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Found 15 results

  1. Gum chewing raises mood for a few minutes. Once it loses flavor it will begin to bring your mood back down. Spit it out, wrap it in a tissue, put it behind your ear I don't care. Get RID of it.
  2. I did a quick and cursory search and found nothing much on this topic being introduced into the main game so I figured I'd suggest another idea! I'm super passionate about the game so I'll keep 'em coming if you enjoy them. So I was thinking, recently on my own survival sandbox world I came upon arcade and pinball machines. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to POWER those arcade machines and use them for a little mood boost? I was thinking something along the lines of this : Once you've got the arcade machines (and the pinball machine), they are able to be powered just like any electronic - but only if you've got good enough electricity skill. Once powered, the screen has a new "lighting" affect where it glows (maybe even give it some ambient arcade-game noises), and it eats up a fairly moderate amount of power. Here's the kicker though, rather than just being able to spam out the machine to be happy all the time, you must -just like any other arcade machine- insert money into the machine to play which consumes the (currently useless junk item) money allowing you to use the machine once. This would not only give one building item, and one useless junk item a use, but give players a whole new reason to venture out and collect any dollar bills they find laying around - or even rob the banks! If you wanted to go even further with it, maybe even make it to where over TIME using the arcade machine over and over would start to give diminishing returns - until eventually it would make you bored and you'd have to take a break before you could gain happiness and lose boredom from it. I've tried to explain the idea in a balanced and game-functioning way that would hopefully catch the eye of any of you fine people with similar interests to mine. I'd love to hear feedback, and thank you for taking the time to read my post! Once again, best of luck developing this great game! - Doc
  3. Demonstration in vanilla game: While indoors, start reading the wrong skillbook (less or greater than your current level). The character will say "I don't understand..." or "I already know that...", after which the level of boredom will decrease by 5 points. The error appears due to the use of the function `Say` in client/TimedActions/ISReadABook.lua: 37: self.character:Say(getText("IGUI_PlayerText_DontGet")); 39: self.character:Say(getText("IGUI_PlayerText_TooComplicated")); 41: self.character:Say(getText("IGUI_PlayerText_DontUnderstand")); 53: self.character:Say(getText("IGUI_PlayerText_KnowSkill")); 55: self.character:Say(getText("IGUI_PlayerText_BookObsolete")); Testing this function with additional parameters (in debug console): Player = getSpecificPlayer(0) Player:Say("Test") -- BoredomLevel -5 Player:Say("Test", 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, UIFont.Dialogue, 30.0F, "default") -- BoredomLevel -5 Player:Say("Test", 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, UIFont.Dialogue, 30.0F, "whisper") -- no effect Player:Say("Test", 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, UIFont.Dialogue, 30.0F, "shout") -- BoredomLevel -5 Player:Say("Test", 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, UIFont.Dialogue, 30.0F, "radio") -- no effect The boredom reduction was probably intended for talking to NPCs, but when "talking" to oneself, it looks like a bug. At the same time, it seems rather strange that this happens only indoors - outdoors, boredom changes as usual.
  4. This is something that's been floating in my mind for a while now. Why should we always get Bored when doing stuff inside of a building and not by doing THE SAME THINGS outside? There should be a Trait to change this, and this is where the ''Shut-in'' Trait comes. Name: Shut-In Type: Positive Opposite: Outdoorsman/Claustrophobic Points: -2/-3 Notes: ''Not affected by long periods of indoors inactivity'' (Could use a better description...) Effect: Boredom will not increase when inside of a building or when not doing anything. This way, we'll not have to read a book after a long period of cooking, crafting, sorting stuff around or base or any indoors activity in which you sink plenty of time.
  5. Hi everybody, has anyone a clue if it is possible to lower the time to get bored on a MP-Server? Thirst and hunger scale very well with real time settings but boredomness semms to be at the same speed than on exaple 2h settings. needing around 3h for reading a book this makes you very depressive while reading. I would like to change this so it also scales with the real time setting. Any help is welcome
  6. The only way to kill boredom so far is by reading books or magazines, that's not bad, of course not. But not everyone in the post-apocalyptic world would read books to entertain themselves, even knowing the fact that literature is the easiest way to create entertainment. The survivors could find some other ways to pass the time, of course that some of these ways could be more difficult to achieve. The main idea is basically introduce an actual use for these 4 items: Earbuds, Headphones, CD player and CDs. It's obvious at this point what is the use that I'm implying for these items. There could be the function to "upload" music to your game, with the basic data to put in a CD(band name, number of songs, name of songs and their respective duration). The CDs would spawn in the world, with each one containing a individual album or recopilation of songs. The CDs are reproduce by the CD player that could only need one battery to run for 4-6 hours, and both the earbuds or headphones are used to hear the music. Listening to music would lower your boredom but also make harder to hear sounds of the ambient, and it could get even harder with higher volumes. The portable game console could be also charged with batteries and used to play with, but while playing it will emit noise. (I think that this one was already suggested, in that case if the suggester is reading these please note that I'm not stealing your idea, I only don't remember your username ). Aditionally, dolls, teddy bears, bricktoys, cubes , yoyos and spiffos could be used to play and lower both unhappiness and boredom. Also writing in journals or in any similar objects could lower your boredom. Furthermore, while playing or reading more than the necessary could generate "joyful" moodles that increase slighty your XP gain. But if you overuse a certain entertainment item your character could get bored of it and then getting again a bored moodle.
  7. Someone posted some of the unused sound files for boredom and depression on Reddit not too long ago - and it was a pretty interesting way of adding some consequence to those currently under-used aspects of the game. In the Hydrocraft mod you can use chess sets and stuff to reduce boredom, but it seemed strange to make items like that one-use consumables. It seems to me that it'd make sense to have novel boredom-reducing items produce an area effect (like a fire) that reduces boredom and unhappiness with decreasing returns the longer you have the same item nearby. For instance, a deck of playing cards would have a boredom reducing effect for the immediate room that lasts a pretty long time, but still decays (like food going bad). A Spiffo doll might have less boredom reduction and last less time, but still do something. That would require the player to continually find new items that reduce boredom without having them be inexplicably consumed or provide everlasting entertainment. Anyone agree?
  8. First of all, I gotta say that I just LOVE how everything in the news is written; it really grips you and you feel the nervousness of the characters and even your own. I really enjoy listening to the news in the game. The sad part, however, is how I always end up with a ''Bored'' Moodle every time I spend a while standing in front of a TV, watching it. Seriously, the news are exciting enough that I try to always watch at least one when I'm in my safehouse, and yet my char gets bored? That feels wrong.... I think that TV and Radio shouldn't allow Boredom to settle in, and I don't think this should be too hard to implement; just make being in the range of listening to either radio or TV count as if you were outside. That way, we even save more books and magazines for when the power inevitably dies out.
  9. To me it does not make sense that every newspaper I pick up reduces the same amount of boredom every time. I think the return I get from reading newspapers would decrease rather quickly. Think about it, there won't be any new newspapers. Nor will any of the 'news' have any relevance to my current situation. 3 months into the zombie apocalypse I doubt I'll enjoy reading a 3 month old newspaper that I've already read 50 times. There won't be any new stories, pictures, comics, puzzles, etc. They won't hold any purpose other than kindling to me. Maybe crappy insulation? But I can find better materials other than newspaper just as easily. If it were a major metropolitan area there might be multiple newspapers from that area, but I'm doubting it here in Muldraugh/West Point. Maybe two or three max and I think that is stretching it. I could have course be wrong since I'm not from KY and I didn't bother researching it. Books/magazines make sense to me because virtually every home you go into will have different books/magazines than what you have in your home. So there is a huge variety of those. BTW the time it takes to read books (not skill books) is INSANELY fast! Unless we're reading children's books, I don't think the average person reads that fast! Maybe 'speed-reading' could be a skill/trait?
  10. So this was just a spur of the moment idea. It hasn't really been thought through fully, just figured I'd get the idea written down here and perhaps someone would find it interesting. How about instruments? To use as a way to entertain yourself. It's a RISKY way since it will make noise, perhaps attracting Zeeks. But the entertain-value will be higher than the usual, perhaps book. And for each time you played an instrument you would get BETTER at it. So for each time you use it, you won't play as clumsy and loud and the entertain value will increase even further. Just throwing it out there. As someone who has studied music, and plays it a lot on the free time, this would be an awesome implement. As I could imagine it being something I would do myself if this would happen in real life. (I tell myself at least. But surely, it would be something viable in large encampments! Where the danger isn't as HIGH.) Anyways yeah, just putting it out there if someone finds it interesting
  11. Right now I don;t think there is anyhting else that may happen to you if you get extremely bored except that having your Happiness decreased So here are some suggestions : 1) Really Bored : Just sits down and if he remains like this for 30 more minutes he starts sleeping 2) Extremely Bored : Takes out a knife and commits suicide. So do you like it ?
  12. Smartphones seem like something that, at first glance, would not be useful in a zombie apocalypse. There's no other survivors to call, and even if there was, they wouldn't work since there would be no one to man the phone reception, right? Well, that may be true for the calling purpose of the phone, or other style of phones, we're forgetting one of the main selling perks of a Smartphone - other tasks. Calendars, maps, mobile games, and other applications available at your fingertips; all useful things for your survivor. Smartphones would be a useful addition to add to Project Zomboid because Smartphones are useful for a survivor, allowing acess to an in-game map, the ability to see an extended calendar and open up new gameplay possibilities of setting up a schedule, mobile games to accommodate for boredom, and stress. "Wouldn't Smartphones simply be abused?" The idea I have in place to avoid this is rather simple - have Smartphones be fairly common along with a plug charge, but once the power goes out, so does the use of regular chargers. "But then Smartphones would only be useful for the first couple weeks. That's a bad idea." That's the turning point. There will be also be another, rare, type of charger out there. It is a solar charger. These will probably only be found in electronic stores or warehouses since they are not as mainstream. An example of a portable solar charger, in pink variant! "How would it work with the current inventory system?" At the moment, I picture a bar that represents how much batter is remaining for the pohone. When right-clicked, a drop-down of options such as 'View map', 'View calendar', 'View games', 'View other apps' with the option of having three top apps that would replace the first three options if you wish. "This still sounds a little powerful. Will there be different variants of Smartphones?" I picture three different types, a common one, a rare one, and an extremely rare one. Common ones would be cheaper variants of Smartphones that would carry less battery life, less apps, and overall of a lesser quality. Rare Smartphones would be better in those categories, but not as good as an extremely rare smartphone, which have the most premium apps, battery life, and build quality. I am sure Indie Stone could come up with more ideas on their own. I know this idea seems far-fetched, however overall, an addition of a Smartphone and its accessories would open up more gameplay opportunities, and help the survivor. What do you think of the idea? What are some suggestions/criticisms? Let's make this a good discussion.
  13. This mod adds fourteen new boredom reduction items that have uses and will wear out with each use, all but three are craftable. The craftable ones are two new doodles and ones you can make using a pair of scissors on newspapers or magazines. The non craftable ones spawn in the world and on zombies. 18+ ONLY: You can now use that wallet you looted off of that zombie a few days ago. You can now modify the wallet to hold a bunch of pictures, doodles or other related items. (It works as a container, even though you can put a shirt in the wallet doesn't mean you have to... Please play realistically with this mod!!) Using vanilla textures for now. (Removed "Favorite" part of the name, you know there favorites, why do you need to be told they are?) DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox Link)
  14. Made because of a comment by Eckyman in the spiked head suggestion post. Adds a necklace with uses that reduces boredom that is made out of zombie ears and some string with a Kitten knife. This necklace can be added to, up to twelve zombie ears. Each zombie ear added will reduce more boredom but will reduce the amount of times you can use it, but it's worth it. The zombie ears on the necklace eventually rot away and fall off. These zombie ears spawn rarely on zombies. Using awesome sprites made by JJStorm. Thank you again !!!! DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  15. Made because I just like to go to the extreme... Adds a necklace with uses that reduces boredom that is made out of human ears and some string with a kitchen knife. This necklace can be added to, up to twelve human ears. Each human ear added will reduce more boredom but will reduce the amount of times you can use it, but it's worth it. The human ears on the necklace eventually rot away and fall off, but will last a-lot longer than zombie ears. They cannot be combined with zombie necklaces and vice versa. These human ears spawn rarely on human survivors either you brutally murdered or sat and watched them get eaten by zombies you led to their safe house.
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