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Found 3 results

  1. Okay I've gone though so many axes and similar tools like meat cleavers (mainly for chopping trees to build into plank walls) that it's made me think "Why can't I sharpen this stuff?". Okay so here's the gist: What if you could sharpen bladed weapons/tools to make them last longer? Like sharpening an axe with a stone or sharpening tool? That way the axe could last longer before it breaks. I was thinking sharpening and keeping them weapon sharp can give it temporary invincibility to wearing down or it could reduce the rate at which it wears down with use. If it's the former, there could be a hidden or visible sharp bar that when it goes all the way down the weapon starts to degrade again with use and it's time to sharpen it again. If it's the latter the weapon still loses condition as well as sharpness with use. Sharpen tools can be fount in hardware stores, sheds, garages, anywhere where tools would have to be present including in the factory I'm staying in in Riverside. You could also find a rock to sharpen though it wouldn't sharpen as well as a sharpening tool. Different sharpen tools have different degrees of sharpening. Keep in mind this is different than merely repairing a weapon which merely brings it to working order again. Repairing doesn't increase durability/slow the rate at which it degrades with use. Having to find or make axe after axe gets really tiring so makes sense to make the ones you have last as long as possible. Heck if I could do this I probably would've spent more time building the Scenic Grove Trailer Park wall (and possibly had it done by now) rather than looking for chopping tools. The result of me not having it done by now led to a meta event of gunfire which caused this to happen around 27:37: Yeah my worst fear of that gunfire attracting the zombies from the forest to the west/south west CAME TRUE. But I digress! Anyways until then your best bet is to have many chopping tools on hand as possible even if it means making them from stones, sticks, and rags a.k.a. a stone axe.
  2. One of the things I've noticed with my game style, is that I really like to get good at carpentry. Whenever I start a game I go straight to the Warehouse in Muldraugh, barricade the doors and windows, and grab an axe. I scavenge for food occasionally, killing zombies along the way, but not really getting terribly good at Blunt or Blade. But I primarily go across the road, and start swinging away at the trees, making planks and making fences to keep the baddies out. Then I make a crate to store things in. But I've always thought, swinging that axe so many times, and breaking the fences with a sledgehammer would benefit my ability to use them, or other things like them, as the character becomes more proficient with the object. So, my suggestion is to add the standard experience for completely chopping down a tree as one would get from killing a zombie to the blade skill. And for destroying carpentry, the player would get the standard experience put into blunt as killing a zombie would. Or maybe add a woodsman skill. My next suggestion is that destroying certain carpentry items such as crates (I know there's lot of them) would give back some of the materials used to make them. in a way that they have items hidden to the player in their inventory, which are dropped upon destruction. This could lead to the requirement of more materials for construction, or the individual plank, rather than planks.
  3. using the stuff in the post by magnum2016. using vanilla textures and sprites for now. Had to name it something food related . Adds four new blades that spawn in the world. From weakest to strongest: Gumbocket Knife, Gumbofly Knife, Gumbowei Knife and Gumbochete.The stats vary widely between them, trying to be realistic (at least in my opinion). Adds a Gumbo Stone (sharpener) that can be used on them to sharpen them, however sharpening reduces quality and damage even though it restores durability. Using vanilla textures for now. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
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