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Found 7 results

  1. If I place clothes on the ground, they will disapear after few days (contrary to other items). I noticed it with shoes, helmets and "regular" clothes (shirts, etc) during solo play mode. I first noticed that bug on build 41, and it also exists in the new multiplayer test build.
  2. After Hotwiring (or Failing to Hotwire) a car, the Hotwiring Sound effect constantly plays and repeats over and over again to other players but not on the client who performed the hotwiring action. This Noise follows the player who hotwired the car until they leave the server, and then plays on the spot the player left at.
  3. Hi IndieStone, Not completely sure if this is intended behavior or not, but reporting it anyway since this was possible (and really useful) in build 40. Passengers used to be able to sleep in the car while someone else was driving. We used this functionality a lot previously, as switching driver positions allowed us to roam the map overnight, just as we can in real-life. In B41 though, whenever the car is moving, we get a message saying that sleeping is prohibited unless the car is standing still. Obviously zombies aren't that real, but it really gave a nice touch to exploring. We would love to have this option come back!
  4. Ok so I'm just going to straight say it as it is. the stunlock system is garbage, 2 zombies come onto you, you might as well just exit the save because your not getting out of that without bites. I've had it happen repeatedly and I'm one of the "zomboid pro's" BUT I've come up with a simple solution. Link stun locks to fitness and strength: for example trips and fence lunges are handled by Fitness while zombie attacks (where you push them off of you) are handled by strength, higher the strength farther and quicker you push a zombie off of you, and higher fitness means you get up quicker. I'd also suggest a stun on the zombies as well. because the animation for pushing a zed is just as long as it takes for a zombie to stop falling back and come back (you'll push them away just to have the same zombie on top of you) perhaps make the zombie stagger and realign itself and THEN start moving to you. please think about this as those stunlocks are not at all balanced. they end more saves just because there is 2 zombies on both sides of you and you physically cannot escape. that is not a fair death. which you could say "zomboid doesn't give you a hand" which is TRUE, but balance is also important when making a game like zomboid
  5. When I throw a Molotov or pipebomb while walking sideways my character will get permanent exhaustion.
  6. So I had this for a while but now it's pretty annoying. I'm playing at Westpoint,far west of the city in the cabin as you can see I extended the cabin by a little bit. Original size seen with the green border. Red is the extension But it doesn't really count as building,neither does the lighting match as. I thought it would be fixed by adding floors on top of it but that did nothing. As I had added two extra floors to it it still appears to be broken. I still get the same debuff as if I'm standing outside but without rain entering from above. WP.mp4
  7. this has been a issue for a long time, but i just never reported it cause i didn't see it as that big of a deal until today, if your walking diagonally (WD, SD, WA, SA) you can't open doors. you have to click on them with the mouse in order to get them to open, i figured it wasn't a big issue as i always click on doors to open them. but after watching Ravenim get killed by the issue i realized it's a lot more of a issue. it's funny because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, a few minutes before ravenims demise he opened a door diagonally the same way and it opened, but when he was trying to run away it wouldn't (should also include that most of the time it won't work if you are jogging, you need to be walking to open doors) i hope this issue can finally get resolved and people can run and open doors diagonally as well as vertically/horizontally (when i say diagonal i mean moving down and right or up and left)
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