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Found 3 results

  1. Hydrocraft is a mod based around crafting and filling in the empty world of zomboid with more stuff. It is inspired by survival crafting games like Haven and Hearth. It is very much a WIP and will be tweaked and added onto. Please try it out and let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions/ideas. Download Features Credits Permission Wiki Reviews HC Add-On Mods Recommended Hydrocraft Servers Patreon
  2. If you spam pressing the horn, your character gets stuck in the action queue until the number of times you clicked catches up, so if you pressed "e" to exit in the middle of the queue, your character will get out at the end of the action queue, with no way to cancel. At least as far as I can see, doing another action didn't cancel it and I basically couldn't do anything else. Also: I haven't been on the forum in a while, but will the horn sound be updated? It cuts out and can get very annoying, it doesn't seem like it loops correctly. Latest stable build: 39
  3. playing MP on a private server running vehicle stable build 39 (steam version). we have all noticed that when you load in the vehicles seem to load off of the ground and then drop to the ground level. Today noticed another problem in that both vehicles i had outside my safe house had all 4 wheels fall off as i drove away. they were showing on the vehicles when i got in but after moving a tile they all fell off simultaneously
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