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Found 14 results

  1. I click on play on steam, but nothing happens. The process doesn't show up in task manager. I tried already to check a few drivers if they were updated, uninstalled and reinstalled... I tried to follow the steps that come from this thread i can't find the folders mentioned in the last answer of the topic Please help me i wanna play
  2. Every time i am driving my car at a fast pace, i see the edge of the map is black or has some road blocks on it, then i just get kicked from the server because of this error. it only happens when i am searching crowded areas or i am traversing the map fast enough (around 50mph). it's always either malformed packet type 21 or 22. and it doesn't happen when i am at my base doing stuff. the server i play on has no mods installed so it's not because of some mods causing this issue.
  3. Zombies attempted to climb through a window with a sheet rope on it whilst chasing my character. They then stacked up on the same spot and became stuck. Atleast 8 zombies in the same spot in the images. All the zombies seem to be unkillable. Removing and re-adding the sheet rope does nothing. Trying to use the sheet rope causes the climb animation to be triggered but is cancelled instantly and the character does not climb out the window. I've tried placing objects next to the window, a table for example and it does nothing to the state of the zombies. I placed a barricade on the window, the zombie state did not change nor were they able to damage it. [TEMP FIX]---- Reloading the game save made all of the zombies disappear, they were nowhere to be found at all ---[TEMP FIX]
  4. Im Billy

    No sound

    Today I wanted to play Project Zomboid like any day, but when the game finished loading, there was no sound, there was no music, I noticed that my speakers were connected, I reinstalled the game and it still continues with that problem, please I need you to help me with this bug, this game is one of those that But I loved meeting in the zombie survival
  5. Hello, I don't know if it's a bug but I can't create the mildew spray. I have all the ingredients for the mildew spray. I've already read the magazine for the spray. It's flashing white that I have the ingredients. I can make the bug spray. Would be cool if you could help me
  6. Version: [b41multiplayer] - 41.64 Solo - Host / Offline No Mods - On Linux How to reproduce: Trying to disassemble a door when northwest or northeast of it while the door is closed. Reproduce-able with any door. Wasn't able to get in a few places where I could've easily disassembled a door to get past. Example:
  7. As in the title, the zombie crawls towards you and pushes you away/stuns you/makes u fall down. Problem is, -player clicks to atack, then the zombie pushes him away before finishing a hit. after the push, player character continues the atack without player input. It results in the player (me a lot of times) being s, unable to move during the atack, just like shown on the video Project Zomboid 2020.06.21 - ve, dying in a result
  8. Not sure if this is intended or not, but dead civilians in their homes that have "committed suicide" frequently spawn with multiple guns and multiple boxes of ammo on them. Seems kind of overpowered and overall unrealistic. An example would be finding a civilian dead in their house with 2 shotguns and a rifle on them, along with 3 or 4 boxes of ammo. Not only overpowered, but it doesn't make sense either.
  9. Pretty much the title. When in a house, attempting to right click and "fill" an object with water from a sink can end up giving you tainted water, due to the character pulling it from a puddle from directly outside the wall. This bug has been around for a few months now.
  10. 1: The Hypochondriac trait kills me every time I get wounded by a zombie. I get nausea, anxiety, and stress and eventually a fever, but my health never recovers and the "fever" kills me. I don't come back as a zombie, it says Deceased instead of zombified. Also, I tested it in a custom game with reanimation time being instant so I'm 100% sure I wasn't infected. 2: When you have the Hypochondriac trait, being scratched from running through trees triggers the Hypochondriac symptoms (anxiety, stress, fever). Also, because the Hypochondriac trait kills you, you die 100% of the time from a scratch caused by running through trees, even if the wound has already healed by the time the fever kills you. However, it's not all wounds. If you punch a window, for example, Hypochondriac won't trigger. Not sure about scratches from tripping, in my experience they sometimes kill you and sometimes don't, but I could be mistaken on that. 3: Hitting the Randomize button on the character screen gets rid of your occupation. You have to go back to the skill screen and change to a different occupation and back for it to update. 4: Sometimes, the sound breaks when it rains. 5: Clothing doesn't keep you warm. Died of hypothermia wearing 5 layers during May, had to switch to June. 6: When you remove a magazine from a pistol (with the right click option), it racks the gun before removing it. So with a pistol having 5+1 bullets, removing the magazine will cause you to have one bullet in the chamber, a magazine with 4 bullets, and one bullet in your inventory. Removing the magazine by pressing R does not do this. 7: Sometimes when hitting a zombie vaulting over a window/fence, the animation bugs out and makes them stand up. 8: Switching off from a gun has the red/green firearm zombie outline stay on them for a second or two afterward. 9: Standing zombies can push sitting zombies. 10: If you have a loaded gun in your hand and wait using the fourth speed option (the clock one), aim, and hold left click, your character will shoot infinite shots without using ammo and your character will bug out. The shots aren't real, I think, it just looks like you're shooting. However, shooting at the third speed option uses bullets normally. Besides the bugs though, Build 41 is some of the most fun I've had playing a game in a long time. Keep up the good work!
  11. I could not Right Click open Windows specifically At the House by the lake area of Westpoint
  12. I've recently noticed a new glitch on my own game that started happening about a week ago, after one of the follow-up updates to Build 40. My game refuses to save. For the first four or five saves it works normally, but after that it stops. It starts going through the "fade out", then freezes and locks up. It can literally sit for hours and not do anything, so it's not lag. Doing a manual reboot doesn't work well either - all progress is lost, the world map respawns, and in a couple of cases my survivor died of starvation. It's NOT any of the mods. I tried starting up a brand new game without ANY mods at all and after a few normal saves it "locked" up again, so it's something in the basic game itself. Has anyone else run into anything similar?
  13. I opened a Westpoint map and the game froze up a little bit with the blue ring of thinking. I then alt-tabed out, then back in and it was working again, so I decided to open a another map (this time it was riverside I think) and the game froze completely. I exited out of everything and restarted the game. When I loaded the game again, it started me out where I was with the same equipment that I had previously, but instead of being about 1400ish, it was 0530 and my car wasn't outside and I backtracked on foot to the only places that I had it for the last two in-game days without spotting it.
  14. Hi every one! I want to report bugs and crashs frome the linux steam version, and just don't find the log folder. Where should I look? is the file extension .log? I've found the ".steam/.../steamapps/Project Zomboid" and the "~(user)/Zomboid" folders. EDIT: I forgot : I'm on ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bits
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