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Found 8 results

  1. With Build 32, it's virtually impossible to burn corpses without destroying the entire known world. So I'd like a fix to this. Maybe something that just takes the sheet of paper, lighter and gas and uses them appropriately, but just transform the corpse into the ash pile, skipping the fire part altogether. Or perhaps just a right-click and "delete corpse" option. Really need this for my role-playing game I'm doing. Thanks to anyone who shows interest!
  2. So, just an obvious and probably a tricky to implement thing... Once again, haven't found any suggestions aiming straight at targeting specific limbs, but as it's so obvious, probably there was =/ ... I think it should be done in two ways: by player shooting a needed model bodypart, or maybe through a special menu like VATS in dem new fallouts (yeah I've probably annoyed a lot of people wih my fallout fanboyism already ) meaning it'd have % of hit depending on skill, obv. And, obv., leg damage = slowdown, head = death/knockout, body = death/agony, arms = unable to use weapons/efficiency decrease and so on...
  3. Getting My Fix I'm back with more hyper-real ideas. But, I don't feel like fucking around with an intro today. So let's just get into it. Complicated Healing There should be more to it than just, slapping on some bandages, and choking on some chicken. Bandages. I feel, different body parts, should have different healing requirements. Like Bandages. . . for example, maybe you'll only need around 2-3 bandages for your arms, but for your body, you could need anywhere around 5-10 bandages (depending on the specific locations and your size of course). But, if you don't have any tape, or safety pins, etc., then you should have to tie the bandages together. But, no matter how you apply the bandages, you should always be able to add more tape. For more durability (that, we'll get in to later). Health & Infections. Food's healing ability should also differ on different parts. And as a matter of fact, we should have health indicators on each and every body part (that you are willing to do). Full health meaning: Healthy, and No health meaning: Infected. However, if it's a Zombie infection, or just simply, a Bad Wound infection, both will kill us the same way. By spreading to our heart, lungs, and/or brain, but the Zombie infection always does it faster, plus, it can't even be treated, it only gets worse (that's how we'll know). So, even if it's just ONE, of your hand's (or even finger's (depending on how far you go)) health indicators that has completely depleted, that, will start depleting the next connecting indicators, and so on and so forth. So, if the infection is in your arms or legs, you're savable with proper amputation. But, if the infection is in your body, neck, or head, you're fucked. More Complicated Healing Now, unlike the Zombie infection, Bad Wound infections are obviously treatable. So let's dig into that. Step 1. Wound Cleaning. Rivers, streams, pools, baths, showers, sinks, and even toilets, should all be able to be used to clean your wounds at least, assuming they are all clean of course. But if not, you can boil it. That is, if you can't find any alcohol, good enough for sterilizing. Application would involve, pouring the water or booze all over the wound, and/or pouring it on to a rag, bandage, or whatever, then wiping down your wound. Step 2. Stop Bleeding. If you're Bleeding BAD, and you have a belt or something, you can just strap on the pressure, easy peasy. But, if you have nothing that can handle wound applying pressure, then there should be two options. One, put a bandage in one, or each of your hands, as in, put a bandage in either the the Primary and/or Secondary slots. Then allow us to apply one, or both hands with pressure on to one or two wounds, max. Only what's doable obviously, I wouldn't ask to be able to apply that kind of pressure with my left hand onto your left arm or whatever, wouldn't make sense. But when it comes to option two, it's the same as one, exept it's just your bare hands instead. But, with your bare hands, it can be more unsanitary. Step 1 & 2. Cauterize. Got a fire? Got a sturdy piece of metal? Good, then you can go ahead skip Steps 1 & 2. No need to clean it and squeeze it, just sear it shut. Which means you'll save time, but you better have something to bite down on, because it's gonna suck. Plus, if your character screams a lot, you are definitly gonna wanna smoosh you face into a pillow or something. Step 3. Rebandage Periodically. Through time, the bandage will get dirty. So you'll need to change it from time to time until it's healed. And allowing us to change our bandages, can force us into a situation like, you simply bandage it when you're on the go. Then clean it when we can get to water or booze and safety, and then rebandage, stuff like that. Other Stuff Wear & Tear. I think more than just your weapons should have a durability. Like, your clothes, your bags, and your bandages. Whether we get badly hurt, or not at all, each injury can be taxing on our clothes, bags, and bandages. So we'll probably need to get good at Sewing and stuff. Solid Wood. If you break a solid piece of wood, like a 2x4, a branch, or a baseball bat. You should be able to use the broken end you're holding as a quick stabbing weapon, but then still have to find, or make a whole new one. Except for the bat, bats always break in that way that allows you to screw, nail, and bolt the other piece back on. But first, you have to make sure you don't use the handle end as a stabbing weapon too much, even though it would make a much stronger stabbing weapon than the 2x4 or the branch. And second, you'll need to grab the other end of the bat, and then get a hammer and some nails, or a screw driver and some screws, or for the sturdiest repair, a drill (or a hand drill) and a wrench and some bolts. But, once the baseball bat has been repaired, the next break, is permanent. B & R. We should be able to take the good parts out of other guns, and put them in the place of the shitty parts in our guns. And with the proper tools, materials, and skills, maybe we could even make our own guns and ammo. And same idea for all the different types of melee weapons. I feel, every Role Playing Game, should thrive off detail. Especially when Graphics, are not what they're maxing out. But, that's all I got so far, I love you all, peace. P.S. Are you planning on adding surgery to the game?
  4. The Problem Bodies of water are dull and almost unrecognizable as water. They are static, produce no ambient noise and have no glint or shine that differentiates it from the land around it. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? Better water textures. Give water a flow and current. Maybe even a subtle shimmer.Waves. No matter what size, waves make bodies of water instantly recognizable.Audio and proximity. Allow players to detect when they are near a body of water by slowly fading in the sound of flowing water . Does it Make Sense for the Game? Bodies of water would become important for the player to be aware of. The sound of flowing water can muffle or block out the sound of an approaching zombie. Trash and useful items would wash up on the shores of rivers and lakes. Is it worth the time and effort to develop? The game seems severely lacking in giving movement and "life" to the game world. More dynamic and visually appealing bodies of water would give the game world more "life" and would also make the player more aware of them.
  5. So the trash can hiding and hidey hole posts got me thinking of an awesome and realistic magic trick we could do in-game. A Body Bag!! This body bag would be carried by a survivor and folded up stored neatly in a backpack or something similar. When the survivor comes across a herd of zombies and is spotted, they can get a head start around a corner somewhere and pull out their body bag and unfold it, hop inside and zip it up. Then all they have to do is lay perfectly still and all of the zombies will go stumbling by because the bag would fool their senses by blocking their vision of you because you are now inside a body bag, they wouldn't not be able to hear you because you are not moving and laying still inside the body bag and they will not be able to smell you, because the body bag is made out of materials that block decomposing odors, so they would be able to block out the smell of a live human. You would have course have to wait until the herd passes, then climb out, and fold it back up into your inventory, leaving it unzipped so you can just jump in again next time. Though if zombies spot you jumping inside of it, they will still attack you and rip the bag apart and eat you.
  6. I was thinking about the movement overhaul TIS has planned, in which sneaking, crouching, jumping, climbing, and similar actions might happen, and I thought about how height could alter a survivor's experience. If they do get to do that at some point, I think a few more physical traits would add some needed variation in how all that would play out. People who are good at parkour and free-running, snowsports, skating, and climbing and such tend to be pretty short and flexible, right? Tall or inflexible folk sometimes can't get their centers of mass and such in the desired places and fall and flop, but also tend to have longer arms and legs--and thus a longer reach--than shorter people. People also generally lose their flexibility and resilience with age, and Since something sort of like what I just said is often true, why not emulate it in Project Zomboid during the movement and survivor differentiation overhauls, supposing nothing happens to make that impossible or insurmountably difficult? Spoiler <3
  7. thaidor


    Flares: I just think flares would be a good addition to the game. For example if you are running from a huge horde of zombies and you have no weapons, but a flare. Wouldn't it be cool if you then could throw the flare to draw the attention from you to another place? Be Body types: SCRAPPED When you customize your character, you can choose what body type you want, for example if you choose light and nimble you can run faster, longer and small weapons are most efficient, but when you are attacked you'll loose more health than the bigger body types. If you choose a big body type, you'll be stronger but can't run as fast as the nimble type, nor run as long. And big weapons are most efficient, like a fire axe. If you are hurt by something like a zombie, you'll loose less health than a nimble would do and have a smaller chance of needing a med-kit (A bit like the "thick skinned" trait you get from choosing Construction worker in the customization screen. Change of the game icon: SCRAPPED Sorry, but the circle with red scars on is kind of weird. Something that would be better could be the white zombie standing on top on the "O" and "I" on the logo. (http://projectzomboid.com/blog/wp-content/themes/projectzomboid/static/images/logoProjectZomboid.png) Why you ask? The icon looks a bit like a game from 2003, a circle with a gradient and three red scars on it. So, try something with maybe less colors, no gradient and at the same time make people see what type of game this is just by looking at the icon.
  8. Just kinda curious if this is still possible, I don't know how you do it if it is indeed possible. It would be really helpful to tidy up my safe house, just so i'm not walking over a few bodies every time I go down stairs... Thanks in advance ^^
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