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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone. I spent two nights trying to solve a problem with my mod. I wanna create a bag that can be filled with money. I was able to write part of money taking out code, but filling is too hard for me. At the bottom I paste my current code. At the moment, when I try to fill the bag by one unit (500$ is 1 unit; 5000$ is max), it is immediately filled completely. Please help who understands [LUA] media/lua/server/moneybag.lua function Recipe.OnCreate.moneyin(items, result, player) for i=0, items:size()-1 do if items:get(i):getType() == "PERCOM.moneybag" then if items:get(i):getUsedDelta() == 0 then result:setUsedDelta(0.1) else result:setUsedDelta(items:get(i):getUsedDelta() + 0.1) end end end end [SCRIPT] media/scripts/PERCOM_recipes.txt module PERCOM { imports { Base } item moneybag { Weight = 1.1, Type = Drainable, UseWhileEquipped = FALSE, DisappearOnUse = FALSE, UseDelta = 0.1, DisplayName = Moneybag, Icon = Moneybag, WeightEmpty = 0.1, } recipe put500dollars { destroy moneybag, Money = 500, Result: moneybag, Time: 1, Category: Money, CanBeDoneFromFloor: TRUE, OnCreate: Recipe.OnCreate.moneyin, } recipe take500dollars { PERCOM.moneybag = 1, Result: Money = 500, Time: 1, Category: Money, CanBeDoneFromFloor: TRUE, } }
  2. Hi I had some clothes on the floor. Accidentally I dropped the bag on top of them and they disappeared. How do I get them back? Thanks for the help
  3. I'd like to edit the starting carry weight/capacity for my own personal enjoyment. Is there a LUA file that I can edit which will allow me to modify the carry weight?
  4. I suggest adding a button to quickly reset the backpack to the ground that is behind your back or in an additional hand. It is convenient than opening inventory and looking for it and then throwing it on the ground. At least such a function would help me a lot. Maybe there was this topic, I don't know. But I wanted to suggest.
  5. A Wool Blanket is a very good survival item with many uses. Sleeping aid Lie on/under for comfort and warmth. Use as a makeshift sleeping bag. Clothing Can be used as a cloak or poncho. Scratch and bite resistant. Storage Can be used as a bag. Shelter Can be use to create a 'lean-to'. **Naturally water proof and fire retardant** With the new weather and clothes on the way etc. it would be very nice to use a blanket to- Put on a bed for warmth while sleeping. Wear as a cloak for warmth and protection from the rain. Use as a bag It would also possibly be cool to use as a sleeping bag or shelter but that might be a bit too much? Down sides to wool Heavy (especially when wet) Itchy When worn like a cloak you will be laughed at because you want to be a medieval warrior...
  6. Simply i want raincoats in the vanilla game without using an mod some to find and some as an crafting item
  7. Ruguy


    If clothes have pockets, it can be used like the usual bags, giving caracter a small place to put things, reducing its weight
  8. What: Bags and storage containers specificaly created to store\haul only specific Item categories. Example for bags: Toolbox (tools\nails\screws\electronic scrap\other crafting components) Foodbag (food and water bottles) Log hauling bag (Excellent weight reduction for logs but you can only carry this bag - its like you carrying a generator) suggested by mads232 Suitcase (sheets\pillows\clothes\shoes\hats if ever added etc) Weapon case (firearms\ammo\weapon accessories) doctor bag (meds\bamdages\scalpel\tweezers etc) Should be only hand-held imo Should have better capacity\weight reduction than the bestest bag but for specific items only Example for craftable storage containers: log/plank holder (these take insane amount of space) Garbage can (items disappear after a while - non realistic but still) Gun locker (Should be lockable for MP purpose. Not a 100% safe. Still may be opened with some additional efforts) Suggested by - King jjwpenguin Cupboard (food and kitchenware) Tool drawers Whatever else you may think of WHY: Better dedicated runs for specific loot. You dont just go and grab whatever you find. More comfortable crafting with toolbox. Pick and craft - drop and go. No need to search for all the crates to find that axe,hammer,saw,screwdriver,nails,screws every time. Its all in one place. Much more organised storage for safehouses. More content! Just ignore if you dont like it. Tote bags are still there for you! WHAT SHOULD BE DONE: Bags added as loot Recipes for containers pixelart Code some inventories to hold certain categories only. "Craft from bag" should be available. Maybe with time penalty A bunch of items should be properly categorised. Most of those are just "Items" Something else I am not aware of ty for your attention
  9. I think that the bag that is not worn on back should have it's weight reduction lowered. You are more likely to easily carry the same amount of weight on back, than in hand. It can be a static value taken off it across the board or a percentage of the reduction. In case of BHB 80% that can be lowered by 20 or 25% (60% in each case when carried in primary/second slots). In case of SB 60% that would be 40% or 45% rendering it around the same as plastic bag, but with higher capacity. It could potentially be changed the other way around - any baggage that can be carried on back has it's weight reduction increased. That would require modifying the base value on each of them.
  10. So the trash can hiding and hidey hole posts got me thinking of an awesome and realistic magic trick we could do in-game. A Body Bag!! This body bag would be carried by a survivor and folded up stored neatly in a backpack or something similar. When the survivor comes across a herd of zombies and is spotted, they can get a head start around a corner somewhere and pull out their body bag and unfold it, hop inside and zip it up. Then all they have to do is lay perfectly still and all of the zombies will go stumbling by because the bag would fool their senses by blocking their vision of you because you are now inside a body bag, they wouldn't not be able to hear you because you are not moving and laying still inside the body bag and they will not be able to smell you, because the body bag is made out of materials that block decomposing odors, so they would be able to block out the smell of a live human. You would have course have to wait until the herd passes, then climb out, and fold it back up into your inventory, leaving it unzipped so you can just jump in again next time. Though if zombies spot you jumping inside of it, they will still attack you and rip the bag apart and eat you.
  11. Hi, so i wake up in the morning you see is zombie apocalypse so you grab everything what you can carry from home and run away. ok how come you can run away with full fridge, 5 sheets, baseball bat, golfclub when you carry only plastic bag? i tried - its impossible. you have two pocket in your jeans (you can put bottle in back one but walking is harder ) , maybe one in hoodie, you have backpack (everyone does)where you can pack yourself for two days and that`s it. My point is that carrying by points its bit unrealistic. I know there are two types of solutions in game - weight or space, but both of them are not real. you should have two pockets where you can put 10 shells (not hundred 160 or 140) some spare space in hoodie, under the belt for food, baseball to hand, knife somewhere and the run away. That will make game much harder (i know many people will hate me for this post) but challenge is good .at least option to setup pockets and separate items so i can put to schoolbag sledgehammer would be really nice. Just simply separate items for let say 4 categories and either you grab it either you leave it if you don`t have big enough backpack.
  12. I need a little help with my sewing kit mod, if you cut up a bag with stuff in it, you lose the stuff . How do I make it dump out to your inventory when you cut it up? I just lost a bag of food, I'm so angry
  13. SO ya.. These things..Not much storage capacity, but can hold a small amount of food, maybe a capacity of 3? And warn on the arm, in addition to container on back and in primary slot.
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