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Found 3 results

  1. It isn't a very complex idea neither one that would change the game much but as farming is the main theme of build 42 it would be rather nice and would make players take more care of they're plants. Most or all vegetables & fruits would have different sizes between them. Bigger ones having better stats (more cal etc) and smaller ones less. The more you water your plant / add fertilizer / or have a higher farming level would increase the chance of getting for example a potato with better stats or even gather little bit more potatoes. Wouldn't really be needed to make new sprites could just do a name change between them "(small) tomato" , "(big) tomato" and change stats between them
  2. Would be cool if we got new trapping system since animals like rats, rabbits, squirrels etc. gonna may be in the game (animals will interact with traps, for example: stepping into them, geting scared of other animals being trapped and so on).
  3. I am a pacifist (When it comes to animals) and an animal lover but I'd love to have a fox pet and to still be able to enjoy the presence of animals without killing them. I realize that taming adult wild animals is unrealistic and unfeasible but I have a different idea. I propose a system where you can find baby animals and raise them, the baby animal will then trust you and not run away from you. That way you could eventually have a fox or deer pen. I think this is a nicer alternative to hunting but it also gives animals a purpose for those who just wants them around. What do you think? (Also please include Foxes)
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