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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I've recently tried to play PZ after a couple of weeks, but there's no sound coming from the game and KDE doesn't show PZ as an audio source. From the game settings I noticed that the microphone option is empty. I think it might have something to do with PipeWire since it's the only thing (that I can think of) that is sound related that I installed/modified recently. Also tried the compatibility mode but there was no sound either. Seems to work with Proton, but there's a bit of a performance hit. Currently running Arch Linux with 5.11.15 kernel
  2. Hi I know that Project Zomboid is in pre-alpha, or alpha? (Not sure of the specific term let me know please ._. ) I digress, I know that everything is still in the works. And TV's were recently added. I feel that TV's should have some kind of audio to them. Could be just random noises, or even people saying the words. Whatever, goes along with the spirit of Zomboid. I also feel that some visuals would be nice, or even just a more colorful static image. And, I think the TV should ease boredom. I.e. from an interaction, or a certain aura/moodlet the TV gives off when in the sa
  3. Hi, I love the atmosphere and immersion in this game, but eating sounds are completely unbearable for me (I have misophonia, google it) So my problem: How to play this fantastic game, but avoid the eating sounds? (I'm not interesting in trying the "deaf"-trait just yet.) My first thought: Mod the sound away! Replace the sound file! After researching a fair bit on how to mod sounds, I realize that there is now no (simple) way to find the sound file I'm going to replace, due to the FMOD/.bank file system. I'm not even sure single sounds can be r
  4. Hey all, just thought about this. I did a search and this suggestion was spoken only like 1-3 times BEFORE October 2014. Anyways, I think there should be a new Scream mechanic that intertwines with traits and health. Similar to being sick, when a character is in pain or is wounded (or better yet at an agony level, making painkillers more important), there should be an RNG that every x unit of time or pressure, the character will either emit the following sounds: Death Scream - Upon death, the player's scream (that plays during death already) will attract more zombies, m
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