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Found 2 results

  1. So the incoming clothing and bites+blood system has different layers for types of clothing or bite + blood marks for injuries, right? It'd be fantastic for character differentiation to see an expansion on it that corresponds with what kind of body type or tattoos the survivor has. So, maybe a character creation table for a couple body tattoos the same way you might customize a shirt (or however it gets chosen,) or sleeve tattoos if they're a really tough gal/guy. also! If a survivor has the overweight or underweight traits, they could get noticeably softer looking skin,
  2. I was thinking about the movement overhaul TIS has planned, in which sneaking, crouching, jumping, climbing, and similar actions might happen, and I thought about how height could alter a survivor's experience. If they do get to do that at some point, I think a few more physical traits would add some needed variation in how all that would play out. People who are good at parkour and free-running, snowsports, skating, and climbing and such tend to be pretty short and flexible, right? Tall or inflexible folk sometimes can't get their centers of mass and such in the desired places and fall and
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