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Found 3 results

  1. There is a certain sequence of actions related to your belt attachments which produce a serious bug in the vanilla game (i.e. red error box showing up at the bottom right of your screen). Steps to produce the bug while in-game: 1. Make sure to have two items in your inventory which can be attached to your belt (example: hand axe, knife). Also make sure that you have a single holster in your inventory (but not yet equipped!) and wearing a belt (as it happens by default). 2. Unequip the belt. 3. Wear holster. 4. Wear belt. 5. Attach both items (example: hand axe, knife) to your belt, one to belt left, the other one to belt right. 6. Unequip Holster. -> Bug should occur For me, it is important to execute the steps in exactly the order just described. Below I added the console output as well as a screenshot of the error screen when playing in debug mode. However, the bug also occurs in non-debug mode for me. (Detected it during a normal game play session). In the console.txt, the error can be found at the end of the file. vanilla-bug-console.txt
  2. I had an idea of what to do with the belts already in game, wanted to put it out there. I haven't found much use for the belts in game. Maybe you can use them as a tourniquet or such. that would make sense. but what about using them as a means to carry extra, small containers, such as the plastic bag. things that would be able to be tied to your belt. They don't need a large capacity, but it would be nice to carry say a couple knives in them. You find bags everywhere anyway, so why not give them a bit more use.
  3. This is a rewrite of all of my crafting bats mods that combines them into one mod and expands on them to make bats that you can add to and make them much more damaging but overall slower and weaker. I included two different Craft Bat recipes, one takes longer and makes a real bat, the other one is made quicker and is a makeshift bat, which can also be crafted with a hammer and nail, but still weaker than the real bat variety. You can use kitchen knives, hammers and crowbars to add onto bats for some real maiming. Each weapon have been carefully scripted and tested to give an accurate feel for slinging them around. The damage level and stamina exertion has been fine tuned to seem realistic. A big thank you to JJStorm for offering and making the sprites for the icons, and hopefully swing sprites when someone figures that part out of the lua code. Crafting Recipes: Coming Soon: More transmorphering recipes. swing sprites (oneday). DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox Link)
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