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Found 11 results

  1. SO I was rolling around my parking lot in my base, and I thought to myself, "wow, alot of these cars sound alot alike. Why does my GAZ Tigr sound like my Buick Riviera?" And I got to thinking, "how easy is it to modify sound files for the game" so basically I'm just here to answer that question, how easy or hard is it to add custom audio files to vanilla and/or modded vehicles?
  2. Hi So my suggestion is about better in game voice chat. Basically make the enviroment around you change the way you are being heard, if you are in an open space, then of course you should be heard clearly, but if you are in a seperate room, behind a wall, inside a car, your voice should be muffled a bit.
  3. Can confirm: [Single Player] [Reproducible] [version 41.78.16] I can hear the Discord app "mute self" sound effect in the Project Zomboid thunderstorm sound effect. The first time I heard this a few minutes ago, while I was playing, I thought I muted my Discord app, but then I realized it was not open on my computer. So I ruled out user error. I placed my character outside and performed no input to my computer and continued to hear the discord mute sound during the thunderstorm. I googled "project zomboid discord mute" and saw another report from July 2022 with no real resolution, and no proof. Here is a YT video (not mine) of 1 hour of the Project Zomboid thunderstorm sound effect. The sound effect error I heard in my game, that the July 2022 post user also heard, is also present in this video. I have the video time stamped at 00:00:15 seconds and the 'discord mute sound' can be heard during the first half of second 00:00:18. In my headset, it can be heard in my right ear and it is "under"/quieter than the thunder. It can be heard again at 00:02:36 and I assume every interval of 141 seconds after (per the video, at least. I don't know if PZ's thunderstorm loop is naturally 141 seconds or if the author of the video has decided to loop it as such.) 00:04:53 and beyond. For reference, this is a YT clip of "discord mute" sound effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNNRQpP18dg&ab_channel=ElRaio_YT While not a game-breaking bug, it destroys immersion briefly, though, repeatedly. logs.zip
  4. On Linux Pipewire works as a drop in replacement for Pulseaudio, in fact it pretends to be Pulseaudio for all intents and purposes. But currently the way the fmod engine handles checking whether to use Pulseaudio or ALSA is by making a call to "pulseaudio --check" (Note that it was months ago that I fixed it and it might be another argument but I think it is --check) and if it returns true then pulseaudio is used otherwise zomboid defaults to using ALSA which is horrible, obviously if you replace Pulseaudio with Pipewire there is no Pulseaudio executable so the check always fails. The way people on Linux have to fix this is by adding a fake executable called "pulseaudio" to their PATH and symlinking it to "/bin/true", this is a really hack workaround for an issue that really should not even exist. Please alter the way you check if Pulseaudio exists so that it is compatible with Pipewire, especially since Pipewire is becoming default on many distributions.
  5. General Info 41.66 stable release Both singleplayer and multiplayer (upstream of getting to main menu) Host or dedicated: N/A Mods: Both fresh install and with mods Repro steps: Just launching game from Steam Library Root cause may be something within 41.66 itself so hard to say how to really repro beyond just launching Actual Result: Was playing until 12:30 AM PST on 2/25 with 41.65, lots of mods (60-70). Working. 41.66 deployed to release branch ~3:00 AM PST. ~12:00 PM try to launch game after downloading, crash appears (Click on green Play button in Steam, app starts to open, quits back out to Steam Library) General troubleshooting Tried using alternative launch, same result (or error / pause is shown in window, see attached txt) Tried launching ProjectZomboid32.exe and ProjectZomboid64.exe from steam folder, also same result Tried verifying local files, no change in result Properties attempts Did some digging online, tried using '-nosound' and '-novoip' in properties -novoip no effect -nosound, game launches successfully, albeit without audio Disable Audio Devices/tweak frequency attempts Removed those in properties, tried disabling all my audio devices (Realtek sound card, elgato capture card, Corsair wireless receiver, LG TV speakers, NVIDIA broadcast): No effect, still same result In Windows Sound Settings, adjusted frequency of only audio output device plugged in to 16-bit 44 Khz and 32 Khz as recommended in this thread. Unplugged USB microphone. Unplugged wireless headset receiver (not an option as output nor input). Same result. Fresh Install attempts Unsubscribed from collection of mods Uninstalled game Clean install w/ 41.66 - no change Removed everything in c:\users\xyz\zomboid\ aside from saves - no change Revert to 41.65 w/out mods, works Still on 41.65 re-subscribe collection of mods, enabled all of them, works (client launches, hosted server works, etc.) Expected Result: Game should launch with 41.66 installed if no changes to hardware devices or no other new sound/audio applications installed Misc notes/speculation: Given error messaging, something to do with either the new voip features, FMOD, or noiseworks. Beard has mentioned: Similar if not same issue in reddit thread; last commenter even talks about openal/fmod fmod version:20204 LOG : General , 1645820991380> 1645820991380 fmod: System Create: OK LOG : General , 1645820991395> 1645820991395 fmod: Create DSP for capture sound LOG : General , 1645820991395> 1645820991395 fmod: ERRPR: FMOD_System_CreateDSP return 30 LOG : General , 1645820991397> ERROR: FMOD_System_CreateChannelGroup exception:An invalid object handle was used. ERROR: General , 1645820991398> GameWindow.uncaughtException> Unhandled java.lang.RuntimeException thrown by thread MainThread. ERROR: General , 1645820991399> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: getBankCount() != FMOD_OK at javafmodJNI.FMOD_Studio_System_GetBankCount (Native Method). Message: Unhandled java.lang.RuntimeException thrown by thread MainThread. ERROR: General , 1645820991399> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace: java.lang.RuntimeException: getBankCount() != FMOD_OK at fmod.javafmodJNI.FMOD_Studio_System_GetBankCount(Native Method) at fmod.fmod.FMODManager.initEvents(FMODManager.java:643) at fmod.fmod.FMODManager.init(FMODManager.java:171) at zombie.GameWindow.mainThreadInit(GameWindow.java:493) at zombie.GameWindow.mainThread(GameWindow.java:468) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) pz_launch_debug.txt
  6. • Version? • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? • Host or dedicated? • Mods? • Reproduction steps: • 41.65 • Multiplayer. • Dedicated. • Yes. • Reproduction steps: 1. Write a lua script or something that make player emit custom sound (Code example: soundID = getPlayer():playSound(soundName) ) 2. In the script in step 1, write a code to set volume and pitch for the sound id returned. (Code example: getPlayer():getEmitter():setPitch(soundID, 2) 3. Start a server, joined with 2 clients as 2 players. Get the 2 players together, so they can here sound emitted from each other. 4. Mute one of the clients as clientA, and make the clientA emit a sound by calling the script above. Then you should hear a sound with unchanged pitch and volume received by the other client as clientB. Similarly, unmute the clientA and mute clientB, emit sound from clientA again, then you should hear a sound set with intended pitch and volume. The conlusion could be that when playing a sound from one client, the instruction DOES pass through network to other clients, so all the clients can hear the sound. However, when setting the pitch and volume of the sound, they DO NOT pass to other clients. Therefore, the client which emits the sound can locally hear intended tuned sound, but clients from the othersides of the network only hear the original sound. Although this problem seems trivial, but I really hope the devs can look into it, thanks!
  7. I think it's linked to the deaf trait, playing a MP Game with around 5 friends, one of our friends picked the deaf trait and when they drink the audio will constantly loop not sure if there connected or not however it's happened every time they logon on 2 different server settings. P.S Is anyone else having issues with sledgehammer spawns? I searched about 5 warehouses and didn't find a single one B41Multiplayer
  8. Hi I know that Project Zomboid is in pre-alpha, or alpha? (Not sure of the specific term let me know please ._. ) I digress, I know that everything is still in the works. And TV's were recently added. I feel that TV's should have some kind of audio to them. Could be just random noises, or even people saying the words. Whatever, goes along with the spirit of Zomboid. I also feel that some visuals would be nice, or even just a more colorful static image. And, I think the TV should ease boredom. I.e. from an interaction, or a certain aura/moodlet the TV gives off when in the same room. I wasn't sure if those things were going to be added to the TV, but just some ideas. = ) I was excited about TV's, but i'm just not really feeling them now that they're out. I'm not very drawn to them. I know it's kind of small details, but I feel the little nuances add to an overall nice feel of immersion to the game. And that makes it worth adding. Also, it doesn't feel too much like "Sims" micromanaging if there's an interaction to watch the TV. That should be all. Let me know what you all think. Cheers.
  9. Hi, I love the atmosphere and immersion in this game, but eating sounds are completely unbearable for me (I have misophonia, google it) So my problem: How to play this fantastic game, but avoid the eating sounds? (I'm not interesting in trying the "deaf"-trait just yet.) My first thought: Mod the sound away! Replace the sound file! After researching a fair bit on how to mod sounds, I realize that there is now no (simple) way to find the sound file I'm going to replace, due to the FMOD/.bank file system. I'm not even sure single sounds can be replaced, even if I somehow managed to open the .bank files. Not to mention, is it even legal? Skipping this, for now.. My second thought: Get into the code! Intercept the sound somehow! After looking at this for a little while, I realize I would rather just stop playing the game. I know how to code, but getting myself deep enough into someone elses code, a whole game structure, a whole new system, just to mute a sound that I don't even know if can be muted... It's something I just won't even attempt unless I know it can be done. Putting this in the "maybe later"-box. Questions: - Can single sounds be replaced/muted/removed? (specifically all eating sounds) - What would be the best course of action to achieve such a thing? - Any coding hints that may give me a jump start? (maybe an event) Thanks for you understanding.
  10. Hey all, just thought about this. I did a search and this suggestion was spoken only like 1-3 times BEFORE October 2014. Anyways, I think there should be a new Scream mechanic that intertwines with traits and health. Similar to being sick, when a character is in pain or is wounded (or better yet at an agony level, making painkillers more important), there should be an RNG that every x unit of time or pressure, the character will either emit the following sounds: Death Scream - Upon death, the player's scream (that plays during death already) will attract more zombies, making looting your own body (or killing yourself-self) not a favorable option for a few days. Fracture Scream - Who on earth DOESN'T scream when they break their leg? Screams will get quieter as the character breaks more limbs, if they happen to live and fully heal Pressure Scream - If a character is wounded in an area that is healing, nerve reactions shoot to their brain and will cause a scream. Not louder than a fracture scream, but can be pretty dangerous. Bitten Scream - Have fun not screaming as you lose a chunk of your body. Heavy Pain Sighs/Grunts - Similar to a really bad stomach ache or bug, the character may heavily sigh or grunt from the pain they are experiencing. Sound radius shouldn't be too big, perhaps just an average room size. Medium Pain Sighs/Grunts - You know that feeling when you break a fall with your nose, or you scrape off a few layers of skin on a limb, and you're walking your sorry behind to some medical help while trying not to focus on your blood pouring everywhere? Yeah. keep in mind I don't want some sound imported from an 80's snuff film Any pain easier to handle than Medium will not emit a sound. To counteract these negative effects, some new traits will come in. Heavy Sports Player - -4 points, reduces sound radius from pain Loud Mouth - +4 points, increases sound radius from pain Being a Veteran or Police Officer will also reduce sound radius from pain. If the actual audio gets too annoying, just make it text like sneezing (or better yet, make it an option for audio, text, or both). What do you guys think? I'd like some feedback on this. I always got tired of my character not screaming or anything when he just fought through a horde of zombies, bleeding from all over.
  11. The idea is to implement a silhouette of the figure that has created some form of sound when out of FOV. The range should be fairly close, but dependent on how loud the sound was.
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