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, nor am I looking to flame anyone, nor am I looking to start a text war like I have seen on some of the other posts on this topic line. That being said after reading a few of the other post in regards to smithing I just thought it would be nice to take a different look at the idea. I only feel the need because, well some of the things I read don't make sense. I grew up with a father that was a civil and mech engineer, he loved to tinker and he loved to work with his hands, he also loved to repair/reinvent things. One our fav things to do was to drive around in his beat up truck and grab stuff people threw away and make it useful again. I work with my hands a lot, I grew up in MO here in the states, friends had farms that I worked on and I also managed a light construction, and landscaping company for about 5 years ,It will make sense why I'm bringing all this up in a bit. 1) the idea that your player learns skills at any sort of reasonable rate in regards to carpentry or farming is absurd, both these skills take years to master. It's one thing to be a farm hand and be told to dig a ditch or bail some hay, it's a whole different beast to harvest seeds by hand and to tend crops. Building a multi level dwelling is much the same way, it's even more silly to try to do these things with out the proper tools ( level, protractor, measuring tape, chisel, sand paper, L-joints, bracing fixtures ect ect) the idea that some one can go from no skill in wood working to being able to build a house with a saw hammer and nails in a matter of a week or two is silly. These are skills that in old times you were raised into, taught your whole life to master. But it's how it is because it's a game, and it's fun this way so why would smithing need to be so ultra realistic either. 2) a forge can be built by the avg guy, not some crazy thing that takes weeks to build ,but cinder blocks stacked and then covered with dirt to form a mound will work for making a basic forge ( I know because I have made one ). Need a anvil? there's construction site that have I-beams just laying there get a metal saw from the hard ware store and spend a day cutting a small section off one, now you have a totally flat class 2 tempered steal ready to go anvil. Just get 2 buddies or a wheel barrel/shopping cart or car to get it back home ( all things that may be in the pipe line ) Need fuel ? Get charcoal from the super market. Need something to protect u from the heat? Go to the fire dept and get a fire fighting outfit and use your knife to make it work. The parts would be all over the place for someone that wanted to make it happen. 3) you wouldn't need ore as some people have said, you have a world of already to go metal all around you: rebar, street signs, nails, shell casings, coins, silverware, car bumpers, tin cans you would never run out of metal, there's also a lot that would take way less work to turn into a weapon like a lawn mower blade ( heat it, flatten it, grind it, sharpen it, add glue and the a handle and now you have a short sword/club, or really how much work would it take to turn a sturdy garden hoe into a spear. 4) as for it not breaking the Game balance that seems easy too, no skill books past level 2-3 I'm sure the public library in your small town has some books that would give the avg joe some useful tips on making stuff in a forge, or how shaping metal in gen works, but for the good stuff to be built you need to invest lots of time and resources into learning what your doing. Make weapons at the low tier no better than stuff u can find, or have their durability crappy until you get more skill, and make the combines take a long time. Want 100 nails great ! Well spend two days in game making them and have someone watching your back to deal with the Zeds that pounding a hammer on metal is going to make, and be sure to have a great supply of water and food, cause that forage is hot and it's hard work swinging a hammer all day. 5) the need overcomes the difficulty, what I mean is that if you have no nails and you need to make your home safer, would you just say "well there's no more nails guess the zombies are gonna get me" or would you find some way to make something happen ? Your player is a survivor that's what survivors do, the beat the odds, they make it happen, they figure out ways to over come problems. In short 1) would it be fun to build your own/reconfigure/salvage your own tools and weapons ? I vote yes 2) is it something that the avg person could do ? Well at some point a long time ago all over the world people figured it out and I have done some basic stuff ,so I'm gonna go with yes 3) is it in keeping with the Romero lore ? Gonna have to go with yes, it seems like salvaging and rebuilding is very much a coroner stone of a zombie Apoc. Sorry the post was so long thank you for reading, please add your constructive comments PS: anyone that thinks I'm off base with the farming/wood working please try one of two things before you counter, go cut a sapling down, and then try to make a plank with a bow/hacksaw and post your finished product here with the amount of time it took you to make it. Or go talk to a Amish farmer and find out how to harvest seeds from the stuff you can grow in zomboid.
  12. I love building, it's my fav thing to do in zomboid, now that multi player is here it's great to build forts and homes for myself and other players. My idea is two fold: 1) have the ability to open a construction menu that you would need a notebook/paper and pen/pencil to use. With it open you can build just like you build in game but all you would be doing is making a plan, you could then gather mats and while holding the plan or by reading the plan you can just tell your guy to start building and he follows the building plan. This would allow you to do a few things, see the materials your going to need to build it, also more than one copy of the plan could be made with a copy plan option or the ability to study and learn the plan. That way two or more people could be on the same page as far as building with less micro managing. 2) a way besides stairs to go up a level because it can be down right silly to build something like a 6x6 wide watch tower 4 levels up, the construction process ends up looking like some thing out of a MC Essier painting. A ladder or something that's not 4 tiles long would be helpful.
  13. Hello everyone! I decide to create a little "How to" - tutorial for those, who asked themself "How did he make that". Not to mentioned that it's really easy and self explaining for myself, I'll make a step by step guide to be sure that everyone is in a position to make and use the stuff for his/hers buildings (and also not to end on a pyre because of witchcraft). Hmm, with what shall we start? Ok, have it Part 1: How to create a prisoncell with a cell style window - (one you can't open without a sledgehammer ) Step 2: Creating and drawing three rooms I decide to make two cellrooms and one floor. Interior Walls should be the school walls, the floor I choosed here is from the industry_01 tileset. If finished, it should be look like this: Step 3: Draw cell walls and cell windows With the "Place Wall" tool, just draw a wall across the cells and the floor (the security should have full view in the rooms but the prisoners shouldn't see each other ) and two walls where the windows should be. Otherwise I've changed the Interior Walls of the two cells to the cell and not the school walls. Step 4: Organize Tiles (Part two) Because all the rooms looks really awful, let us create some WallOverlays What we need: A new cathegory called WallOverlay - Walls - Windows (Here you put all windowsoverlays in the future for a better overview) A new cathegory called WallOverlay - Walls - Corners (same here for corners) We'll need for this tutorial windows from school and commercial and both corners (even if not both corners are used now, it's could be helpful for other projects ) Hit the "Plus(+)" twice in the new cathegories for two wall overlays. Then search the windowframe in the location named in Step 1. Drag westsided window to west field and northsided window to north. Same for the corners but here it's enough to place a corner only to west. Don't forget to switch the Layer from Furniture to WallOverlay on at least one field in a row! Step 5: Asign the walloverlays with "Place Furniture" Like placing your favorite fridge, let us place our created walloverlays. First the windows and then choose the school corner and place it twice to the cell wall. Looks much better . Step 6: Opposite cells Repeat Step 2 and 3 on the opposite. You should now youse the Exterior Wall cell for placing the windows! Place the window overlay from the commercial wall and place again twice the school corners. Adding four doors and the cells are finished! How to create an elevator of death Step 3: Create three more floors Click on Floor 1/1 and add three floors until we have 4 of them. Step 4: Drawing rooms Now we're drawing rooms on each floor. On floor 1 there should be the shaft_basement room and each floor above a shaft_none room. The size is up to you but I'll created a 5x4 tile room I've added some doors to each floor. Sadly there aren't functional elevator doors just some closed walllike doors under escalators Step 5: Drawing the elevator Choose the floor, where the elevator should be stucked and draw a smaller room in your shaft. I choose the 2nd floor. My shafts have e size of 5x4 tiles, so in my case it will be 3x4 tiles. Draw the elevator with the shaft_elevator01 room. Now up one floor and draw another room with the shaft_elevator02 room. Oh no! The "roof" have now walls, so no fall off . Step 6: Removing walls No problem! Use the "Place Wall"-tool and select as wall "None". Place it over the existing one will make it vanish and walkable! Elevator of death because you can fall down some floors if unwary! Pro tips: If placing the elevator in the basement and a player fall down the roof because of unwariness, he/she won't escape and will starve to death unless he/she has a sledgehammer . Part 2 Feel free to comment, discuss, criticize
  14. So today I was building a second floor and I couldn't really tell where I built floor and where I hadn't built floor. There is a little shading difference between the tiles on the active floor, and the floor below. This is a suggestion to make the tiles on the floor below a little darker so you know where there are/aren't floor tiles. http://i.imgur.com/DJU4GIy.png This picture is a bad example because I have build over all the hard to tell tiles. I feel as though it is good enough to get my point across.
  15. Over a two months (game time), Hundreds of supply runs, few close deaths by falling down, and many killed zombies, I managed to do this. I didn't know, should I post this here.
  16. Sieben

    Room Definitions

    I've come finally to the point, where I give up Because I don't want create my own SuburbsDistributions.lua, I decide to take the standard version and edit the internal names of the rooms after it. In the MappingGuide from Thuztor, he mentioned the SuburbsDistributions.lua is under "media/lua/items", but this folder ("Items") don't exist. I find only a SuburbsDistributions.lua under "media/lua/servers/items" but, there are very few rooms to choose from, so I think this one is not the right one.
  17. This thread is for suggestions/conversation regarding the carpentry skill and what suggestions/ideas you guys would have in regards of building with wooden materials. Now this is primarily for stuff that could/would/should possibly be added to vanilla so keep it simple, keep it non-stupid . I'll start with the suggestion I made in the mod ideas section: Door latches: Wooden dowels used as replacement for nails suggested and modded by Onkeen: Wooden flower pots for small size (indoor) farming suggested by willow512: Wooden craftable items (recipe type things): Sheetrope ladder suggested by Leolvanov + regular wooden ladder: Ladder: A simple but sturdy buildable ladder to the next floor. 4-6 planks keep hammer Shutters suggested by D_Malachi: Compost bin If any ideas poop in your head feel free to share. Ideas deemed good enough by me or the overwhelming support of the community will be added to OP. Discussion/constructive criticism is encouraged but be nice! What would you build if a zombocalypse came-a-knocking on your wooden little door?
  18. I can't seem to work it out. I read on the wiki that you need a bucket and some plaster but I can't figure out what to do next. Thanks.
  19. Onkeen

    Building recipes

    Hello everybody I have one fast question : I have found that everything about building recipes is located in tis quite big lua file : ProjectZomboid\media\lua\BuildingObjects\ISUI\ISBuildMenu.lua I am wondering, "how could I add recipes to this menu without messing up with the original code ?" I mean, ther is instructions to make a recipe but what do i have to do to make my mod lua file add something to the menu without changing the ISBuildMenu.lua file ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After some work I've finally made a sub menu in the build mune and manage to increase the restriction of carpentry level to 4... But I have change the original code to make it. And I don'twant to modify the original code. I've add this : -- line 82 ------------------ Chevilles ------------------local chevilleOption = subMenu:addOption("Chevilles", worldobjects, nil);local subMenuCheville = subMenu:getNew(subMenu);-- we add our new menu to the option we want (here build)context:addSubMenu(chevilleOption, subMenuCheville);ISBuildMenu.buildChevilleMenu(subMenuCheville, context, player); and this : -- line 439-- **********************************************-- ** *Chevilles* **-- **********************************************ISBuildMenu.buildChevilleMenu = function(subMenu, context, player) -- The Cheville Wall local sprite = ISBuildMenu.getWoodenWallSprites(player); local wallOption = subMenu:addOption("Wooden Wall", worldobjects, ISBuildMenu.onWoodenWall, square, sprite); local tooltip = ISBuildMenu.canBuild(3, 3, 0, 0, 0, 4, wallOption, player); tooltip:setName("Wooden Wall"); tooltip.description = "A simple wooden wall, can be barricaded, plastered and painted " .. tooltip.description; tooltip:setTexture(sprite.sprite);end-- create a wall to drag a ghost render of the wall under the mouseISBuildMenu.onWoodenWall = function(worldobjects, square, sprite) -- sprite, northSprite, corner local wall = ISWoodenWall:new(sprite.sprite, sprite.northSprite, sprite.corner); wall.canBePlastered = true; wall.modData["plasterTile"] = "TileWalls_52"; wall.modData["plasterTileNorth"] = "TileWalls_53"; wall.modData["PaintTurquoise"] = "TileWalls_36"; wall.modData["PaintTurquoiseNorth"] = "TileWalls_37"; wall.modData["PaintYellow"] = "TileWalls_4"; wall.modData["PaintYellowNorth"] = "TileWalls_5"; wall.modData["PaintPurple"] = "TileWalls_20"; wall.modData["PaintPurpleNorth"] = "TileWalls_21"; wall.modData["PaintWhite"] = "TileWalls_52"; wall.modData["PaintWhiteNorth"] = "TileWalls_53"; wall.modData["PaintCyan"] = "TileWalls3_0"; wall.modData["PaintCyanNorth"] = "TileWalls3_1"; wall.modData["PaintBlue"] = "TileWalls3_4"; wall.modData["PaintBlueNorth"] = "TileWalls3_5"; wall.modData["PaintOrange"] = "TileWalls3_16"; wall.modData["PaintOrangeNorth"] = "TileWalls3_17"; wall.modData["PaintBrown"] = "TileWalls3_20"; wall.modData["PaintBrownNorth"] = "TileWalls3_21"; wall.modData["PaintLightBrown"] = "TileWalls3_36"; wall.modData["PaintLightBrownNorth"] = "TileWalls3_37"; wall.modData["PaintLightBlue"] = "TileWalls3_52"; wall.modData["PaintLightBlueNorth"] = "TileWalls3_53"; wall.modData["PaintPink"] = "TileWalls4_4"; wall.modData["PaintPinkNorth"] = "TileWalls4_5"; wall.modData["PaintGreen"] = "TileWalls4_48"; wall.modData["PaintGreenNorth"] = "TileWalls4_49"; -- set up the required material wall.modData["need:Base.Plank"] = "3"; wall.modData["need:Base.Nails"] = "3"; getCell():setDrag(wall);endBut can someone help me to make it be a lua mod file ?
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