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  1. Roni

    Project Survive

    Project Survive IP: PORT: 27900 DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SdYAF8bX9g Arizona Season 1 | Survival Experience - RPVPE - Semi Vanilla - Balanced | WIPE: 07.04.2024 Mature individuals are welcome. On the server, you will have the opportunity to craft many essential survival items, engage in trading, and more. It is an RPVPE server, killing without reason is prohibited. Players are expected to engage in RPVP on the server and strictly adhere to the absolute rules. Forge your character and survive the apocalypse. Chronicle of Project Survive No one could foresee the horror that would strike when the first rumors began to circulate about a strange flu epidemic sweeping through Kentucky. Authorities swiftly reacted, imposing a quarantine around Louisville and reassuring the population that everything was under control. But those were just lies... A few days later, leaked videos revealed the extent of the catastrophe. Hordes of bloodied zombies roamed the streets, feasting on the remains of the humans they encountered. Military forces, captured in the footage, desperately tried to stop them, but their bullets seemed powerless against this tide of the undead. Some zombies, with terrifying ferocity, relentlessly advanced, drawn by the noise of the battles, their faces devoid of any human emotion, filled with raw and empty violence. In the days that followed, the president addressed the nation in a message of calm and assurance, asserting that the situation was under control. But as the disease continued to spread, alarming reports began to pour in from all corners of the globe. It became evident that what was happening in Louisville was only the beginning of a global catastrophe. The armed forces, initially mobilized to contain the epidemic, were quickly overwhelmed. Disillusioned soldiers abandoned their posts near the Louisville exclusion zone, convinced that the battle was lost from the start. Evacuation orders were hastily issued, tens of thousands of people ordered to leave their homes overnight, without any real explanation. "Leave everything behind, take only the essentials!" shouted a soldier as I tried to save some personal belongings from my ruined home. Arizona Season 1 We were evacuated urgently aboard an Airbus A310 from an area ravaged by the epidemic. As the plane flew over the vast desert expanses of Arizona, tension was palpable among the passengers, each wondering what the future held. Suddenly, a scream of terror ripped through the atmosphere. No one had seen the Zomboïd lurking in the shadows at the back of the plane until it was too late. Panic spread like wildfire among the other passengers, creating indescribable chaos. Some screamed in terror, others rushed towards the emergency exits in a desperate attempt to escape. The soldiers on board opened fire on the first bitten passengers. In this aerial pandemonium, the boundary between life and death seemed to blur. While the soldiers struggled to contain the infection, the plane was shaken by brutal turbulence. In a moment of panic, a passenger opened the emergency door, triggering a howling wind that violently sucked everything nearby. By miracle, in this moment of madness, the zombies were sucked out through the door as they tried to pass. Some passengers managed to take refuge in the cockpit safely, while others clung to their seats, tightening their seat belts as the plane plunged towards the ground. Then came the dull impact. The pilot tried to manage the landing as best he could, succeeding in landing the plane in the arid desert, but the impact was violent. The sand rose in a suffocating whirlwind, enveloping the debris in a shroud of dust and desolation. When the silence finally fell, the sinister scene revealed a scene of devastation. More than half of the passengers had perished in the crash, their broken bodies scattered among the debris. Others lay severely injured, groaning in pain in the agony of their wounds. But among them, some had miraculously survived, emerging from the wreckage with still-beating hearts. Driven by panic and survival instinct, some moved away from the wreckage in the hope of finding help or shelter, while others remained near the wounded, desperately seeking ways to help them. Among those who ventured further, an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion prevailed. Without clear direction or leadership, each individual tried to navigate through the arid desert, unaware of what their best chances of survival were. Meanwhile, near the wreckage, those who remained struggled to stabilize the wounded with the limited resources at their disposal. The threat of Zomboïds lurking in the darkness grew with each passing moment. Unsure of what the future held or even where they were, they faced a difficult choice: to stay together in the hope of increasing their chances of survival or to venture into the unknown, guided by survival instinct. Night fell, enveloping the desert in a cloak of darkness, leaving the survivors alone with their thoughts and fears in this suddenly hostile and unpredictable world.
  2. Adjust the consumption of more than 100 items in sandbox options and let your imagination run wild to create your dream game/server. ◽ Supported Version: 41.73 / 41.76 Unstable ◽ Compatible with Singleplayer and Multiplayer (▲) ◽ Works on existing saves (*) (*) Need to use an other mod to modify sandbox settings on a existing save: Change Sandbox Options. Tutorial: How to proceed? (▲) How to use this mod in a multiplayer game?. Tutorial (very simple): How to proceed? What items can be ajusted? Crafting: Thread, Duct Tape, Twine, Wire, Glue and Wood Glue, Gravel Bag, Dirt Bag, Sand Bag, Compost Bag Medical: Disinfectant, Painkillers, Antidepressants, Beta Blockers, Sleeping Tablets, Vitamins, Alcohol Wipes Item Condition: Generator, Lightbulb and colored lightbulb Metalworking: Propane Torch, Propane Tank, Welding Rods Battery consumption: Car Battery, Walkie Talkie, Radio, Ham Radio, Hand Torch, Flashlight Farming: Watering Can, Mildew Spray, Insecticide Spray, Fertilizer Food: Flour, Baking Soda, Corn Flour, Yeast, Vinegar, Gravy Mix, Pancake Mix Cleaning: Bleach, Cleaning Liquid, Soap Other: Petrol Can, Lighter, Matches, CandleLit, Paints, Bucket of Plaster, Bucket of Water, Gunpowder, Fishing Line, Paint Bucket with Water, Hair Dyes, Extinguisher, Dish Towel, Bath Towel, Charcoal Some crazy ideas with this mod: 🔹 Organize a Candle Light Parade in the streets of Muldraugh. 🔹 Wash for months with the same soap. 🔹 Decrease the number of use of certain pills for a hardmore game. 🔹 Build your entire house with a single bag of plaster. 🔹 Invent your own rules... This mod can be added to or removed from a save file at any time. Want more sandbox options on an item consumption? Another mod is not compatible with this one? Let me know here! Report a bug or any issue here! Workshop ID: 2930480208 Mod ID: CustomConsumption Link to workshop mod Good game to all!
  3. RockyX


    Greetings, survivors! We are excited to introduce the Project Zomboid Sanity Mod, a realistic and immersive addition that factors in your character's mental health during survival. With mechanics like fatigue, hunger, and stress affecting sanity, this mod enhances gameplay and depth in both single and multiplayer modes. MECHANICS: Fatigue, Hunger, Thirst, StressFromNotSmoking, and Unhappiness (Also Smell if using Excrementum Mod) affect Sanity. Wetness, Panic, Pain, Boredom, Stress, and Health work as multipliers for Sanity change. For example, if your character is extremely hungry and stressed out, they will lose sanity faster. Once your character loses enough sanity, they will start mumbling and performing self-harm. Mumbling is server-sided and can be seen by other players and heard by zombies. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Settings for this mod can be adjusted in the sandbox. The mod adds a new item called Xanax (which does not increase sanity yet) and new traits. Optional setting for nightmares and new ambiences. WORKS WELL WITH: Excrementum - now when you sh*t yourself, it actually affects your sanity. INCOMPATIBLE WITH: Danger Moodles (Insanity) MoodleSanity Steam Workshop Link
  4. This feedback is based on my 100 hours gameplay, no mods, single player and "HoboHaven PVPVE vanilla server (" with no weapon mods. Benchmarked with a character with 6 aiming stat. Handguns Magnum Damage 1.2-1.9 => 1.6-2.3 Maximum range 11 => 12 Knockback 0.3 => 0.4 Knockdown 2 => 4 D-E Pistol Damage 1.0-1.9 => 1.2-2.2 Noise radius 100 => 90 Maximum range 10 => 11 Knockback 0.3 => 0.4 Knockdown 2 => 3 M9 Pistol Damage 0.6-1.0 => 0.5-0.85 M36 Revolver Damage 0.7-1.2 => 0.6-1.0 M625 Revolver Noise radius 70 => 60 .44 Ammo box Amount of ammo 12 => 20 User experience .44 handguns are one of the most disappointing things in the game in my opinion. The ammo is insanely scarce, the guns are loud and attract a lot of zombies, the skill requirement is high. In most cases, when you find ammo in the game, it will come in the form of ammo boxes. And .44 ammo boxes provide 12 ammo VS 30 ammo for all other pistol types. So when you grab a .44 pistol with the rarest ammo in the game, high skill requirement and loud yet cool sound - you expect that it will be POWERFUL. And the disappointing thing is that it is not. In fact it is slightly more powerful than other pistols... but not even significantly. M9 pistol has 2.5x the ammo capacity of Magnum, 3x more ammo from boxes, 3x higher "accuracy". A commonsense suggests that with these stats M9 must spend 3 bullets to put down something that Magnum can oneshot. This is just to have EQUAL total damage output on M9 and Magnum... not to mention that Magnum has higher skill requirement so you might expect it to have HIGHER damage output in total. In reality M9 does 0.8dmg on average VS 1.55 Magnum. And the most important thing here is that DAMAGE DOES NOT DIRECTLY DETERMINE THE CHANCES TO KILL THE TARGET i.e. a weapon with 3x higher damage will not necessarily kill targets 3x more often because of hit RNG. You can still oneshot a zed with M9 in 50% cases at 6-level aim so there is no point in picking other weapons with higher damage as this "higher damage" is sometimes an overkill and sometimes still not enough to ALWAYS kill a target with one shot. So, it looks like I spend an average of 1.7 bullets per kill with M9 and an average of 1.3 bullet per kill with Magnum while aggroing more zeds and total availability of .44 bullets is 3x less. At the other hand, starter pistols M9 and M36 seem to perform too well when compared with their "advanced" counterparts. I found that M9 is the best weapon in the game outperforming even shotguns / auto rifles in some cases thanks to its high firing rate and very high magazine capacity. And M36 is just a silent killer - not that powerful but reliable enough. I have developed a google spreadsheet where I wrote the stats of all handguns taken from https://pzwiki.net/ (hope it is relevant). I did some "score calculations" by multiplying the average_damage * ammo capacity(magazine size) * ammo_per_box and divided it by noise_radius as these are the most essential stats for a handgun. The results correlated with my in-game experience to a significant degree so I'd like to share it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N4AwBXB9YV59WhYFXo9oxM3Y-MEsCLl6lJCKxfWkFj0/edit?usp=sharing Rifles MSR700 This rifle is the most disappointing thing in the entire game. One of the worst damage outputs in the game. It almost never kills stuff. It's hard to aim and unusable at close range while it occupies the "back" slot of a large weapon. Feels more like an air-pumped rifle rather than a gun. I did some research on Remington 700 that fires .223 rounds and its energy is ~1700 Joules. This is at least 2x higher than 600-800 Joules of .45 ACP. The point of having a rifle is that you should carefully aim... and if you do - it should deliver a powerful punch. Damage 0.6-1.3 =>1.2 => 2.0 Aiming time 30 => 90 Default max range without scope 10 => 15 Noise radius 70 => 90 (why the hell a .44 pistol is more loud than a long-range rifle? from balancing point of view) MSR788 Well, this one is better. But still barely usable if you are dealing with high number of zombies or if you have running zombies on your server and how fast you can kill them determines whether you will survive or not. And it's still too quiet for a RIFLE that fires .308 cartridges. It would be reasonable for such a rifle to have the highest damage per shot outputs in the game. Even if it will almost always one-shot its target - it will be still quite hard to use efficiently. With 2.0-2.8 damage double-barrel shotgun does not always one-shot its target. Damage 1.2-2.0 =>1.7-2.7 Aiming time 40 => 100 Default max range without scope 10 => 15 Noise radius 70 => 100 Scopes The point of a scope is that you can see EXACTLY what you are looking at and you don't see anything around. So, it would be reasonable to make "scope" narrow down the vision cone of the rifle owner dramatically while he is "aiming" (he can still look normally while not aiming through the scope of a rifle). The scope should also increase the aiming time as it takes time to aim carefully if you want to deliver a perfect shot. At the other hand, the well-aimed shot with a scope must be almost a guaranteed kill. Damage multiplier 1.5x with a scope Aiming time multiplier 1.5 for 2x scope / 2.0 for 4x scope / 2.5 for 8x scope The higher the magnitude of a scope - the narrower the vision cone while aiming through it It would be nice to allow players to shoot further than 35 tiles. 50 still looks reasonable. 35 tiles is not that far for zombies to travel especially runners can cover this distance faster than you will kill 3 of them.
  5. - Hitting a zombie with a meat cleaver, hammer, machete, crowbar, axe, plank give you the same vibe, you boink them on their heads and it all feels like you hit them with a blunt objecte so yeah that could be improved too, the main thing is some of these sharp/bladed weapons should get stuck in a zombie just like a knife does when you do the jaw stab animation and you lose a knife because it's stuck in the zombies head, that is until you loot it back from the body. - Now with these weapons the odds are you're more likely to have your weapon stuck in a zombie if it's heavy and can pack a punch, the top candidates are wood axe, the axe, meat cleaver and a machete, this is mostly from the experience, I've used all four of them. - Working with large amounts of raw meat in restoraunts I've had the oppertunity to use a meat cleaver, they are really heavy and exhausting for the arm, the more body weight and muscle you have the easier it is to use, but they are still heavy and the whole design is made for cutting bones, if you used a meat cleaver on a zombies the odds are you won't struggle killing it, you'd stuggle with talking it out, a lot of weapons have these crit animations where your character violently swings a weapon, if you really did that you'd have your cleaver half way through the zombies but that's also where it would be staying if you didn't retrieve it from a zombie that's no longer trying to nible on you, and if you did strike it in the head it would be the almost the same story if you can't pull it out of a falling corpse. - Wood axe, the big red axe and machete would work in the same principle only one would he it better than the other, the wood axe would be really strong but there is no doubt that you'd be having trouble taking it out once you slash it through a zombie, pickaxe too, now the hand axe wouldn't be so much of a trouble, they are really light for their deadliness , but that still doesn't mean they wouldn't get stuck once in a while. -Obviously strenght, overall weight and level of the weapons class will affect this but 0/10 - Now why I think this fits the game and why it should be added. I've seen where the devs were/are heading with this game and quite frankly you're not a hero in this dying world, in this story, but you sure can take an axe with some moderate levels in it with maintance and clear a whole town like Muldraugh in a week, month tops, why have a cure to the zombie virus when it already exists, a beautiful high damage dealing no consequence to attacking axe and a machete with zombie's name on them, oooh right ther's that feature that teleports in new zombies every three days in areas unseen in the last 16 hours, that shure is fun! a Superman stuck in a world with ever spawning clash of clans skeletons (yeah not the best metaphor but it works). This would add some balance to the OP legacy of sharp/bladed weapons, even at level 0 they are 300% better and worth using over a hammer/crowbar etc. for clearing out places and general combat.
  6. Padd_

    Slow Consumption

    Tired of constantly having to change the empty battery in your flashlight? Or finding a new soap or lighter to replace the empty one? Or even changing colored light bulbs too often? Because we've all done this too many times. This mod does all of these at once: 🔹 Reduces flashlight battery consumption by 2 🔹 Reduces soap consumption by 2 🔹 Reduces lighter/matches consumption by 2 🔹 Increases colored light bulb condition by 10 ◽ Supported Version: 41.73 / 41.76 Unstable ◽ Compatible with Singleplayer and Multiplayer ◽ Works on existing saves (*) (*) only partially consumed colored bulbs will not be updated. What exactly does this mod change? Reduction of torch [yellow flashlight] battery consumption from 0.0009 to 0.00045 Reduction of handtorch [black flashlight] battery consumption from 0.0004 to 0.0002 Reduction of soap consumption from 0.05 to 0.025 Reduction of matches consumption from 0.1 to 0.05 Reduction of lighter consumption to 0.015 Increase of lighter "ticksPerEquipUse" [as a light source] from 110 to 220 Increase of colored light bulb "ConditionMax" from 10 to 100 [like a default light bulb] This mod can be added to or removed from a save file at any time. Tired from other excessive consumption? Let me know here! Report a bug or any issue here! Workshop ID: 2864231031 Mod ID: SlowConsumption Link to workshop mod Good game to all!
  7. I published my fist release of 'ST Survival Tailor' to the Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2755409154 I know there are already a few other tailoring mods that do some similar things, but I did not feel they were balanced especially how much thread you get from them. I've add some custom bags you can craft as well as most of the general material recipes you might need to improve tailoring. My hope for this mod is to make tailoring a worthwhile skill and add in more functionality as I progress. I would also like some feedback on how the items and recipes are balanced. I'm trying to keep the balance close to vanilla and not create items that are too good for an Apocalypse run. The Large Utility Pack and Utility Satchel are nice items, but you can only craft them once you get to skill 3 and 5. MOD Details: Craftable items: + Crude Backpack - Requires Tailoring 0 - Weight=1.5, Cap=16, Reduction = 50 - Equipable on back and hands - Uses custom icon and texture + Utility Pack Small - Requires Tailoring 1 - Weight=0.2, Cap=2, Reduction = 75 - Equipable in fanny pack slots - Uses custom icon + Denim Backpack - Requires Tailoring 2 - Weight=0.8, Cap=18, Reduction = 75 - Equipable on back and hands - Uses vanilla blue school bag icon/texture + Utility Pack Large - Requires Tailoring 3 - Weight=0.5, Cap=5, Reduction = 75 - Equipable in fanny pack slots - Uses custom icon + Utility Satchel - can be equipped with backpack - Requires Tailoring 5 - Weight=0.5, Cap=15, Reduction = 75 - Equipable only on fanny pack back slot - Uses vanilla satchel icon/texture Material recipes: + Salvage Ripped Sheets (for Thread) -Takes 5 Ripped Sheets, requires one tool: Paperclip/Tweezers/Needle/Suture Needle -Creates Thread (Results based on Tailoring skill) -Each ripped sheet can generate 2 thread units, with a possible 10 units = single full Thread spool + Salvage Denin Strips (for Thread) -Similar to Salvage Ripped Sheets, but takes Denim Strips + Twist Thread into Twine + Unravel Twine + Twist Twine into Rope + Unravel Rope + Craft Sheet Rope + Salvage Sheet Rope + Craft Sheet + Craft Tarp Planned recipes (but not implemented) + Merge Thread - Working, but somewhat basic. Craft for all and move char to stop + Craft Pillow + Salvage Pillow Workshop ID: 2755409154 Mod ID: stSurvTlr
  8. As in the title, I want to know if I'm alone in this opinion, but I've had far too many runs finished on day one due to a single missed swing. What happens is you swing a melee weapon, and there is a 1.5-2 second period where your speed is reduced to near 0, which makes missing a single swing a little bit TOO punishing, especially when there is more than one zombie. I personally love the challenge this game offers, but in Survivor mode I find it near impossible to enter houses because even if I lure the bulk of the zombies away, invariably I'll still need to kill 5-6, and that latency period with the new player animations is absolutely brutal. I'm not saying you should be able to freely swing then pivot on a dime as if you weigh 3 ounces, but I think that with the added momentum to the player, it's a little bit extreme. What are your thoughts on this?
  9. As it is now, if you start a new world, you've got a fresh new character, starting from scratch. You work real hard and spend many days building up that character's skills (and gear), building a base, leveling carpentry. You're at Level 7 carpentry now, and you're 45 days in. Annnn' ya bit. So, this character dies, and we spawn a new character into the same Sandbox. They start, timeline wise, after the first character died-- makes sense-- but their skills are default. That is, they only get the same chance for character points that the first character got, but, lore-wise, it is implied that this character has survived the apocalypse so far-- technically, outlived the first character (and, well, all the other characters). So, why don't they have any skills? My thought is that when you spawn a new character, depending upon how far into the timeline you are, you're given extra character points. In addition, you're given a bunch of skill levels that make sense for your character type, how long it's been in the sandbox, and some of the difficulty settings (if it's a easy setup, you don't want an OP character). I think it would make death less-frustrating, give more reason for people to persist a single game/sandbox and continue building plans, but still allow pretty dangerous minute-to-minute gameplay without having death cost the most time-consuming, grindiest part of the game.
  10. Issue: I enjoy playing 6 months later and Apocalypse, occasionally even CD DA, and well, getting a lighter/matches or even a saw from the first house before getting overwhelmed in 2 minutes from a zombie hearing your footsteps isn't too feasible, and running out into the woods being chased by 30,000,000,000 zomboids without any fire starting will leave you a bit cold/hungry/unhappy/in the dark in no time. I love the difficulty, and how impossible it is to really get back into cities once you've left, let alone main roads and pockets which surround houses out of the way. With the fact you can get axes, knives, and hammers from gathered goods I think there should be a way of making sturdy sticks without a saw, or rather a way to start a fire early game without a saw/matches/lighter if there's already ways to get early game tools, which do their jobs while having small durability. Why not a way to make fire the same? How do you get the plank for the fire board? Well. The same way you can in the current version. Destroy a door. (that or add a recipe for solely a fire board by using an axe with a log, basically just splitting a log in half the other half being scrapped, with a sharp tool still needed too to drill it) Solution? Whether it be making sturdy sticks be a drop from something like doors being destroyed and making planks a less common drop from doors too. Fire boards being craftable by either an axe, and splitting logs and getting barely a fraction back in return compared to using a saw, like 1 or 2 sturdy sticks instead. Even by shaving down a Tree Branch with a knife could work. Even simply the ability to use a Tree Branch as another option for the sturdy stick to not mess with the current balance of Sturdy Sticks, or (not really what I think is necessary) a full new lighting tool/method could even work, such as a fire plow or a Bow Drill with use of Twine (which brings up a whole new issue of balance) or rags. Balance: This feels like a void of tech by the time you've usually ended up with a saw anyways. By then you've usually gotten to the point where you already have numerous lighters and packets of matches. It may not always end up that way, but that's my (and some people who saw my suggestion in the discord agreed) experiences, and works well for the balance as it is. At that point, it just feels like it's dead content, just to avoid using up your matches, or use as while you're in the middle of nowhere with your fair shake of gear from weeks of gear gained. So making it so the fire board and sturdy stick has a fair failure rate, low durability where a few boards/sticks are necessary to even get it to work, could really give a little boost, while creating more difficulty! How can adding more early game content add more difficulty? Well, with how difficult starting a fire with the new content, it'd make it well, difficult. As you may know, currently keeping a fire stoked for too long creates fires beyond the campfire though. See where I'm going? Making the fire would be tiring, not certain to start quickly while also having it that the current balance of keeping a fire running too long without cautious preventative measures prior a dangerous play. I'm not suggesting a whole overhaul, but just a quick implementation of a new recipe with a fair fail rating. Attempting to find anyone who's suggested this or similar, was at earliest of June, where the main point became all that was brought attention to, and the fact they called for reform of fire starting was ignored by staff, and april earlier which had only attention by one single member of the community, but then again it was focused about the other details they'd brought up, and might need a bit of attention. TL;DR: I care a lot about something really not that hugely important. Fire shouldn't be prevented early playing primitively, current methods are outdated by the time it's available. Give Sturdy Sticks an early game achievability or give a supplement to using sturdy sticks for fire. And this has been brought up before, but seems to have been ignored or as a minor part of a different topic or suggestion they've made, months ago.
  11. The challenge of "The Last Frontier 2" is extremely unfinished for the following reasons 1. You may feel thirsty during a test, but you will not be able to quench your thirst. Impossible to drink. 2. The zombie counter may break. When the wave ends, some zombies may still be alive. 3. Bonfire - imba. You don't even have to fight the zombies, they will burn themselves. It is enough for the player to walk away from them. 4. There are very few goods in the store, and leveling skills and buying perks are extremely expensive and useless. There are a lot of firearms and melee weapons in build 41, but why isn't all of this in the test? 5. A shotgun is a very imba weapon because cheap cartridges are sold for it and for effective use the accuracy skill is almost unnecessary. You can pass the test this way indefinitely. 6. There are no running zombies. They would make the test much more difficult. 7. Building skill is almost useless as it only affects the strength of the barricades. It is impossible to build objects in the test, and survival will be much safer and more convenient on the street than in the house. 8. After death, you can create a new character on the same map. That is, you will have the corpses of zombies and the corpse of your past character. Idiocy. 9. Speeding up time speeds up the game, but not the timer itself. It can be abused. It seems to me that the tests did not adjust to the 41st build. Please correct this problem. I wonder if other survival chellenges have the same problem?
  12. So, when you block way by car- zombies do not destroy car doors and dont came through to kill player- they just stay at the place- i can't not use this exploit, but this made bases indestructible, and you can sleep in any place and time just be blocked by car, or sit on the seat side car which blocked by wall. also suggestions: * the short jeans protect as good as full length but dint deal run penalty. * pullover( sweater) with decollete protect neck as good as without decollete. * maybe add damage by feet (stomp) when you wear hard boots (army boots) ? *add decrease food weight when it half eaten *add possibility put on bags right from the ground by right-click
  13. Dear Developers, DISCLAIMER: I've written this letter with a certain degree of humor, but please understand this is a very, very serious issue. You've created a lovely game, and you've done a great job of adding in realism for the sake of immersion. I'm really proud of how far you've come & what you've been able to accomplish thus far. However, today I'm sad to report I've discovered an immersion breaking bug that threatens to unravel the entire game, and invalidate all the hard work you've invested. Your game is set in Kentucky, and you have liquor bottles named "whiskey" in the game. Do I need to spell this out for you? In Kentucky, they make bourbon. In point of fact, Kentucky is one of the few places on the planet where you can make bourbon because the ground water is filtered through limestone - which along with a few other brewing details is a crucial element of making bourbon as opposed to whiskey. Forget the part about zombies - this abomination is the real horror element of your game. I don't think it's hyberbole to say that even zombies wouldn't be caught dead in a part of Kentucky where there is no bourbon. What makes this situation even more aggregious is the fact that the region of Kentucky in which the game is set is right in the middle of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. https://kybourbontrail.com/map/?gclid=CjwKCAjw2uf2BRBpEiwA31VZj6bpT8zOjffj2EIyZjOD6evp8FHSJgMTRB-xusfNPTVSkID_2zZtRhoC4yQQAvD_BwE I honestly don't understand how such a thing could have happened. You've taken time to add Southern touches like remoulade and modjeksa to the game, but somehow this crucial element slid right off your radar. Someone screwed up, and there is no excuse for it. In order to atone, I feel that the development team needs to spend a few days on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky for research purposes, so that this gross oversite can be corrected. If you haven't done so previously, trust me when I say that doing so will be time well spent. It's not too late to fix this. It shouldn't take much work to replace the word "whiskey" with "bourbon." You're still in development, so I'm willing to overlook this unbelievable error...once. However, now that I've taken time to bring this to your attention, I hope that you will search your hearts, and make the only correct choice. Thank you. This message has been brought to you by the Kentucky Bourbon Zombie Gang. #zombies4bourbon #kentuckyzombiesmatter #bourbontrailzombies
  14. Don't you think the vehicles are way too overpowered. 1st point is using any vehicle as a weapon looks too powerful and unrealistic. As of build 40 you can easily drive through the horde at low speed and make the meat steak out of them quite well. This allows you get around 500+ zombie kill literally in 10 minutes, cleaning whole quarters of town, without any significant damage to your vehicle and without any expansive materials. The second problem is even you decide to avoid zombies, you can easily escape town, and just live at nearby farm, playing some stardew valley/sims, because there will be not a single zed there. Not sure how it works in B41. The car is moving much slowly through the pile of dead bodies, but it still possible to slash zombies that way. Also i think you can hold S and A/D to make your car twist and kill any zombie that will come closer. I have tried different settings, but it does not affect this moment. You can only disable vehicles completely or make them harder to find, but once you get a car the game quickly turn into GTA and all atmospere just ruins Thanks! PS. Pardon my poor English, it is not my native language.
  15. Whether a tile is forageable is determined In the files Java/media/lua/client/TimedActions/ISScavengeAction.lua Java/media/lua/client/ISUI/ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua by the line if getGametimeTimestamp() - zone:getLastActionTimestamp() > 50000 then Even on the lowest settings you're likely to only exhaust a handful of tiles before they begin to replenish, so you never have to journey far to find new materials. It would be cool if that static 50000 was instead influenced by the nature's bounty modifier.
  16. I remember the last zomboid and an unbalanced knife. A lot of water has leaked, but there are still frankly unbalanced weapons. I think from the name you understand what I will write about. Why are axes unbalanced? - many variations (fireman, pickaxe, one-handed, made for trees, crafted ax; - high dps (in this balance it is high); - the possibility of manufacturing; - professions: lumberjack, fireman. (These professions are also unbalanced). I suggest: - Strengthen other weapons; (more professions, perks) frankly weak: crushing, spears. - Increase the cost of professions: fireman, lumberjack. (as a temporary measure).
  17. Hi there! I little bad at english, and I hope you can read next what I write. I here to say something: - You can do hard system of the alchogol distilation: like a making mors from berries, or vodka from potato - and next a distilated some pure desinfectet liquid. - You can do some more addictions how coffe, drags, alchogol or important needs at insulin. And if be so nicley, if that addictions can be if you take many of that... How if you many takes of trauma and takes a painkillers... and if you can pure from addictons with a very many time (and with manys debugs). Thats take at game some hardness I think, if you control that. - Do a point at optiones, what do a jumps at the running, above a walls/fences (At new version) by the holding a button (if we build some towers, we jumped so much from them ) - Do some at game music from a CD-player, what you can heard, whats make your persona little happy. - Fixing a walls or constructions, from the masters on carpetnery. OR make to visible capacity to the masters (make a book or something). This is not fair, than you cant just expect your buildings... and if needed replace that. - Add coffie and tea leafs, how a plants. -Make a blooddrop system? How a anemia if you lost too much blood from the open wounds. And a blood bags next with it, for a blood change if a blood have a infection (but not a KNOX Viruse). That's makes game a little harder, and take a sence with a blood stops ropes... like than you do operation on body, how amputation... -Many pepoles use a redacting a bat file, tham use more RAM, for a get around a lags on a multiplayer servers (More intencive update speed, how a understand from they words). Thanks for your work, we love you. P.s we are awaiting a fix of HAM Radio.
  18. Enabling Normal/Hardcore reloading causes XP gain for reloading pistols to occur when inserting the magazine. Additionally, the magazine can be ejected/inserted repeatedly for continued XP gain without using any ammo. Despite this, XP gain appears to only be 0.33 per eject/insert cycle which is laughable. If the pistol were to be used realistically (let's assume you average half a clip before reloading) you would have fired 1710 rounds before finishing THE FIRST LEVEL. (And this is with Fast Learner) This is especially problematic as the "Reload" keybinding only ejects/inserts the magazine, making it extremely cumbersome to try to maximize XP gain without making use of what is clearly an exploit. Additionally, the fact that Hardcore in particular drastically increases the reload time for a pistol just makes the reloading skill that much more important when compared to the easier difficulties. An Easy difficulty player can trivially reload after each shot, allowing them to gain reloading XP when it is not really needed, while a Hardcore difficulty player can not. Using a shotgun should not be 7-15 times more efficient for training reloading, and players using pistols with Reload Difficulty set to Hardcore should not feel like they have to engage in meta behavior in order to raise their reloading skill.
  19. I think the sheet ropes should be overhaul with the purpose to difficult of using, because it's the easiest way to have a completely secure base. For example, it would be logical that we can not use them in any way when we have damaged hands. Also we are unable to use them, when we have overweight or underweight traits. The same for when we are heavily loaded. It also would be nice if zombies could break them when hitting from below.
  20. "37% of Americans say they or someone in their household owns a gun" according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in February, 2013. A 2007 study by the U.N.'s Office on Drugs and Crime found that the United States, which has 5% of the world's population, owns 50% of the world's guns. Another Pew Research Center study found that people living in a rural area were twice as likely to own a gun as those living in an urban area. I'm just saying, while searching through houses in a rural area of Kentucky, it doesn't feel like I'm finding a proportionate amount of 50% of the worlds guns.
  21. When playing single player there's almost an excess of items, but as soon as I go multiplayer, the items get stupid hard to find. The warehouse had 120 cigarettes and NOTHING ELSE. Empty shelves in the spawn location where in every single player game they were full. We've tried changing this servertest_SandboxVars.lua with Notepad++ , and there was no difference. Changes to temperature and locks worked, but item frequency did not noticeably change. If anyone knows how to balance this, I would greatly appreciate the help.
  22. I find it unrealistic that I can push a zombie hard enough to send him 2+ cells away and he still has enough coordination to stay on his feet. I know our characters lose strength through exertion, but the zombies in PZ have better equilibrium than a Flying Wallenda crossing a tight rope. I don't mind if zombies getting knocked to the ground have their rest period shortened if this is added. Zombies that I've knocked down should recover quicker anyways, because they don't suffer from pain or any other standard weaknesses from being pushed to the ground Also it would be good to be able to connect hitting a stumbling zombie when they're falling backwards. It annoys the hell out of me that when I push a zombie into a corner, it's trying to stay standing animation goes into affect and my attacks don't register. Players should be able to hit a zombie with weapons or pushing at all times. When a zombie goes into that mode, it should be very easy to knock off balanced zombies down even when over exerted. And since I'm throwing out zombie fixes, when one falls from the second story it should either automatically become a crawler or on a very lucky chance die from brain injury. Its good that IS added that when they hit the ground they lay on the ground before recovery instead of just landing on their feet and immediately return to going after you. All that's left is to add in the damage zombies take from falling.
  23. TL:DR for those that don't feel like reading: Unarmed combat feels way too strong compared to majority of weapons, excluding those that are capable of hitting multiple zed's like a bat or axe, and insta kill weapons like knives, and in OP's honest opinion, could use a solid nerf. As of right now, unarmed combat allows you to shove up three (might be more, correct me if i am wrong) zombies, doesn't tire you (again, correct me if i am wrong, but just minutes before writing this post i've gone through killing 150~ zed's in WP school with just my hands and the exhaustion moodle didn't show up), has infinite durabilty, and even with standard 5 strength, offers you a crazy high knockdown chance, and enough damage to kill a default health zed with four or five stomps (on rare occasion requiring few more), and doesn't weight anything. Why would one even use stuff like hammers or golf bats, capable of hitting a single zombie, having pretty much the same knockdown chance, barely offering any damage increase, and in addition to that having pitiful durability and exhausting your character, when they have access to a much stronger zed killing tool? Why even sacrifice carrying weight for them? Using said weapons, i haven't really noticed any damage or knockdown increase compared to head stomping and shoving, number of hits to kill one did feel pretty much the same. Ability to damage a zombie without knocking them down doesn't really feel that usefull due to how pitiful and unnoticable damage without the "on the ground" bonus is. I haven't really reached higher melee skill levels to see if they get any better later on, basically due to being able to handle mostly everything exclusively using unarmed combat. Right now if feels that every weapon other than a bat, axe, or knives, is a waste of carrying capacity. Increased exhaustion when shoving zed's away is a must in my honest opinion. I believe shoving charging undead flesh bags would be pretty tiresome. Reduced knockdown chance would be in place aswell, as of right now it is hillariously easy to keep six or seven zeds knocked down, while slowly kicking their brains out. Discuss.
  24. I have noticed that, at least in multiplayer, some people have a nasty habit of undoing your hard-made barricades. I know for a fact that, in build 31, TIS made it so that a player may only interact with curtains from the inside. I feel that the game would become much more fair and immersive if looters were made unable to interact with barricades unless they accessed them from the side they were barricaded from. P.s. I am tired and writing on a phone, plz no judge :[
  25. I Was thinking that is unrealistic that a zombie can stay years walking , so my idea is that when the zombie spawn it start like a internal clock that it Will die in 2 weeks or more time (you can change it).Whit these we can have a balanced population of zeds , because whit migration they can go to the city and repopulate it.
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