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Found 1 result

  1. As more of a lore-type question, and a question about zombies in general (not just in Project Zomboid), I just had a thought: Why do zombies bang on doors and windows? Now firstly, just gonna rule out any of the 'smart zombie' stuff, I would never watch any zombie film that has memory-retaining or tool-using zombies in it simply because I find it stupid, it doesn't and will not make sense to me no matter what anyone tries to say. So let's look at the zombies in Project Zomboid, where they will see you inside a building and walk towards the windows or doors (why don't they all push up against the walls?), but they will stop at the window/door and stand there, repeatedly bobbing back and forth trying to smash through the window, however doing this seems like it would require some extent of thought processing: See foodChase FoodWalk into invisible wall (window)Lean back and then headbutt window to create force to smash through Surely a zombie's thought process should simply be to see, chase and eat people, they shouldn't have the ability to know that there is a window in front of them, they should simply attempt to walk through it, effectively pressing themselves up against the glass. Windows would still smash, however I'd imagine that a single zombie wouldn't be able to break through a window by himself, there would need to be a few pressing against it, using their body weight to break through, rather than them consciously doing it. Now this may just be due to the animation they have when breaking in, but it does bug me a bit. The same applies for zombies that vault over fences and through the windows, I don't see how this would be possible, they need to trip/stumble over an obstacle if it is low enough, or get stuck against it until their sheer weight breaks through it. I don't like how they seem to posses the same motor skills as you do. Just my thoughts on this, would like to know how you guys feel about these things! -Ben
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