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Found 6 results

  1. Aight, what if there was hand held metal detector in the game that you used to find scavenge things like firearms, metal sheets, scrap metal and other metal objects? You know those long, length-wise electric ones with the arm brace and the metal disc at the end? You'd find it in houses and electronics stores. Would it be rare loot? I'm not sure but you could at least find some. When right clicking the metal detector and selecting "use" you'd automatically go into foraging mode only this time you'd be able to detect metal objects better than you would in normal foraging mode. Other objects would still be detectable but metal ones would pop up the best. I was thinking using the metal detector could increase your forage level too. The metal detector could also detect metal stored in containers in addition to metal lying out in the open. You could even use the metal detector as a blunt weapon though I wouldn't recommend it since you'd be damaging equipment against its original purpose. Better to use an actual melee weapon rather than a electronic tool that's meant to be utilized for its original purpose the most. I'm guessing it could weight 2-4 units in the game. A metal detector weighs on average 2-4 pounds in the current day though the 90s shouldn't have much of a difference. Also, metal detectors would beep in the game potentially attracting zombies. In order to stop this you have to get a set of headphones for the metal detector. You know, like you would for the portable cd players in the game. The headphones required would be different ones that the mp3 ones.
  2. I feel as if the different skill types for different weapons, such as spears and axes are good. though segregating Long and short types of weapon is a bit to far and adds pointless grinding into the mix. For example. the Hammer and sledgehammer. If you are a level 8 in Short blunt, Able to reliably kill zombies in 1 or 2 shots with a Hammer, frying pan ect. If you get a Hammer that is somewhat heavier and has a longer handle, None of that training with shorter hammers applies to hammers the game defines as "long". Beating something to death with a Blunt object that is 15 inches long should not be an entirely different skill to beating someone to death with a blunt object that is 30 inches long. Think of it like if the Developers decided to split up shotguns and Pistols into different skills. They are different, But the end result and the way that the result of An object going into A Zombie's face at high speed is exactly the same. Merging them back into a single skill would help saves some minor headaches with modded weapons in the future. Would a 19 inch club count as short while a 20 inch club count as long? TL:DR Would beating something to death with a 20 inch club vs a 23 inch club really be so disconnected in transferable skills as electrical engineering and fishing?
  3. One of the things I've noticed with my game style, is that I really like to get good at carpentry. Whenever I start a game I go straight to the Warehouse in Muldraugh, barricade the doors and windows, and grab an axe. I scavenge for food occasionally, killing zombies along the way, but not really getting terribly good at Blunt or Blade. But I primarily go across the road, and start swinging away at the trees, making planks and making fences to keep the baddies out. Then I make a crate to store things in. But I've always thought, swinging that axe so many times, and breaking the fences with a sledgehammer would benefit my ability to use them, or other things like them, as the character becomes more proficient with the object. So, my suggestion is to add the standard experience for completely chopping down a tree as one would get from killing a zombie to the blade skill. And for destroying carpentry, the player would get the standard experience put into blunt as killing a zombie would. Or maybe add a woodsman skill. My next suggestion is that destroying certain carpentry items such as crates (I know there's lot of them) would give back some of the materials used to make them. in a way that they have items hidden to the player in their inventory, which are dropped upon destruction. This could lead to the requirement of more materials for construction, or the individual plank, rather than planks.
  4. So, I really started to use the books recently. I mostly just used the ones for level 1 to get me started nicely and then only used books when my char was bored... Due to books and specific actions you can level cooking and crafting quite easily - in contrast to the other skills like running, sneaking and kicking ass with different weapons. So maybe there could be different types of magazines that give you short term xp-boosts. (and I mean short term!) for instance... you go into the fabulous enigma book store in WP and you find a magazine like runners world or a golf magazine, baseball magazine, etc. you can read it to cure boredom but you could also benefit from its information. like improve your swing (only with the golf club or the bat, depending on the magazine) or your running technique. Other magazines could be "Cuttlery afficionado" or "Gunnut Magazine". I hope you catch ma drift. Those benefits should only be temporal and not for the whole level. I do yet have to find an magazine or book that would help one learn to sneak or to be nimble ^^ Extra suggestion because you were so nice and read that. Right-click option for the ovens in the loot menu, as a workaround if the rightlick option for the oven directly is not showing or hard to find. and uhm. a raincoat or an umbrella would be much appreciated. I caught a hell of a cold on the way from Muldraugh to West Point EDIT: How about "cleaning your gun" as a task that makes your gun last longer and reduces boredom, needs information out of a magazine/book or at least gun-level 2 or something no one? okay, I'll just see myself out
  5. Now, can somebody tell me why the fuck I kill zeds like lambs with knives? (1 hit kill) But with a damn Axe or other blunt I can't beat the shit out of them? (can be 1, so damn rare, or 10 hit) I mean... it's quite nonsense. I've just think about that wile I was working in the joinery.. I thought: "I can easly smash my collegue head with one shot with an axe, why can't I do it in PZ?". You can tell it was an hard day. Ok. I have complained enought, no real need to tell me why. I'm ok with that but you know.. just to. Your turn.
  6. Can someone make lua for me that will only run when my recipe in the pistol whip mod that changes the gun to blunt weapon? This lua will need to run when the crafting recipe is started and will empty the gun of it's bullets, shells and/or magazine placing them in your inventory. So user clicks crafting recipe, lua keeps ammo, starts crafting recipe. And add disable recipe if durability is depleted. Edit: Ya know, Tumblr is going to lose a-lot of bandwidth because of us.
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