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Found 6 results

  1. First of all, I am a great fan of the work you're doing every day for us, the community of zombie apocalypse appreciators! Thank you, guys! I have a small, but cozy and realistic suggestion for the game. Please, could you make an item - "box of teabags", and add the ability to unbox teabags before making tea. Or just simply increase a spawn rate of teabags in kitchen counters. It is quite strange, that ingame you can find only one or two teabags at a time. It would be also great to be able to add gingseng, rosehips, lemongrass or maybe something else to hot cuppa recepie.
  2. I think cartons of cigarettes should be possible to make with 100 cigarettes, similar to how nails or paperclips work. This would make managing my 2000+ cigarettes a lot easier.
  3. As the title says, a checkbox that disallows the loading of mods with certain saves i.e. vanilla saves, to keep them separate from modded saves, so you don't have to manually disable all your mods to play a vanilla save and vice versa. This idea sort of spurred into life after I saw someone had a similar problem to me, except with a vanilla save. Maybe a mod profiling system similar to how Nexus Mod manager/Mod Organizer does it for Skyrim/Fallout as an alternative?
  4. Yeah. It is handmade, made most of the text into the album. Go check it out! http://imgur.com/a/2gM21
  5. You can put infinites things in a shelve in Pz but that isnt realistic can you put 700 items in a shelve ? in real life you cant. I say that they can put a limit in all storage like boxes only 10 items shelves 20 , refrigerator 30 something like that to make the game more realistic and start to make a basement of boxes in your base ( what i said we cant make basements ). Ok that is all
  6. Sorry for opening a topic for this small suggestion, but... Should we be able to pick up cardboard boxes? must be equipped with both hands and is then carried infront of the player, like on carries a cardboard box. would be a nice way to carry a lot and to organize one's home before one can build wooden boxes. EDIT: A downside to carrying cardboard boxes could be that they are affected by rain and will break when exposed to rain long enough
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