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Found 2 results

  1. Server Details: - Location: Australia - Max Players: 20+ - Connect: play.projectarkadia.net or - Port: 26050 Our Settings: Vanilla: No mods, just pure survival fun! Triple Experience Points: Accelerate your progress with 3x experience. Level up and unlock new abilities faster than ever! Abundant Resources: Never run out of necessary materials again. Our server offers plentiful resources for all your crafting and building needs. Safer Nights: Wander the world after dark with less worry. Our nights are brighter, reducing the need for constant lighting. Friendly Environment: Enjoy exploring with fewer zombies and a focus on survival ease, perfect for both new and experienced players. Enhanced Performance: Experience seamless gameplay with our optimized server speeds. Ready to Transform Your Survival Experience? Ready to Transform Your Survival Experience? Join Project Arkadia Today! Join our server by clicking: https://discord.gg/4KjfNuaJYD
  2. SERVER CONNECTION INFO IP: Port: 21942 Join the Discord server to engage with the Friendly Community, Vote on Server Changes, See the Mod List, And Have fun! Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/fRGnRF73he Maps: Ekron Mansion (Players cannot spawn there but its visitable), Raven creek, RV Interior And since I can code Project Zomboid Mods, This server has Unique Mods Seen No Where Else! Rules, for the PZ Server Itself -- 1 No Duplicating Items, If you duplicate items Admins will remove the items from your inventory ( Repeated Offenses = 3 day ban from the server) 2 Combat Logging is Against the rules and you will have your Skills Reset if you Logout during Combat, This Applies to Zombies and PvP 3 Do not Destroy Loot Spawn Locations -- Joining the Discord server is Highly Preferred as you can View its mod list, the Server connection info, Changes to the Server, and Known Issues. (edited)
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