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Found 16 results

  1. I don't believe for sure I'm the first to suggest this, but since I search for quite a bit and didn't really find any post on this exact topic, I'm making this. Sheath A simple technology existing since medieval times and that should exist and be needed in the game is the "Sheath". It would be exactly the same as the "Holster" for guns, creating a new item slot for bladed weapon, however: There should be 4 versions of the Sheath -Long Sheath > Only Katana, Machete and future long blades should be possible to be slotted. Short blades would be too loose on it and not stick. -Short Sheath > Only Knifes, Daggers and future short blades should be slotted. Long blades wouldn't fit at all. -Open Sheath > Fits any bladed weapon, can be adjusted in size and allows for blades of any size since the tip of the blade can come from the other side. It should also be possible to slot a few non-blade weapons on this sheath, like a crowbar, sledgehammer, axe and other one and two-handed weapons reasonable enough to fit it. -Katana Sheath > Most Katanas would be found together with their sheaths, since even display blades come with a sheath, so whenever you find a Katana, there should be a 75% chance that a long Sheath would spawn together. Exclusive for Katanas since it is thinner than an average long blade sheath. The sheath should be possible to equip either left, right or back of the hip. And so should the "single holster". Equipping it on your back would equip it horizontally on the back of the hip. The Sheath and the holster should take the same item slot, same with the Sheath and the Fanny Pack and Satchel on the back hip slot. This means that you can have the sheath on one side and a holster on the other, but can't equip the double holster with a left or right sheath, needing to place it on your back, but then you can't have a satchel nor a fanny pack on your back. The Open Sheath should only be equippable on right or left, and not be equippable on the back of the hip, since the weapon is kept diagonally and it would trip you when trying to walk.. The "Belt" should have a durability and slotting and using a bladed weapon from your belt should reduce it. As we see it, the blades don't have sheaths on them, so when you place them or pick them from your belt, you are making small cuts on the belt and sooner or later it should snap, dropping all items on the belt on the ground and becoming a single leather strip. This would also make it more meaningful to loot and carry more than one belt. It should be possible to craft sheaths out of leather with the "tailor" skill. It should require reading a recipe magazine about "Medieval Tools still used today" The open sheath would be more rare than the other two to find and need a higher tailor level to craft. The long sheath should also be very rare and require a tailor level slightly smaller than the open sheath, but a lot more leather strips. Shoulders Another possibility not currently being explored are "shoulder" slots for bags. Be it equipping a "Satchel" on your left or right or by having common handbags and purses, that also exist in the game, be equippable on your shoulder since they have shoulder straps. I know by personal experience that I can carry two of these, one in each shoulder, plus a backpack and definitely still could wear two fanny packs, one in the front and one on my back, all at the same time, and still have my arms free to do anything. With all these considered, the belt would become more meaningful, we would be able to equip a machete or a sword on our hip but need to consider well what we are gonna be equipping since we may be taking the same item slot than another item we may need as well. Conclusion Is it somewhat realistic? Yes, perfectly. Sheaths are a tool still used and very present today and exists exactly so that we can equip blades on belts without the risk of cutting the belt, which is also realistic to be present in the game. Though rare, you can still find really long sheaths today since long machetes can be found pretty reasonably, and I myself have a machete in my father's farm which the sheath is more than long enough to roughly fit a Katana or other long blades. Same with the shoulder bags and purses. It is perfectly reasonable. Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? This fits perfectly with the current style and even placing the long sheath on your back is perfectly reasonable and not only would it be useful, but also visually pleasing. Same with having bags on your shoulders. Would it make the game too easy? It would not make the game any easier, just provide utility that grants some QoL, while it would also create a possibility of your belt snapping at a bad moment when you draw your blade from your hip without a sheath in the middle of a zombie fight. Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) Not really. The code for the sheath would be the same as the one for the holster, but limiting it to it blade type only, instead of small guns. The only rewriting would be for the belt, in order to add the durability and damage when slotting and equipping a blade and that is relatively a minor amount of code, and for the bags, in order to make the equippable on "shoulder slots" for left and right. Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? Definitely. It would make the belt more meaningful and the possibility of equipping a machete on your hip, sacrificing either 1 holster slot or one satchel/fanny pack slot for it and having your back slot empty for a crowbar or an axe. The possibility of carrying tools on the open sheath would also be interesting and extremely useful, opening more choices on what tools you wish to carry with you in your quickslots. Both are a great QoL improvement. Would it be found in Muldraugh, Kentucky common enough to be added? Yes, definitely. They have machetes for the long sheath, Katanas would have their exclusive sheath, the open sheath might just be a belt tool sheath and knifes also have sheaths. Also, since you can craft them, you would "find" them anywhere in the world. And the shoulder bags are already present in the game, they just need to have the option to equip on left/right shoulder.
  2. Player is able to climb ropes while holding one or two bags, screenshot displays equipped Garbage bags. Jumping over high fences automatically drops them, so it seems reasonable to drop bags when climbing ropes.
  3. Since the last update I've had two school bags disappear from my character's inventory. The first time it happened I noticed it when I loaded my save file after the update and I figured it had something to do with that so I didn't take care to note what the character was doing. I had previously had some issues with another secondary bag, as reported here, and those issues seem to have been fixed, apart from the part of that suitcase item being forever rendered as a tote-bag (now that I'm writing this down it does make me think if there is something corrupted in the save file and I just need to restart). So, after a while I found a new school bag to use as my secondary bag and I thought "all good" and continued with my surviving. But now that one is also gone. I can't recall the exact steps that lead to the bag disappearing, but my character was working on a pretty big log wall wall she had been working on for a while. I think this is a fairly accurate reconstruction of the events leading to the bag disappearing: My character had 1 school bag equipped on her back, 1 school bag in her inventory and 1 suitcase (yes, the above mentioned) in her inventory Attached to her back she had a wood axe and on her belt a pipe-wrench and a hand axe She equipped the wood axe (double handed) and chopped down a bunch of trees When she was done she equipped the second school bag in her secondary hand and the suitcase in her primary hand She filled the bag on her back, the secondary school bag, the suitcase and her main inventory with as many logs as she possibly could She then walked back with a pretty full inventory and built some log walls, she did this a few times until she was exhausted Here is where I'm not entirely sure exactly what happened. I usually use the hot-keys to make the char take a weapon whenever they need to fight, or to auto-unequip other things in their hands. This is what I think I did, that I just pressed 1 to get her wood axe equipped forcing the bags in her secondary and primary bags to get unequipped from her hands and into her inventory. I've had considered the fact that her main inventory was too full, but then the bag should have fallen to the ground, but it wasn't here. I've looked everywhere but the bag is gone. I feel like since I don't remember the exact steps I've performed, that I would want to try and recreate this, or just test around some more, I will see if I can get some more accurate information if this is not enough. Has anybody else had a similar situation?
  4. Items: Bag_SurvivorBag, Bag_ALICEpack, Bag_ALICEpack_Army I can't find it in loot tables despite it is possible to get those top bags in the game. What file contains the numbers of drop rate of these bags?
  5. Zed Bag Patch With the state this is in right now I am not posting a download link. However if you would like a workaround for your mod list let me know. I can make a custom workaround patch for you. This is a patch to allow multiple mods to create Quick Access Containers in the players inventory! I like to use both Quickbags, and US Military Gear but found out that it would only allow the mod that loaded last to have the quick access bags. This 'patch' is just a modified ISQuickAccessContainers.lua with the bags from both mods. Once I have had a chance to test it and make sure it doesn't cause any weird issues with the mods conflicting then I will look at posting a download link. Todo: Known Bugs Currently supported mods Under the hood (code snippet) Let me know what you think and if you know any other mods you would like added to this patch. NOTE: This is just a patch to get these mods working together. All credit for these mods goes to their respective creators and contributors. This is kind of my first dive into PZ modding so I would really like feedback so I can learn more.
  6. Okay, so for starters, sorry for suggesting this on a Saturday. The odds are, if someone already posted this idea, I'm probably just repeating something already answered, and for that, I apologize. Okay, so now that the apologies are out of the way, here's a couple thoughts I had while viewing the Mondoid. _____________________________________ First of all, what fascinated me was the fact that we will be crouching down and browsing through the backpacks and stuff, like we would in real life... but I couldn't help but notice that the character was unarmed and sorting through the stuff, as opposed to observing the environment. My thought is, what if y'all made it possible to just look up and around, while crouched like that, in order to view approaching zombies/survivors, but when sorting through the stuff, your character's visual distance briefly disappears/shrinks to a barely noticeable size, at least until he/she finishes going through the bag, or when that character looks up/around? Some people can multitask, but barely anyone can do things blindly, and there's even more of a chance that, should that bag have sharp objects/if that item has (a) sharp object(s) around it, then should the player not be paying attention to the bag due to him/her looking out and about, he/she could potentially cut himself/herself in the hands/lower arms. Clumsy characters could also gain an extra risk in that department... and at high panic, it could make it happen regardless of where you look, due to shakiness and whatnot. While holding items in your hands, you can't honestly expect to go through a bag like that. As such, why not also make the character temporarily place the item/weapon on the ground next to the bag? That could lead up to a few additional things to concern one's self with. For example: I'm carrying a baseball bat around. I think it's time to grab a bite to eat from my bag. As such, I would take a little longer to get to the food in my bag because I have to place the bat on the ground to get the bag off of my back. I then proceed to lower the bag and go through my stuff. My perception around the world fades, and I'm left with just myself, my bat, and my backpack. I hear something ahead of me and lift my head up as I continue scooping around for that last bag of chips I had on me. To my relief, I only spot a single zed shambling from a distant building; TOO far away for it to be a threat, and with a chance that it hasn't even spotted me... yet. I'm about to look back into the bag when a sharp pain fills my hand. I wince as I look down and, to my annoyance, I've cut my hand on a steak knife I had on me! I'd have to buy more time and grab my bandages afterwards. The zombie moans. I look up, and now it's THREE zombies... and they're looking RIGHT AT ME! Screw the chips, then! I need to just CANCEL MY CURRENT ACTION, AND GRAB THE LAST THING I GRABBED, since it would be ABOVE THE ITEMS I'VE PLACED IN THE BAG OVER TIME. I get the bandages just in time before noticing that the zombies are just a few meters away from me! I am now filled with extreme panic. I ditch my bag, AND my bat, and just hurry away, right as the now TEN zombies pile over where I was just a second ago. I decide to mark that spot mentally. I can get that stuff later. But for now, I need to get these zeds away from my stuff lying there, before someone else grabs it! As we could see, this didn't go too well, simply because I had to spend those extra few seconds putting that weapon I had in my hands down. Had I either not been holding that bat OR AT LEAST HAD IT HOLSTERED SOMEWHEREI, I probably would've at least gotten away with my bat in time. Furthermore, I was left with a challenge of looking ahead, but alas, my ADD got me cut, and forced me to skip on a meal to, instead, get a box of bandages out that I just got done looting five minutes ago. Now, here's an alternative approach. I'm hungry for some chips. Since my bat is holstered in my BELT, I don't even need to put it away. I lower to the floor and take my bag off before sorting through my stuff. I hear a groan, and look up quickly, BUT DECIDE TO PAUSE MY SORTING PROGRESS, since I know I have a few sharp things in my bag. I spot a single zed in the distance, shambling my way. It doesn't look like it spotted me, though, so I decide to continue going through my stuff, LOOKING BACK INTO MY BAG AS I DO SO. Finally, with that bag of chips at hand, I open it up to take a few scoops of it out. I hear a growl, and look up. To my horror, there's now FIVE zombies just a few meters away from me! I immediately drop the chips on the ground and spring into action! Seeing that the zombies are so close, I ditch my backpack and pull my bat from my belt, then lead them away from my stuff, taking a few quick swings as I do. With four down, and one only crawling, I run back to the bag, HOLSTER MY BAT IN MY BELT, kneel back down, and move the chips back into the bag before picking it up with my hands and getting to a safe enough distance to put it on my back again. Not only did having my bat holstered speed up my looting time, pausing from going through the stuff allowed me to avoid getting cut, and in turn, I got to keep my chips and my stuff! I have a few more ideas to throw y'alls way, but these are just some of the basic scenarios that could be made in addition to the current progress on the looting system. Again, if it's already been suggested, then please forgive me, as I'm kinda a late poster.
  7. If this idea hasnt been said, well its kinda self-explanatory, that we should be able to lvl up our skills by using punching bags, but for that maybe they should add a section like Fitness and endurance. The more you practice on the punching bag the more endurant you are, the fitter you are, and also you could punch faster. (Obviously there is a limit of how fast you punch, we aint superman.) But in order to work, I guess they should add the animation of punching and kicking, This isnt something very important to focus on, but would be cool to implement it in the game.
  8. Hey everyone! To keep this nice and concise, I figured the world of Project Zomboid needed a bit of a touch up in terms of improvisation and crafting, so I decided to make a rather random mod: Improvised Containers! Downloads: Improvised Containers 1.1.1 (Latest Version) Features: Planned Features: That's why I'm here. I'd love to get some feedback and criticism (Especially since this is my first time properly modding something, not including Insurgency skins), but most important of all, I want more ideas for improvised bags and such. I'm open to any ideas! (Provided it's within my extremely limited coding knowledge.) Permissions: Feel free to use my work in your own mods, but please credit me! Other Work: Feel free to contact me if you're looking for a sprite artist for your own mods. Don't feel limited to downsizing images anymore! Credits: Icons & Coding - WolfeClaw Download Page Art - Yukiin
  9. Everyone say thank you to Dudeman325. First mod of lame-o-ness or not, I've finally done it thanks to the help I got that made it so elementary even an idiot like me could do it! Plastic Bag Mountain: Current Version 1.0 What does it do? Plastic Bag Mountain allows you to use "Plastic Bags" - the useless bag we have that we carry around and sometimes find 80+ of if we're (un)lucky and then turn those in to garbage bags (or liners in the future) for use in collecting water and using in recipes. In the future it will also add other liners and possible other uses for bags. Boring Preface First mod of lame-o-ness or not, I've finally done it thanks to the help I got that made it so elementary even an idiot like me could do it! I'll be working on it to maybe give it its own sprite and also adding other things like using tarps or other sorts of bags if I can manage. I'm open to a bit of constructive criticism, suggestions and maybe a nudge in the right direction. Be gentle I'm still a tiny baby at this. Please don't do things with my mod in packs/place it places without my permission if you'd be so kind! Linking back to the PZ-Mods website is probably the easiest way to keep it up to date, I'll be keeping my best eye I can. Thank you! Installing Instructions (Non-Steam) Yep! Steam is my next stop, but for this version: Just extract it to your "C:\Users\YOURNAME\Zomboid\mods" folder and you're good to go after enabling it in the mod area after your game is up. Also Available PZ-Mods Version Steam Version TO DO Going to update these mostly on the Steam and PZ-Mods page, easier for me, sorry!! But there's a ton in planning and a ton in action up coming as soon as I can. Thanks again, Everyone!
  10. Not Enough Bags This mod adds several new container items to the game and also tweaks / nerves the existing vanilla ones. New bags:Paper Bag Fanny Pack Briefcase Messenger SatchelMedical Bag Golf BagDownload from pz-mods.net Permission (Click the spiffo for more informations): Changelog
  11. I won't write too much in here as I figure the more text people have to read through, the less it gets noticed by others. Basically, let all the containers have "special" slots among the normal weight capacity that give a huge weight reduction bonus for items that were specifically designed to be held in there. For example - school backpacks give their usual 50-60 weight reduction when carrying normal items. With the addition of my suggestion, bags will get an extra "Special" few slots. It will look like this : School backpack : Weight capacity - 15, weight reduction - 60, special slots - 5, special weight reduction - 90%. What this means is you are able to fill your school backpack for 15 slots, like you were able to. But it also gives you an additional 5 slots with extra weight reduction if you place an item that the backpack was originally designed for. That means every book, every pen, every notebook and anything else that people carry with themselves to school will get extra weight reduction compared to all other backpacks. That means stuff like hiking bags will get special slots for various clothing and hiking equipment, and containers like med kits will get special slots for medical items. Edit : To further make my point, I'll post a few more bags with examples of "special" items. These are : Garbage bags - empty bottles, broken weapons, spoiled food. Plastic bags - food items, full bottles, empty bottles. Tote bags - food items, full bottles, various clothing and decoration. Small hiking bags - various clothing. Normal hiking bags - various clothing and tools. Big hiking bags - various clothing, tools and long melee weapons. Gun racks - pistols and ammo boxes. Key chains - various trinkets and rings.
  12. Hello, I am here to make several suggestions about bags. 1. Backpacks should also be able to be broken/ripped. They would wear-down however, only when you are almost at their weight limit/at the weight limit. If a bag broke, all the contents could drop onto the ground, or items could slowly fall out depending if it was torn or ripped. These could also make it so you could no longer carry it on your back. 2. You know when you go on a scavenging run, and you load up with tons of pointy little objects like hunting/kitchen knifes, well, if you had them in a bag on your back they could have a very small chance of when you are running of them poking/cutting you. The worst they could do would make you bleed and get scratched. This would be very uncommon. 3.If you had a lot of sharp things in your backpack as well, sprinting with them could make the bag deterorate quicker. 4.Sheaths and other containers for knifes and other blade weapons could be implemented to make the chance for the bladed weapons to damage your bag lower if at all. 5. Also, I'd like to see clothing items such as Shorts, Athletic Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Pants, Hoodies, and Rain Jackets. Cargo shorts could have a bag option on the side but only be able to hold like 2 lbs, and cargo pants 3lbs. Same with the hoodie. 6. Also, I'd like some more canned foods such as Peaches and Chili. Thank you for reading these, please, post your opinions in the comments on these suggestions! PS: Sorry if any of this is planned or has been commonly suggested, I didn't see anything on it however.
  13. Hello my fellow PZ people! So today, while playing PZ, I was thinking about how awesome a 3d model bag would be. Bag equipped = 3d model bag on your back Long weapon in bag = Weapon sticking out from bag You should only make it for "equip on your back", as it would be a problem with second hand slot. I think this would be pretty great. Also, I've been looking around on google for a 3d model import tool, but is it true that you haven't released one yet?! I mean, so modders can actually do stuff like adding 3d model bags? Let me know what you think about 3d model bags. -Stenmann
  14. Hi guys, so I wanted to get peoples feedback on the current inventory management system, what do you like about and what do you feel could be improved. I searched the forums to find an existing thread or something from the developers about this but was unable to find anything but apologies if I am covering old ground. So there are lots of parts of the current system I really like. The way bags work now is great, a rucksack on your back and potentially two more in each hand at the expense of weapons. It forces you into a choice which is always a good thing. I also like the hand/secondary set up for weapons and items, use a two handed axe or a knife and a torch, or you can even use the axe as a 1 hand weapon(although I feel the penalty to combat should be a bit higher for certain weapons than it is at the minute). Now the inventory container, I have a lot of trouble conceptualising exactly what that it. The hands and the bags yes, but what about the rest, are they pockets, are they strapped onto me? If I am carrying 1 bag, 1 backpack, 1 baseball bat, 200 nails in my pockets where exactly are the 4 cooking pots and the extra 3 baseball bats being stored? oh and did I mention its unseasonably hot so my character is running around with no shirt or trousers on ? While I understand its not exactly game breaking or important at the minute I feel in the long term it could be improved upon. Perhaps with the same treatment that the bags got, tool belt, gun harness, strap for the shotgun etc (all found/crafted/upgraded so you don't get them at the start). Crafting - I feel that is area is fine, I just wish that I would automatically use stuff in my bags without having to transfer them to my inventory first, it can be a bit tedious at times. Also I think I should be able to saw logs on the floor without having to pick them up. Maybe with the introduction of something like a shopping trolley/wheelie bin/wheelbarrow I could load up a number of planks and logs so I don't have to keep running back and forward to pick up X amount of logs/planks on mass construction projects, and if we want to get really convoluted we could construct some sort of crane/pulley system to construct upwards. Finally inventory management in my safehouse can be a bit of a ball ache. Maybe its my OCD of putting everything in its own place, but I can literally lose a day sorting my loot. Its not a very fun part of the game but I am not sure exactly what can be done about it. Maybe the ability to assign a container to a type and then have a button that auto unloads that type of item into said container? Other than that all I can think of is to slow down time when you are in your safehouse ( no zombies inside obviously) so you don't lose so much time, but this obviously wouldn't work in MP. Anyway this was just my thoughts on the current set up. What are your thoughts? And maybe when they are less busy the handsome dev's could blog about the direction of this, what they are happy with and what they feel could be improved upon. * Disclaimer - Its probably human nature but I feel I have concentrated on more what I feel could be improved upon as opposed to what is really good, and there is a lot that is really good.
  15. Did you ever run into a horde after shopping at the groceries? Are you into B&E but unable to choose between the flatscreen and the piano? Have you ever wondered how to easily access your inventory and get rid of that piano while frantically using your mouse to smash said horde? If you can answer all three questions with 'yes' then this little script might just be the solution for you. Description: This mod adds a hotkey ( 'x' by default) to swiftly dump an equipped bag in order to reduce encumberance. It will only acknowledge bags and only those equipped in your hands or on your back. The order is Primary Hand -> Secondary Hand -> Back; one push for each item. Installation: 1. Copy zip to the PZ root-directory, right click on the file and select 'Extract Here'. 2. Hit 'Yes' if asked to overwrite folders. 3. Delete zip. Future Plans: Probably a weight-flavoured system. Or even better menu-based which allows for dragging the order. Known Issues: Not working with .10 Desura build TurnTail.zip
  16. Hi, is it possible to make bags for nails let say 20/each. i mean is preety annoying when i want to ake 10 nails from stock of 200. either one by one, either play with highlighting them.. it doesn`t make any difference to game itself it will be just more convinient. you can make craftable or lootable bags which - when they are in main inventory - can be used straight away, not moving item to main inventory to build doors or anything.
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