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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. I think the picture is pretty self explanatory.. I don't see myself, and I don't even see zombies right in front of me when they are trees or objects far in the background I put the quality at a minimum, maybe I changed something I shouldnt have ? Thank's in advance for the answers
  2. So post your PZ lore snippets caught while listening to the radio and watching the TV in-game
  3. Earlier I was listening/reading the radio events and I noticed the president had a private meeting with the CDC. I would love to hear the other side of the story, but logically there is no way the player would be privy to the president's meetings. I would love to hear the explanation of walking corpses to the president, his reaction and the CDC recommendations. So what if as you accomplished things in game (Such as get X kills, Die from infection/starvation/lead poisoning murder, Convince an NPC to do etc, Burn down a building, die in a fire, survive being on fire, survive a bite/scratch, etc) You would unlock a 'gallery' entry or two. Things like art, behind the scenes/ in-progress art/clips, and 'extra' story elements (Like the president's meeting, how the military knew to mobilize so quickly, notes from CDC scientists studying the infected after the exclusion zone, military/survivor journals from up north, other neat Lore things)
  4. Now that the CDAA challenge has added a bit of a more interesting start and some background and the devs want to see this expand preferably with the help of some coders, I think it is a nice idea to make up some more CDAAs. I am not so much interested in the challenge that is offered, but some background instead of you just spawning into the world. The mere fact that you are spawning into this zombie apocalypse without any explanation as to why it has been going on for quite a while is disappointing. The game starts as if you have completely ignored what has been going on and that is so implausible, especially as the player quickly improves his own situation. Anyway, let's assume the player has been away for a while and is ignorant up to this point. I'd like to see some text that explains why that is. For example you are a lumberjack and are on your way home and your car breaks down. Up north in the canadian wilderness you didn't have internet or a working phone and as you drive south you wonder why you can't switch into any radio station and the roads are desolate. Car wrecks along the highway alarm you and none of your family members answers the phone. The game can then choose via a role of the dice to either have you crash with your car, or you run out of gas or it breaks down. So you are either injured or not, hungry or satiated, have more or less gear with you and so on. To simplify the writing of the story and the CDAA, I suggest to make this modular. The game has a lore nobody but the devs know of, so currently I can't see this going anywhere. Sure, some other CDAAs can be written, but as I said, I want different game starts with a background story and slight variations. Maybe you didn't go by car, but by plane and it crashed and you are the only lucky survivor. Maybe you already start with a group, because others have survived the plane crash too. Maybe you didn't drive home in your own car, but in a coach and once again you start with a group. There is quite a number of options there. I hope TiS is already planning exactly this.
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