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Found 12 results

  1. Is that a bug or did I do something wrong? Context: I decided to make my base in the "Isolated House - Muldraught" I did that I destroyed all the walls of the house to make it bigger but this problem appeared or bug? Eso es un bug o algo hice mal ?? Contexto: decidi hacer mi base en la "Isolated House - Muldraught" hací que destruí todos los muros de la casa para hacerla mas grande pero aparecio ese problema o ¿bug?. My entire base is already covered with a wooden roof: Toda mi base ya esta con techo de madera:
  2. Hey y'all. It's BIT (Brex Idea Time) again! One of my favorite places to fortify during the fall of Knox County is the Muldraugh Police Station, as I often RP as the last surviving police officer in Muldraugh and make it my mission to reclaim the police station and turn it into a functioning safehouse. Problem is, it's not the most defensible location. Lots of smashable windows in the front, and a waist-high fence around the perimeter of the station that does f**k all to keep out the zeds. Now, usually, I just board up/sheet up the windows and proceed to either A) tear
  3. Hey guys, marked the 200 buildings anniversary that I made with this nice family sized Nuclear Bunker. It has 2 decontamination rooms, a common area, a kitchen, storage, bathroom, small armory, small medical supplies room, two shared bedrooms (F and M sleep in different rooms) and a storage room with food and freezers. It has a vent that goes outside, you can probably see it in the pictures. All is furnished and done, and yes, even the light switches are there, it's just that they are a bit hidden from view Hope you all enjoy my work for the upcoming Union City map !
  4. Hello everyone ! I have a problem on a server .... I built two base, in the forest and in a farm building and both have been deleted from the server ... Do you know where this can come from? I installed a TV, radio, windows, fridge, sink, plants, carpet etc ... objects that I found in homes around! Is that to move such objects may bugs bases? I'm really bummed because I had really a lot of stuff ... Have you ever had the same concerns? Do you think the fact of moving these objects are the source of the problem? Thank you for your answers ! And sorry for my "English"
  5. On Bedford Falls, I'm building a base in the large clearing east of the lake in the middle. With the latest build you can move lights, sinks and TV's etc, but because it isn't an existing house, the game doesn't supply power/ water to them.(yes the water and electricity are still on in game). So is there an easy way to mod the files either with the map editor or manually to make the game see those cells as having water/electricity? - I also want to do this to stop erosion from spawning grass and shrubs inside my base. I don't really expect a mod, just a quick fix until the devs implem
  6. I currently find it awkward trying to defend my safe-house. The zombies start by banging on my doors and barricaded windows trying to get in. While this is happening i can't attack them. Then they break in and its all too late to fight them off. I never really try to defend my base now because its always safer/easier to just run off making lots of noise, leading the zombies away. I think that windows might be the biggest problem at the moment. Zombies just hop straight through an open or broken window and merrily start trying to eat your brain. I think that zombies should climb through windows
  7. Houses Bugs: -Some of the grafitti "glows" (are highlighted) in the dark. -Zombiebungeejumping from windows (sadly I were dead already and can't watch this from outside ). +Fixed stair-bug Building is now 1x1 tilerows larger Download: InApBl_by_7.zip Military Bugs: - experimental wire fence door won't work; sledgehammer will work Download: military_base_by_7.zip Military Trainingground 1 V0.0 Download: military_tg1_by_7.zip Military Trainingground 2 V0.0 Download: military_tg2_by_7.zip Military Trainingground 3 V0.0 Download: military_tg3_by_7.zi
  8. Just interested to see other peoples bases and stuff. Heres mine! nothing special, i'm held up at the church in WP atm. Also fi you could give a little info on your character or what you've done in your world that'd be cool to. World is about 8 months old, been all over the map in search for a sledgehammer. started in west point and worked my way up to the giant mall. Cleared it out went down to muldraugh then finally found one! "city" part of WP is cleared and the giant Mall is also cleared Previously lived in the hunting lodge with a different character but he got mauled to death i
  9. Hey everyone, i find it really annoying that when i finally have got my new base i have all these dead bodies of the zombies i killed inside the house. I think it would be a really good feature that you can drag, drop and even burn dead body's (for example with gasoline and a lighter/matches). and also a way to clean up blood. To some pleople this might sound unnecessary. But i think that would be pretty awesome. Thanks for paying attention and hopefully some people like my idea
  10. The Base.Map Item Looking through the list of items that can be spawned in the current IWBUMS build, I noticed a new item, Base.Map: Does this have any use yet? As far as I can tell you can equip it, but it does not actually do anything yet. I'm curious, what are the plans for this item? Current Maps for Project Zomboid I dislike using online resources such as pzmap or the Wiki because to me that feels like cheating. My character shouldn't magically know where everything is in the world. Unfortunately given how big the map is now, and will continue to expand with future additions, it ha
  11. I was going to build a wall around my place and then realized that it would be more beneficial to just create a bunch of doorways, place doors in them, and barricade the doors (except one, of course). Now you might ask why! Here's the kicker! Zombies will only try to break through doors and not walls (at least what I have experienced so far). So if I build all walls around my one door, when a horde comes they will only attack this one door and easily break it down. If I build many doors, the zombies will be more evenly spread out, making it harder for them to break through. Also, this would ca
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