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  1. this happened recently, I reinstalled Windows from version 7 to 10, I downloaded the Steam client a s usual and started downloading Project Zomboid, but I noticed that nothing happens when I start it, I went to the game folder and launched ProjectZomboid64 and ProjectZomboid32, in the cmd menu writes a large log of everything that happens at startup, that’s what was written there: DEBUG: General , 1705050066301> LoggerManager.init > Initializing... LOG : General , 1705050068318> cachedir set to "C:\Users\Admin\Zomboid" LOG : General , 1705050068488> 12-01-2024 12:01:08 LOG : General , 1705050068490> cachedir is "C:\Users\Admin\Zomboid" LOG : General , 1705050068492> LogFileDir is "C:\Users\Admin\Zomboid\Logs" LOG : General , 1705050068493> ===== System specs ===== LOG : General , 1705050068524> OS: Windows 10, version: 10.0, arch: amd64 LOG : General , 1705050068598> Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7, GenuineIntel LOG : General , 1705050068600> Processor cores: 2 LOG : General , 1705050068605> Available processors (cores): 2 LOG : General , 1705050068642> Memory free: 10.0 MB LOG : General , 1705050068644> Memory max: 3072.0 MB LOG : General , 1705050068645> Memory total available to JVM: 62.0 MB LOG : General , 1705050068748> C:\, Total: 148.51074 GB, Free: 94.72037 GB LOG : General , 1705050070312> Mobo = [Product=BAV50_HR] LOG : General , 1705050070569> CPU = [Manufacturer=GenuineIntel,MaxClockSpeed=2200,Name=Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B960 @ 2.20GHz] LOG : General , 1705050070909> Graphics = [AdapterRAM=1935595520,DriverVersion=,Name=Intel(R) HD Graphics] LOG : General , 1705050071118> VideoMode = [VideoModeDescription=Цвета: 1366 x 768 x 4294967296] LOG : General , 1705050071569> Sound = { [Manufacturer=Microsoft,Name=Устройство с поддержкой High Definition Audio], [Manufacturer=Microsoft,Name=Устройство с поддержкой High Definition Audio] } LOG : General , 1705050071779> Memory RAM = [Capacity=4294967296,Manufacturer=ELPIDA] LOG : General , 1705050071780> ======================== LOG : General , 1705050071780> -- listing properties -- LOG : General , 1705050071782> java.specification.version=17 LOG : General , 1705050071787> sun.cpu.isalist=amd64 LOG : General , 1705050071788> sun.jnu.encoding=Cp1251 LOG : General , 1705050071790> java.class.path=commons-compress-1.18.jar;istack-comm... LOG : General , 1705050071791> java.vm.vendor=Azul Systems, Inc. LOG : General , 1705050071793> sun.arch.data.model=64 LOG : General , 1705050071795> user.variant= LOG : General , 1705050071796> java.vendor.url=http://www.azul.com/ LOG : General , 1705050071796> user.timezone=Europe/Moscow LOG : General , 1705050071798> zomboid.steam=1 LOG : General , 1705050071801> java.vm.specification.version=17 LOG : General , 1705050071801> os.name=Windows 10 LOG : General , 1705050071802> sun.java.launcher=SUN_STANDARD LOG : General , 1705050071804> user.country=RU LOG : General , 1705050071809> sun.boot.library.path=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapp... LOG : General , 1705050071812> zomboid.znetlog=1 LOG : General , 1705050071814> sun.java.command=zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState LOG : General , 1705050071816> jdk.debug=release LOG : General , 1705050071817> sun.cpu.endian=little LOG : General , 1705050071818> user.home=C:\Users\Admin LOG : General , 1705050071819> user.language=ru LOG : General , 1705050071821> sun.stderr.encoding=cp866 LOG : General , 1705050071822> java.specification.vendor=Oracle Corporation LOG : General , 1705050071825> java.version.date=2021-10-19 LOG : General , 1705050071828> java.home=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapp... LOG : General , 1705050071829> file.separator=\ LOG : General , 1705050071830> line.separator= LOG : General , 1705050071831> sun.stdout.encoding=cp866 LOG : General , 1705050071833> java.vm.specification.vendor=Oracle Corporation LOG : General , 1705050071834> java.specification.name=Java Platform API Specification LOG : General , 1705050071835> java.awt.headless=true LOG : General , 1705050071839> user.script= LOG : General , 1705050071841> sun.management.compiler=HotSpot 64-Bit Tiered Compilers LOG : General , 1705050071843> java.runtime.version=17.0.1+12-LTS LOG : General , 1705050071844> user.name=Admin LOG : General , 1705050071850> path.separator=; LOG : General , 1705050071852> os.version=10.0 LOG : General , 1705050071856> java.runtime.name=OpenJDK Runtime Environment LOG : General , 1705050071857> file.encoding=Cp1251 LOG : General , 1705050071863> java.vm.name=OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM LOG : General , 1705050071866> java.vendor.version=Zulu17.30+15-CA LOG : General , 1705050071868> java.vendor.url.bug=http://www.azul.com/support/ LOG : General , 1705050071869> java.io.tmpdir=C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\ LOG : General , 1705050071872> java.version=17.0.1 LOG : General , 1705050071873> user.dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapp... LOG : General , 1705050071874> os.arch=amd64 LOG : General , 1705050071876> java.vm.specification.name=Java Virtual Machine Specification LOG : General , 1705050071877> sun.os.patch.level= LOG : General , 1705050071878> native.encoding=Cp1251 LOG : General , 1705050071879> java.library.path=./win64/;./ LOG : General , 1705050071880> java.vm.info=mixed mode, sharing LOG : General , 1705050071881> java.vendor=Azul Systems, Inc. LOG : General , 1705050071882> java.vm.version=17.0.1+12-LTS LOG : General , 1705050071886> sun.io.unicode.encoding=UnicodeLittle LOG : General , 1705050071888> java.class.version=61.0 LOG : General , 1705050071891> ----- LOG : General , 1705050071893> version=41.78.16 demo=false LOG : General , 1705050080914> LightingFPS set to 15 LOG : General , 1705050081069> [javafmodJNI] Init: Start LOG : General , 1705050081073> [javafmodJNI] Init: WIN 64 LOG : General , 1705050081207> closest width=320 freq=60 LOG : General , 1705050081211> closest width=400 freq=60 LOG : General , 1705050081214> closest width=512 freq=60 LOG : General , 1705050081217> closest width=640 freq=60 LOG : General , 1705050082129> 1705050082120 fmod: Java loging: OK ERROR: General , 1705050082708> [LWJGL] GLFW_API_UNAVAILABLE error ERROR: General , 1705050082711> Description : WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL ERROR: General , 1705050082712> Stacktrace : ERROR: General , 1705050082716> ERROR: General , 1705050082717> org.lwjgl.glfw.GLFW.nglfwCreateWindow(GLFW.java:1714) ERROR: General , 1705050082718> ERROR: General , 1705050082719> org.lwjgl.glfw.GLFW.glfwCreateWindow(GLFW.java:1897) ERROR: General , 1705050082719> ERROR: General , 1705050082720> org.lwjglx.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:133) ERROR: General , 1705050082721> ERROR: General , 1705050082722> org.lwjglx.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:84) ERROR: General , 1705050082723> ERROR: General , 1705050082724> zombie.core.Core.init(Core.java:2432) ERROR: General , 1705050082725> ERROR: General , 1705050082726> zombie.GameWindow.InitDisplay(GameWindow.java:408) ERROR: General , 1705050082727> ERROR: General , 1705050082729> zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.renderLoop(RenderThread.java:128) ERROR: General , 1705050082730> ERROR: General , 1705050082731> zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState.main(MainScreenState.java:226) ERROR: General , 1705050082733> java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to create Display window ERROR: General , 1705050082734> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.renderLoop(RenderThread.java:134) ERROR: General , 1705050082737> at zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState.main(MainScreenState.java:226) ERROR: General , 1705050082739> Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to create Display window ERROR: General , 1705050082740> at org.lwjglx.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:143) ERROR: General , 1705050082741> at org.lwjglx.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:84) ERROR: General , 1705050082742> at zombie.core.Core.init(Core.java:2432) ERROR: General , 1705050082743> at zombie.GameWindow.InitDisplay(GameWindow.java:408) ERROR: General , 1705050082744> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.renderLoop(RenderThread.java:128) ERROR: General , 1705050082747> ... 1 more LOG : General , 1705050082905> 1705050082905 fmod: FMOD::Studio::System::create() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050082953> 1705050082953 fmod: FMOD::Studio::System::getCoreSystem() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050082982> 1705050082982 fmod: FMOD_System_GetVersion() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050082985> 1705050082984 fmod: fmodintegration built with version 20206, fmod shared library version 20206 LOG : General , 1705050083097> 1705050083097 fmod: System Create: OK LOG : General , 1705050083148> 1705050083148 fmod: FMOD_System_SetSoftwareFormat() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050084273> 1705050084273 fmod: FMOD::Studio::System::Initialize() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050084276> 1705050084275 fmod: Creating DSP for capture sound LOG : General , 1705050084277> 1705050084277 fmod: FMOD_System_CreateDSP() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050084306> 1705050084306 fmod: FMOD_DSP_SetBypass() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050084307> 1705050084307 fmod: FMOD_System_GetMasterChannelGroup() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050084309> 1705050084309 fmod: FMOD_ChannelGroup_AddDSP() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050084314> 1705050084313 fmod: FMOD_System_Set3DSettings() result: No errors. LOG : General , 1705050227155> AngelCodeFont failed to load page 0 texture C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/mainfont_0.png LOG : General , 1705050227213> AngelCodeFont failed to load page 0 texture C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/mainfont2_0.png WARN : General , 1705050227361> TextManager.Init> font "MediumNew" not found in fonts.txt WARN : General , 1705050227362> TextManager.Init> font "AutoNormSmall" not found in fonts.txt WARN : General , 1705050227364> TextManager.Init> font "AutoNormMedium" not found in fonts.txt WARN : General , 1705050227366> TextManager.Init> font "AutoNormLarge" not found in fonts.txt LOG : General , 1705050227403> AngelCodeFont failed to load page 0 texture C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/fonts/zomboidDialogue.bmfc_0.png WARN : General , 1705050227627> TextManager.Init> font "DebugConsole" not found in fonts.txt LOG : General , 1705050229077> Loading networking libraries... LOG : General , 1705050229087> Loading steam_api64... LOG : General , 1705050229271> Loading RakNet64... LOG : General , 1705050229470> Loading ZNetJNI64... LOG : Network , 1705050229894> [12-01-24 12:03:49.893] > ZNet: SetLogLevel 2 Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 108600 SteamInternal_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 76561199134728908 [API loaded no] LOG : Network , 1705050233089> [12-01-24 12:03:53.089] > ZNet: SteamAPI initialised successfully LOG : General , 1705050233238> SteamUtils initialised successfully I updated the video card drivers, but the problem did not solve, the game fully meets my system requirements, because I previously played it for 400 hours
  2. I'm creating a weapon mod, and I came across the fact that I don't have a weapon model, it's transparent. How do I fix this? Weapon script DEV6-Firearm.txt
  3. When I host a game with my friends, it always seems like all the zombies are in big clusters, really close to each other, and I haven't seen any spread out zombies, how do I fix this bug, please help.
  4. So I was creating a new Scenario for my friends and I, to try some challenge mods out. At some point the mod list glitched and refuses to update. In the two pictures you can see that the Sandbox options for the empty list are all modded and exactly the same as the other modded one. This is the same for all of the host scenarios and refuses to update or change. I've tried restarting my game, my pc, deleting the scenarios and starting from scratch, I've even uninstalled the game and all subsequent mods but it's still stuck like this.
  5. Ao selecionar os cenários de mundo e habilidades do personagem, na parte de personalização da roupa de cabelo e tals o jogo misteriosamente fecha, e meu computador atende aos requisitos para executar o projeto zomboid sem problemas ...
  6. So, i never had any problem in hosting a server with my friends, but suddenly they cant join my server anymore. We made a couple of test, and seens like they can join each others servers, but i cant join their. I already open the ports, disable firewalls, antivirus, reinstalled the game, but the problem is still there. edit 1: i can join public servers edit 2: not every server tho edit 3: so, now its another error, "connection failed", but only when i try to connect. (I cant send my log, cause its larger than the maximum file size)
  7. 41.65 Single player No mods 1. Tea beverage loses fatigue reduction on loading the game. Reproduction steps: - Cook tea beverage, take note of its stats. - Exit the game. - Load the save, beverage will no longer provide fatigue reduction. 2. Bug with traps I reported previously:
  8. 1.While walking with the search mode on the game kept tricking me with the eye icon that just pops in and out of existance above you that tells you there is something near you when there isn't, sometimes I have to circle around that same area and item that was detected for a split second may or may not appear in the area that I've already circled. 2.I don't know what's up with the search mode radius, but it doesn't seem to be working in singleplayer as well as it is in the MP, it's just waiting for something, by the time I menage to find something while dealing with the first bug, the item appears next to my legs or just a tiny little bit further out. (note that there was no fog nor clouds at the time) 3.Foraging xp multiplier from books isn't working, I've read the foraging book for intermediates since I was able to get the first 2 levels WITH the TV and the beginners book, but now the multiplier just doesn't seem to work, with 5x multiplier you'd think that picking up mushrooms would give you more the 16.--xp, but it doesn't and that's the best I've got, besides an empty bottle that gave as much, twigs and branches barely go over 10xp when you combine discovering and discarding/pickuing up. These three what I assume are the bugs become pure pain when combined, you can't properly look for an item and when you think that you've found something you have to circle around untill the search mode radius is finished with his coffee break so he could potentially show you something or nothing in the same place you've circled around from the start. I'm on the 3rd level of foraging and getting to the 4th level seems kinda impossible let alone the levels above.
  9. if you try to disassemble the iron door of the armory at riverside police station, it does not work, and it does not work in any armory with iron door I tried it and it doesn't even disassemble the other normal doors
  10. pls check factions because we cant claim any base thanks
  11. Here are the bugs i found in 4 hours MP gameplay: - Cant take down a camping tend - Cant place a campfire for cooking - After my friend hotwired a car, i hear sparkling noices from him till he relogs They are not gamechanging but a bit annoying
  12. abbiamo questo errore da tutti i server
  13. Hello, today I installed the version of the game b41multiplayer to play multiplayer with my brother, and I came across a very funny, but a little sad bug. All items in the house in containers began to turn into toilet paper. I will attach screenshots so that you can verify this. Such a bug did not appear immediately, but after a couple of days of survival. I thought it was possible that such a bug could appear due to mods, but in my brother's house there was no such bug. Also, things disappeared from the bag, some after a while appeared in random containers. I will attach a screenshot with a list of mods, in case it somehow helps to understand whether this error appears due to mods or not. I hope this information will somehow help you so that there are no such bugs on the release, thanks for your attention.
  14. Good day, I am playing on iwillbackupmysave version. And like the title says, the game crashes. A lot. The longest session is maybe for 40 minutes and the shortest was a crash that occurred still in the main menu. After each crash the world will reset itself. Here is my console text: console.txt
  15. hello everyone, so my problem is that the game always crashes when i'm trying to start a new game but works when I launch the tutorial which made me discard the possibility of having drivers issues. I dont know what might be causing the crash, I hope someone can help me with this
  16. You will clearly notice that I do not speak English and that I use the google translator, sorry for the inconvenience I just bought the game, and started a new game and after a while the game gives this error (open attached document) What happens? My game crashes if I approach a specific truck, specifically a black ban. It happened when I tried to open the ban without having the key, I just wanted to know if the door was open. When does this happen? this happens when the ban enters in my range of vision Exact steps to reproduce? i go to the black truck (not too close or it will always crash) i point in the direction of the truck. it just... do that Crash report? dont crash every time but if you approach it gets stuck and never responds again, textures will also stop loading. If you point the other way and the truck does not appear in your vision the game seems to "fix" itself, you can continue playing but after some time similar errors will appear. Enabled mods: none Operating System: Windows 10 64bit ===== System specs ===== LOG : General, 1598497163925> OS: Windows 10, version: 10.0, arch: amd64 LOG : General, 1598497163926> Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9, GenuineIntel LOG : General, 1598497163926> Processor cores: 4 CPU = [Manufacturer=GenuineIntel,MaxClockSpeed=3300,Name=Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz] LOG : General, 1598497163941> Available processors (cores): 4 LOG : General, 1598497163941> Memory free: 1742.4343 MB LOG : General, 1598497163942> Memory max: 2014.75 MB LOG : General, 1598497163942> Memory total available to JVM: 1766.75 MB LOG : General, 1598497163943> C:\, Total: 352.65625 GB, Free: 61.00299 GB LOG : General, 1598497163944> D:\, Total: 112.47363 GB, Free: 22.451153 GB console zomboid error.txt
  17. I've had it happen to me twice now, While playing, my computer I will lose input from mouse & keyboard, not sure why. I have to turn off my computer to "fix" the problem. It's either that or watch my character, burn to death, or walk into a horde. First time, shutting down my computer completely, corrupted the save file. Second time, I cancelled the shut down during its prevented by programs, did not corrupt game save file. I do play with mods, and I've tried again. This time though a jacket did this: Then, fighting outside, the screen froze, the character continued to repeatedly swing his frying pan, but input only was lost to the game. trying to reopen, crashed the game. 😪
  18. the Normal glasses are missing the temples and you can see watches (specifically watches) clip through all longsleeve objects (jackets, sweaters ETC.)
  19. Hello! I have a problem with interacting with zombies and cars, namely with: “I can’t see what lies in the corpse, I only see the ground.” In the car, I can’t see the glove compartment and the trunk itself. "I will be sure there will be more nuances of the likeness of this. Has anyone treated this problem or is this the version like that?
  20. When i play Latest IWBUMS player 1 and player 2 field of view (visible tiles) overlap each other causing a flickering effect ,only happens when both players are close to each other, and walls cuts are in both screens when one player stand close to the wall
  21. In unloaded zones, zombies can spawn in (or roam into) areas that are not blocked off. For example: A house has all doors and windows closed, zombies won't spawn inside it. House has a broken window? Then zombies can spawn inside it. If you build a log wall around an area, then when you leave the zone and come back zombies won't be in the area due too there being no way to just walk in to it. But say you got a house and the door is broken, so you use a car to block the door. If you leave the zone and come back a zombie may spawn in the house due to the car not counting as a obstructing object like a player make wall or door would.
  22. If you use a saucepan as a weapon, when it is about to break, you just gotta fill it with water and pour the water on the ground, this way the condition will go back up.
  23. 1: The Hypochondriac trait kills me every time I get wounded by a zombie. I get nausea, anxiety, and stress and eventually a fever, but my health never recovers and the "fever" kills me. I don't come back as a zombie, it says Deceased instead of zombified. Also, I tested it in a custom game with reanimation time being instant so I'm 100% sure I wasn't infected. 2: When you have the Hypochondriac trait, being scratched from running through trees triggers the Hypochondriac symptoms (anxiety, stress, fever). Also, because the Hypochondriac trait kills you, you die 100% of the time from a scratch caused by running through trees, even if the wound has already healed by the time the fever kills you. However, it's not all wounds. If you punch a window, for example, Hypochondriac won't trigger. Not sure about scratches from tripping, in my experience they sometimes kill you and sometimes don't, but I could be mistaken on that. 3: Hitting the Randomize button on the character screen gets rid of your occupation. You have to go back to the skill screen and change to a different occupation and back for it to update. 4: Sometimes, the sound breaks when it rains. 5: Clothing doesn't keep you warm. Died of hypothermia wearing 5 layers during May, had to switch to June. 6: When you remove a magazine from a pistol (with the right click option), it racks the gun before removing it. So with a pistol having 5+1 bullets, removing the magazine will cause you to have one bullet in the chamber, a magazine with 4 bullets, and one bullet in your inventory. Removing the magazine by pressing R does not do this. 7: Sometimes when hitting a zombie vaulting over a window/fence, the animation bugs out and makes them stand up. 8: Switching off from a gun has the red/green firearm zombie outline stay on them for a second or two afterward. 9: Standing zombies can push sitting zombies. 10: If you have a loaded gun in your hand and wait using the fourth speed option (the clock one), aim, and hold left click, your character will shoot infinite shots without using ammo and your character will bug out. The shots aren't real, I think, it just looks like you're shooting. However, shooting at the third speed option uses bullets normally. Besides the bugs though, Build 41 is some of the most fun I've had playing a game in a long time. Keep up the good work!
  24. If you pick up a generator and then while holding it, chose to equip it in both hands it will drop it on the ground but still remain in your hands then by equiping something else in your hands it will drop a second generator thus turning two into one and duplicating it. PZ Gen Glitch 2.mp4
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