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Found 3 results

  1. EraZer

    Thunder Bug

    Hello! I just found out that when you let the time pass on the fastest speed while its thunders, the thunder sounds will all overlap and it will sound like an airstrike lol
  2. So I've run into something that seems to have stumped me. I'm currently experimenting with hobby traits (Traits that add an XP boost to a perk 75%/100%/125% and a point in a perk) when added to a character post-character creation via getTraits():add(""); and I've found that if a trait is added post character creation there are some aspects of them that won't apply. One example being when First Aid is added to a character, while the trait shows up on the character, the perk level and perk xp boost remains unchanged (see below for example) I had expected that this might have been the case but needed to test to make sure before looking into how to go about adding a perk level and the boost. I have a generally decent idea on where to look for the perk level addition itself, but what I can't figure out at all is how to apply an XP boost to the perk out of character creation. Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated, specifically looking to find how to apply either increment the XP boost on a perk or get the current boost on it and then apply one to overwrite it.
  3. Small suggestions here, but I could not help but putting it out there. Equip a Spiffo plush to gain a sleep boost! Before the player would go to sleep, he or she would equip the Spiffo plush. This would give the player a "Comforted" moodle that would do something like reduce panic before sleep, or prevent the player from waking up early from a sound. The player would wake up with the comforted moodle and be temporarily less susceptible to fear. Equip Spiffo while outside to reduce panic! After an intense fight with a horde, the player may end up experiencing extreme panic. This can take a while to disappear and can mean life or death if you are forced into a showdown with more zombies. Equip a Spiffo plush to quickly reduce panic before another engagement. After panic is completely resolved, the player then would gain the Comforted moodle and be less susceptible to panic when near a zombie. In a world where the dead come back to life, people (NPCs) will kill you for a bag of chips, and the military that once protected you now have your head at the end of their sights... its good to know you still have a friend that can give you a little comfort. These are just some dumb little ideas. Just wanted to show some love for Spiffo!
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