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Found 2 results

  1. Cheat Menu V2.9.1 As all of the other cheat menu mods that do this kind of thing are horribly outdated, I decided to have a shot at making my own. All of the features are toggleable and can be turned off/on at any time however many times you want. These are also compatible with any existing saves. It will also work on multiplayer, but it will only show up and function for server admins (meaning it is safe for multiplayer) I will try to help the best that I can with any issues you may have, and I am open to any suggestions with two exceptions explained later below. To use this mod, right click anywhere and hover over the "Cheat Menu" context menu. These are 100% safe, and do not make any permanent changes to your save. The enabled/disabled states of the following cheats persist between loads: God Mode, Ghost Mode. Like all cheats in this mod, they do not permanently alter your save and are safe to use. Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=499795221 Google Drive Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4TTdnrg9gSLNDNqLURLY0JkaXc Dropbox Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gre40duo1mkzbyu/AABeoOsePBsP2Ni0GCWNN9VTa?dl=0 Note: PZ-Mods page is now deprecated. Features: God mode - You are invincible. (Falls can still kill you) Vehicle Menu - Spawn vehicles, edit every part, travel at insane speeds, make your vehicle invincible and more. Creative mode - Build menu is always available, all things cost nothing to build and build instantly. Delete Mode - When toggled, press X to delete the object your mouse is over. Useful for building! Item Spawner - Integrates my CrucibleUI mod, a work in progress item spawner. It grabs its item definitions from the game's script manager, so it's automatically compatible with mods such as Hydrocraft! Lua Interpreter - Lua text editor with file support Delete Mode (& Terraform Mode) - When toggled, press X to replace the tile underneath your mouse with the one you specified. Supports most vanilla tiles for placing (feel free to reply/comment if there is one that's missing) Barricade Mode - When toggled, press Z to barricade the object below your mouse to a specific level. Also supports metal barricades. Infinite ammo - Your gun always has a full magazine. Refill Ammo - Refills your weapon. No Delay Between Shots - Makes your shotgun as fast as a pistol, and your pistol as fast as an assault rifle. Noclip - Allows you to walk through objects. Learn All Recipes - Teaches your character all recipes. Works for recipes added by mods as well! Set Skill Level - Levels up all or individual skills. Infinite stats - It allows you to separately toggle things like no thirst, no panic, etc. There's also an option to toggle all of them. Ghost mode - You run fast and you are invisible. Heal - Heals your character. Infinite carryweight - Gives you infinite carryweight. Fly Mode - Allows you to fly. Press the Up arrow to go up and the Down arrow to go down. Zombie brush - When toggled, click to create the selected number of zombies. Melee insta-kill - All melee weapons 1-hit zombies, doors, trees, things you built, etc. Repair weapon - Repairs the currently equipped weapon. Instant Crafting - Everything in the crafting menu can be crafted with no ingredients, and will be completed instantly. Infinite weapon durability - Your equipped weapon always has maximum durability and can't be damaged. Instant Actions - Every action, such as building, will now be completed instantly. Time warp - You can change the time. Supports years, months, days, and AM/PM. Fire Brush - When toggled, press N to ignite and F to extinguish. Teleport Menu - Has hundreds of POI's and allows for setting custom locations. Change Weather - You can change the weather. (Only works on Build 39 and below.) Known issues: No delay between shots isn't as fast as, say, a machine gun yet. According to player reports, it does not work for all players in splitscreen. It does not show up for non-server admins. This is intentional. To do: - Add a tree spawning brush - Add various brush-sizes How to install: For singleplayer, click here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1395-how-to-install-uninstall-mods/ For servers, there are a few steps. This works for all mods in general: Step 1: Install the mod normally, like you would for singleplayer. Step 2: In the mod of choice's mod folder (in this case, Cheat Menu) open up the file named "mod.info" with a notepad program. There should be a line that looks like "id=modIDhere." In this case, it would look like "id=cheatmenu." Remember the ID, as you're going to need it later. Step 3: Open up servertest.ini in your server's folder and in the "Mods=" line add the mod ID (Which, in Cheat Menu's case, is "cheatmenu") to make it look like this: Mods=cheatmenu Save it, and you're done. However, from what I've read every player on the server must have the mods you specified in the "Mods=" line installed, so I recommend this only for private servers. If you want two or more mods available on your server, you separate the mod ID's with a semicolon like this(in no particular order): Mods=cheatmenu;somemodID I believe they are also case sensitive, so be sure to type them in exactly as they appear in the mod.info file. Things this mod will not do: Compatibility with multiplayer, for non server admins. Cheating in singleplayer or a private server can be fun as hell, but most non-server admins who would want to use this on a public server are griefers who ruin peoples experiences. Keep in mind this DOES work for server admins on a server that has this mod installed. Changelog: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Anyways, with that out of the way, please report below if anything is broken. As I've said earlier, feel free to request any features or leave suggestions (with the exceptions above) and if you're having problems with this mod let me know in the comments and I'll do the best I can. And please, if you notice even the tiniest bug in this mod, please report it to me. I want to make this a very convenient, hassle free, and stable mod. Every bug report helps! Recommended mods: Mind Mod. Not only is this pretty useful (unlock doors/windows, repair windows, teleport, etc), but it was the core inspiration for this mod. Necro Forge. Incredibly useful item spawner, with some additional cheat functions thrown in. Credits: Acecool, for overhauling the Compass Menu (now known as Teleport & GPS Menu) Slok, for overhauling Prevent Death. Robomatt for his modding tutorials and wisdom. Mind Mod, for which I wouldn't have learned to mod Project Zomboid if it never existed. Ra1n1s from pz-mods, for taking the time to test my mod and report any bugs. Grazziani from TIS forums, for finding the solution to long distance teleportation issues. Blindcoder, for Tiny AVC. The Indie Stone Forums and PZ-Mods community, who have provided help, reported bugs, and gave suggestions. If it wasn't for you guys, this mod never would've happened.
  2. So I just got this game a couple weeks ago, I was playing around with settings to get better performance and now I don't know if its something ive done or a bug but car textures are missing. The shadows are on the ground and I can still get in the car and check the trunk but the actually textures aren't showing. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? Loving the game so far!
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